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Watches and Wonders 2020: Cartier Watch Launches

09 Wgsa0036 Cartier Santos Dumont Limited Platine Model

A highlight of Cartier‘s novelties launched during Watches & Wonders 2020.

Cartier Santos-Dumont Limited Edition Watches

Alberto Santos Dumont completed a powered flight of 220 meters verified by an official organization, technically making him the first pilot in the world. Given that pocket watches were eminently ill suited for the manual operation of controls mid-flight, Louis Cartier’s contribution to watchmaking was revolutionary, essentially inventing the modern wristwatch for aviator Santos Dumont.

Paying homage to the historic 1904 model, the new Cartier Santos-Dumont Le Brésil, La Baladeuse, No. 14 Bis Limited Editions and a special edition ‘La Demoiselle’ is of exceptional pedigree considering the line of succession which links it to that pivotal junction of horology and human history.

Cartier Santos Dumont La Demoiselle Watch Combine 1024x619

Cartier Santos-Dumont ‘La Demoiselle’ Watch, Limited Edition in 30 pieces

Limited to 30 pieces, the Santos-Dumont ‘La Demoiselle’ doesn’t just pay homage to the pioneering sports luxury watch, it celebrates the chic contemporary lifestyle of the man himself as well. Platinum case paired with an ecru woven pattern dial reminiscent of the woven Panama hat the Brazilian aviator was often seen wearing, paired with a Panama-style fabric strap. Silvered finish Roman numerals replace painted ones on serial production models while Breguet-style black pomme hands take the place of sword hands, and the hidden Cartier signature in the “VII” replaced with “Santos”.

If that didn’t make the La Demoiselle edition “special” enough, other aesthetic updates highlight the exceptional nature of this new Santos-Dumont: ruby cabochon in the crown instead of the usual blue sapphire, denoting its platinum case like an exclusive “members only” accessory. Furthermore, the watch comes with its own  special lacquered maple box, a brown alligator leather strap, a matching alligator travel case, and a special pair of Santos de Cartier cufflinks only available with this watch.

Cartier Santos Dumont Le Bresil Combine 1024x619

Cartier Santos-Dumont Le Brésil Watch in platinum

The other three new large-size Cartier Santos-Dumont Le Brésil, La Baladeuse, No. 14 Bis Limited Editions are tributes to Santos-Dumont’s 20th century aircraft. Like the watch inspired by the man himself, these limited edition Santos-Dumont models also feature the in-house, hand-wound 430 MC movement, with casebacks exhibiting laser engravings of the namesake flying machines.

Cartier Santos Dumont La Baladeuse Watch In Yellow Gold Combine 1024x619

Cartier Santos-Dumont “La Baladeuse” Watch in yellow gold

The 100 piece limited edition Le Brésil is arguably the most sophisticated of the trio. Monochromatic, silver on silver tone, the platinum Cartier watch plays up its understated elegance with silvered Roman numeral markers creating a sleek, modern, un-stuffy dress watch. The “La Baladeuse” continues in the footsteps of the Le Brésil but instead of a silvery countenance, it exhibits its monochromatic palette in yellow gold for its 300 piece production run.  The two-tone No. 14 Bis, in steel and gold is the most accessible watch in the collection; available in 500 pieces, the contrast of materials gives the watch a classical yet contemporary look thanks to the sunburst anthracite dial and dark grey strap.

Cartier Santos Dumont No14 Bis Watch In Steel And Gold Combine 1024x619

Cartier Santos-Dumont No. 14 Bis Watch in steel and gold

The New Maillon de Cartier Watch Collection

Measuring 16mm x 17mm, the Maillon de Cartier is equal parts jewellery and watch: a relatively small dial with the case and a twisted linked bracelet that runs seamlessly from mid-case to clasp.

06 Wgbj0002 Cartier Maillon Yg Close Up 745x1024

The new Cartier watch collection for ladies that combines jewellery and watch function in one

The brand new Maillon de Cartier showcases the creativity that Cartier has to offer. It is still recognisable as a uniquely Cartier offering, inspired by the Tank Francaise and Santos before it yet offers a bold design that expresses strong angular shapes through an off-set hexagonal dial designed to provide a dynamic sense of movement across the many facets of the watch.

02 Wgbj0002 Cartier Maillon Yg Close Up

Close up view of the twisted link bracelet of the new Maillon de Cartier watch

The watch comes in a variety of metals: white, yellow, and pink gold. The pink-gold version has diamonds on the bezel, or you can get a full-pavé version. The white gold is only available with full pavé diamonds.

10 Wjbj0002 Wgbj0002 Wjbj0005 Cartier Maillon Family 1024x683

The new Maillon de Cartier watch is available in various versions

Discover the Cartier Watch collection online or locate your nearest boutique for a visit.

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