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Bell & Ross Unveils the BR-05 Copper Brown

Br05 Copper Brown Steel

The new BR 05 Copper Brown watch is part of the three-hand BR 05 family from Bell & Ross.

Dressed For The City

The BR 05 revisits the famous square case with a round opening and screws at the four corners of the iconic BR 03 design. It softens the lines, rounding the angles and reducing the dimensions. Less extreme, more mainstream, the BR 05 is easier to wear as a day-to-day accessory. Graphic and stylish, it is a resounding success. It has become Bell & Ross’ second icon. Designed for the city life, it is the ideal companion for urban adventurers.

Chromatic Variations

Since its creation, the BR 05 experimented with colours and shades. “You have to breathe life into a range”, explains Bruno Belamich, Creative Director and co-founder of
Bell & Ross. “It can be achieved through technique (movement), materials, or details. For the BR 05 Copper Brown, we chose the colour”, he adds. When presented in 2019, the 3-hand BR 05 range offered three different dial colours. Black (the classic colour very common in watchmaking), Silver grey (the colour of tone-on-tone metal) and Navy blue (the colour that withstands time). Today, the new BR 05 Copper Brown offers a 4th iteration: metallic brown with copper highlights.

A Specific Colour

As its name suggests, this watch is adorned with a golden-brown dial, enriched by a sunburst finishing which gives shine and a sense of preciousness recalling the light of the end of a summer’s day. This colour was developed specifically for the BR 05, which is the only Bell & Ross watch to feature it. Two main operations make it possible to obtain this tone and this particular depth: Firstly, machining. The sunburst effect is obtained by circular micro-engraving of the metal plate of the dial. This work gives all its luminosity to the colour which varies according to the inclination of the dial. Secondly, varnishing. Several coats of transparent varnish in brown are applied to the metal plate of the dial which gives its depth, and its uniqueness to the colour of the Copper Brown.

Modern And Dressy

“Brown is a colour that is increasingly in demand in watchmaking”, recalls Bruno Belamich. “It’s an easy-towear, stylish colour commonly found in the modern man’s wardrobe”, adds the designer. The BR 05 Copper Brown is intended for elegant city dwellers looking for a chic, dressy, contemporary watch. Its mainstream light brown hue, which recalls the soft leather tints, is easy to wear every day.

A Watch With An Integrated Bracelet

On the BR 05 Copper Brown, we find the integrated bracelet of the BR 05. This means that the 40 mm case and the bracelet, both in steel, blend to create a single element. The indexes on the dial, also featuring a metallic colour, contribute to this desire for continuity. This watch has the effect of a block of metal simply adorned by its sunburst brown dial. This warm shade contrasts with the dominating grey metal creating a combination playing with the feeling of hot and cold. For a sportier feeling, the BR 05 Copper Brown is also available on rubber strap which comes in a colour, specifically developed for it, harmonising perfectly with the light brown of the dial