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Bulgari Bulgari x Lisa: A Sparking Limited Edition Collaboration

Bulgari Bulgari Bulgari X Lisa Limited Edition 104115 Cortina Watch Featured Image

LISA – a muse, a symbol in today’s world. Bulgari Bulgari – a timeless and powerful icon.

By joining forces once again, the global artist and Roman Jeweller introduce a brilliant collaboration – BULGARI BULGARI X LISA LIMITED EDITION: daring, dazzling, precious and modern.

The fierce and fascinating artist LISA, who is behind the universal sensation Blackpink, always holds the mighty and eternal alpine star close to her heart. The intriguing and rare Edelweiss flower continues to inspire the artist for her newest collaboration with Bulgari.

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Reminiscent of the flower’s delicacy and light nuances, the watch is crafted in steel and rose gold with a rose gold bezel engraved with Bulgari Bulgari. Its dial is illuminated by mother-of-pearl and diamonds.

Bulgari Bulgari – A Timeless Icon

Born in 1975, Bulgari Roma, was launched as a limited edition gold digital watch which was initially a gift intended for clients. The instant success of this model led Bulgari to launch Bulgari Bulgari two years later. For the very first time in the watchmaking universe, Gianni Bulgari decided to engrave the logo right on the timepiece’s bezel.

These 14 letters stamped on the bezel, like the emperor’s name on ancient Roman coins, recall the intensely Italian style of Bulgari, the “Roman Jeweller of Time”. Propelling a brand name to the status of a strong design element in a watch was a revolution at the time and remains a powerful statement. Displaying a name thus asserted with complete freedom calls for daring!

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The Collaboration

The alliance between Bulgari and LISA was a self-evident choice – both share an inherently visionary spirit. LISA’s modern take on the iconic piece shines through thanks to her choice and meticulous design of the bracelet of this brilliant, limited-edition watch. The artist’s favorite flower, the edelweiss, is engraved on the back case to personalize this collaboration.

The Edelweiss is a rare Swiss beauty that symbolizes the Alps and where Bulgari watches are manufactured.

The letters “BVLGARI BVLGARI” are exuberantly displayed on the rose gold bezel, with a subtle yet striking dial made of white mother-of-pearl mosaic which reflects the light, giving the watch a touch of femininity, modernity, and preciousness. More than 400 squares of mother-of-pearl are cut and assembled on the dial one-by-one to create a geometric motive and therefore making every watch dial unique.

With this new mosaic dial technique on the Bulgari Bulgari watch, the sparkle alludes to the spotlight that shines on LISA’s global presence. Just like the first BULGARI BULGARI x LISA LIMITED EDITION, the watch plays with light leading to changing colors.

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Twelve diamonds mark the hours on this resolutely contemporary watch face. The equally precious steel and rose gold crown is set with a cabochon-cut rubellite, one of Bulgari’s aesthetic signatures.

Manufactured by Bulgari in Switzerland, the birthplace of watchmaking, BULGARI BULGARI X LISA LIMITED EDITION is secured to the wrist with an elegant steel and rose gold bracelet and a folding buckle.

Powered by a quartz movement, the BULGARI BULGARI X LISA LIMITED EDITION is issued in limited series of 1’100 for the 33 mm-diameter version and 400 for the 23 mm-diameter iteration.

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