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Five Things To Know About The TAG Heuer Carrera

Tag Heuer Carrera Chronograph 60th Anniversary Edition At Cortina Watch Featured

The origin and evolution of the Carrera, one of TAG Heuer’s – and the world’s – most iconic race-inspired watches.

The Carrera watch has origins in a deadly car rally.

The TAG Heuer Carrera takes its name from the Carrera Panamericana, a legendary motor racing rally that coursed through a vast and hazardous Mexican terrain. The rally ran only from 1950 to 1954 – short-lived because it was extremely deadly, as 27 drivers perished during those five years. The Carrera Panamericana was eventually revived as a classic car rally in 1988. By then, however, the Carrera name had already taken a new life of its own, thanks to the ingenuity of Jack Heuer, the great-grandson of TAG Heuer’s founder.

The Carrera is race-inspired not only in name, but also in spirit.

By the 1960s, the Heuer company had built a reputation for making high quality stopwatches and chronographs. Seeing how the company had garnered renown for its high-performance, sports-inspired watches, Jack Heuer, who was in his 20s then and had been newly appointed as the head of the company in 1962, was determined to strengthen Heuer’s position.

Soon after joining the company, Jack attended the 12 Hours of Sebring race. There, he had a chance meeting with a pair of racing siblings, the Rodriguez Brothers. While they were talking, the brothers told Jack about the legend of the Carrera Panamericana. Being a motor racing enthusiast himself,  Jack was so fascinated by the storied race that when he returned to Switzerland, he immediately registered the Carrera name.

The first Carrera roared off the blocks

With the Carrera name in place, Jack started work on a new watch. He decided that the Carrera watch had to be a practical tool watch for drivers. That meant an emphasis on optimum legibility, and the ability to calculate elapsed timings.

The very first Heuer Carrera was introduced in 1963. Known as the Reference 2447, the watch came in a 36mm steel case with pump pushers, and facetted and tapered lugs. Its classic round case framed a sober silver dial, featuring applied baton indices and slim hands. A combination of simplicity, elegance and comfort, the original Reference 2447 also offered robustness and high functionality.

This year, to mark the 60th anniversary of the Carrera, TAG Heuer released a 600-piece limited edition that pays homage to the first-generation Reference 2447 models. The Carrera Chronograph 60th Anniversary Edition sports the same austere design, except for a ‘panda’-style dial that references the Reference 2447 SN model (short for ‘silver’ and ‘noir’) that was released shortly after the original. At the same time, the homage creation is imbued with modern upgrades such as a 39mm steel case, and a new engine in the automatic Heuer 02 movement with 80-hour power reserve.

The Carrera demonstrates TAG Heuer’s progressive watchmaking DNA

Though introduced decades ago, the key design and technical elements of the Reference 2447 continue to define the generations of Carrera models to come. The Carrera’s relaunch in 1996 propelled it to new heights. Since then, the watch grew in stature as a bona fide TAG Heuer icon and best-seller.

Tag Heuer_Carrera Plasma_Cortina Watch

Tag Heuer Carrera Plasma

More pertinently, the Carrera spearheaded many of the brand’s technical innovations. Examples include the Carrera Calibre Heuer 02T from 2016, featuring the world’s first COSC-certified chronograph with flying tourbillon, and the Carrera Plasma from 2022. Arguably TAG Heuer’s most expensive and conceptually audacious Carrera to date, the Carrera Plasma is powered by Heuer 02 Tourbillon Nanograph movement, and features lab-grown diamonds set in the case and indexes, as well as a polycrystalline diamond dial.

The Carrera’s penchant for inspired collaboration is strong with Cortina Watch

In Cortina Watch, Asia’s most esteemed purveyour of luxury watches, TAG Heuer finds a kindred spirit. Both horological titans are constantly on the lookout for inspired endeavours. In 2018 and 2019, Cortina Watch and TAG Heuer collaborated on two online exclusive models that were promptly sold out.

Limited to 10 pieces each, the Carrera H02T Cortina Special Edition came in two versions: one in carbon and titanium case with orange alligator strap, and another in titanium case and calfskin strap featuring patterns inspired by the geometry of TAG Heuer’s shield logo. Both watches were driven by the aforementioned ground-breaking Calibre Heuer 02T.

In 2022, to honour Cortina Watch’s golden jubilee, TAG Heuer marched out the Carrera Chronograph Cortina Watch limited edition. Limited to 10 pieces, the stunning collector’s edition came in an 18k yellow case with an enchanting green dial crafted from maw sit sit, a rare jade-albite sourced from northern parts of Myanmar. One of the most atypical Carrera creations ever, the Carrera Chronograph Cortina Watch limited edition exudes exuberant luxury and artisanal allure. Yet, it is unmistakably a Carrera, built on the tenets of sportive performance and optimum functionality – just like the very first model from decades ago.

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