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LVMH Watch Week 2023: Bvlgari Interprets Time As A Jewel

Bulgari 2023 Divas Dream Mosaica Blue At Cortina Watch Featured 1

The theme of Bulgari’s novelties at LVMH Watch Week this year is “Time is a Jewel”, and its creations fully embody the brand’s identity as both a watchmaker and a jeweller.

Bulgari_Divas Dream Mosaica Blue_Cortina Watch

Bulgari Divas’ Dream Mosaica Blue Sapphire

Bulgari’s latest Divas’ Dream Mosaica collection consists of two high jewellery iterations: rose gold and white gold. The latter is our choice as the embodiment of ultimate glamour among all the Bulgari novelties presented at the LVMH Watch Week. The Divas’ Dream collection is primarily inspired by the fan-shaped mosaic patterns found at the ancient Baths of Caracalla, one of Rome’s most treasured historical sites.
Bulgari_Divas' Dream Mosaica_Craft_diamond craft at Cortina Watch

For the Divas’ Dream Mosaica Blue Sapphire, snow-setting has been applied to the entire watch to ensure the minimal amount of visible gold and that the precious stones are placed as close to each other as possible. Its bracelet, created specially by Bulgari’s skilled goldsmiths, features curvaceous fan-shaped links gleaming with diamonds. Its dial is set with approximately 7.8cts of diamonds and 3cts of sapphires in ombre shades of blue, arranged in fan-shaped patterns. Bulgari also reminds everyone about its legitimacy as a watchmaker by making the heart of the timepiece – the exquisitely decorated self-winding Calibre BVL 191 in-house movement, visible through the transparent caseback.

Bulgari Serpenti Tubogas Infinity

Bulgari 2023_Serpenti Tubogas Infinity_Crea_close up shot at Cortina Watch

A Bulgari icon since the 1940s, the Serpenti has always been synonymous with the tubogas technique used to create its bracelet. This year, the sensuous Serpenti undergoes metamorphosis, as Bulgari has devised an entirely new method of making its bracelets. Instead of coiling an entire length of gold wire around flexible titanium blades by machine like how the tubogas technique is traditionally applied, the new Serpenti Infinity collection features individually-sized gold rings that are now assembled entirely by hand over the blade. This novel and modular construction provides added thickness through the use of these flattened rings as bracelet links, and allows gemstones to be set directly on each link. This creative and remarkable way of crafting watch bracelets presents endless possibilities for the Serpenti collection to feature more bejewelled models in future, hence the name ‘Infinity’.
Bulgari 2023_Serpenti Tubogas Infinity_Craft_close up shot of bracelet at Cortina Watch

For a start, the Serpenti Infinity collection features two models in rose gold, featuring either single-tour or double-tour bracelets, set with diamonds in wave pattern across the length of the bracelets. The ‘head’ of the snake – essentially the dial, is festooned with snow-set diamonds, accompanied by a diamond-set bezel and crown set with a pink rubellite cabochon. A high-precision quartz movement powers this timeless beauty.

Bulgari Allegra

Bulgari 2023_Allegra Pink Sapphires_Pack_close up dial shot at Cortina Watch

Allegra, which means joy in Italian, was launched in the summer of 2022 and featured a plethora of coloured gemstones. At first glance, it all seems like a spontaneous explosion of colours around the 36mm watch cases. However, one of its highlights is that a lot of consideration has gone into the placement of each gemstone. This is to ensure that every watch features the most visually-pleasing colour combination, the ideal mixture of cuts and sizes, in addition to providing perfect harmony between the coloured stones and the colours of the case and straps. Every visual detail on the watch has been deliberately thought out, and nothing is left to chance. And to evoke the spirit of joy and love, a heart-shaped gemstone is set on the periphery of every watch case at the 9 o’clock position.

Bulgari_Allegra_Craft_gem close up shot at Cortina Watch

To kick off 2023, two new variations were added to the Bulgari Allegra collection, with yellow or rose gold cases paired with white or pink alligator straps, respectively. The stones are inspired by the hues of the sun and have been cut in various shapes. The yellow gold version is set with diamond, yellow sapphire, pink tourmaline, citrine and peridot. In contrast, the rose gold model features diamond, pink sapphire, pink tourmaline, citrine, pink rhodolite and peridot.

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