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Franck Muller Celebrates Cortina Watch’s Golden Jubilee with Vanguard Revolution 3 Skeleton Special Editions

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Franck Muller celebrates 50 years of Cortina Watch with a handpicked collection of the best of high jewellery watchmaking and the most impressive grand complications at a special exhibition at Paragon Singapore’s main atrium from 1 to 13 September 2022 (11am – 8pm daily).

A fine representation of haute horlogerie, comprising spellbinding triple-axes tourbillons to immaculate invisible gem-settings – this selection embodies Franck Muller’s relentless pursuit of watchmaking excellence. Embark on a journey and experience first-hand the wonders of the Master of Complications.

Cortina Watch, one of Singapore’s most respected names in watch retail, is celebrating its 50th year in business in 2022, and is launching a series of limited-edition, celebratory timepieces with its renowned watchmaking partners to mark its golden jubilee. This September, Franck Muller will unveil an exquisite collection of five pièce unique renditions of the watchmaker’s groundbreaking Revolution 3 Skeleton model that is specially created in conjunction with Cortina Watch’s 50th Anniversary.

close up shoot of the Franck Muller Vanguard Revolution 3 Skeleton Cortina Watch 50th Anniversary colour dreams with tri-axial tourbillon and skeletonised movement

The five unique Revolution 3 Skeleton models have been meticulously handcrafted by master artisans at the Watchland manufacture in Geneva. They commemorate the treasured partnership between Franck Muller and Cortina Watch, and also embody the outstanding creativity and trailblazing spirit that Franck Muller is revered for. Mr Jeremy Lim, CEO of Cortina Watch, says, “It has been an absolute delight to work with Franck Muller through the years. We shared many common values and one of them is to always strive to be better. We hope that this vibrant exhibition and our collaboration with Franck Muller will pave the way for more exciting opportunities to come. ”

Nicholas Rudaz, CEO of Franck Muller, congratulated Cortina Watch on this milestone – “Franck Muller is delighted to be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Cortina Watch. It’s an incredible milestone and we are happy to have Cortina Watch as a new distributor for the region. Even though we have been working together for just a short year, we’ve already accomplished so much within this short period and this is indeed a beautiful milestone for this young partnership. Cortina Watch is a beautiful family-run business just like Franck Muller, and we are proud to be developing the brand collectively for the next generation.

Franck Muller Vanguard Revolution 3 Skeleton Cortina Watch 50th Anniversary special editions with tri-axial tourbillon and skeletonised movement in baguette diamonds, rubies or emeralds

Vanguard Revolution 3 Skeleton Cortina Watch 50th Anniversary Special Editions

Franck Muller debuted the triple-axis Revolution 3 in 2004, when it was the very first timepiece to feature a tourbillon that rotated on three axes, countering the effects of gravity from all directions.

Developing and producing such a marvel requires an exponentially greater amount of engineering and precision than a regular tourbillon. The three tourbillon carriages – one for each rotational axis – must be positioned relative to one another, and any irregularity will affect the entire system. A tri-axial tourbillon also entails additional mass that must be driven by the main spring, which in turn affects the movement’s isochronism and power reserve.

In the Vanguard Revolution 3, the three tourbillon carriages rotate at intervals of one, eight, and 60 minutes respectively, while two retrograde indicators flanking the tourbillon track the progress of the one-minute and eight-minute tourbillon carriages. It also offers an impressive 10-day power reserve.

Technical mastery aside, the Vanguard Revolution 3 Skeleton Cortina Watch 50th Anniversary Special Editions also impress with their design language, which melds contemporary and neoclassical influences. The domed element on the sapphire crystal magnifies the tri-axial tourbillon to create an open airiness, with the effect extending to the rest of the watch given the skeletonised movement. Five unique versions of the Revolution 3 Skeleton are unveiled in celebration of Cortina Watch’s 50th Anniversary, with just one of each being produced. These exquisite creations are festooned with baguette-cut diamonds, rubies, and emeralds, paired with either rainbow-colored or sleek black dials.

Exhibition Highlights

In addition to showcasing these one-of-a-kind Cortina Watch 50th Anniversary special editions, several of Franck Muller’s latest novelties will also be on display at this much-anticipated exhibition.

Vanguard Rose Skeleton Black Diamonds Southeast Asia Exclusive

Featuring roses and leaves that sprout naturally out of skeletonised bridges on the front and back, the Vanguard Rose Skeleton brings out the brand’s sophisticated combination of technical expertise and romantic design. The latest additions to the collection bring a new dynamic with seductive black diamonds on the case, and coloured gems on the meticulously hand-chamfered dial. The Vanguard Rose Skeleton boasts an in-house manually wound movement with twin barrels that offer an impressive 4-day power reserve.

Grand Central Tourbillon

The world’s first tonneau-shaped central tourbillon puts the tourbillon on center stage, in the middle of an exceptional guilloché dial, within a completely redesigned Cintrée Curvex case.  With its tourbillon moved from the traditional 6 o’clock position to the center of the dial, the Grand Central Tourbillon’s hour and minute hands are innovatively “stacked” around the central cage. Within the refreshed Cintrée Curvex CX case with sapphire crystal extending all the way to the lugs lies a rare self-winding movement, offering a generous 4 days of power reserve.

Vanguard Sapphire 7 Days Power Reserve Skeleton

The Vanguard Sapphire 7 Days Power Reserve Skeleton provides a mesmerising view of an in-house crafted mechanical treasure. Its bridges, hand-polished to perfection, reveal not only the watch’s movement but also a second counter at 6 o’clock. The geometric open-worked bridges have been designed with utmost transparency in mind, as they accentuate the architectural elements of this piece, showcasing a passion for craftsmanship and artistic flair, both firm characteristics of the Franck Muller manufacture.

Vanguard Gravity Skeleton

The Vanguard Gravity Skeleton is a true symbol of technological avant-garde combined with perfect curves and an elegant sportiness. Occupying the entire lower side of the dial, the remarkable elliptical tourbillion counters the effects of gravity, making a full rotation every 60 seconds. Wholly designed and manufactured in-house, the Vanguard Gravity Skeleton’s anodised aluminium components come in a wide range of striking hues, allowing a high degree of personalisation, giving the timepiece an extra pop of colour.

Double Mystery

The Double Mystery reimagines time as an infinite concept. Without numerals on the dial, the Double Mystery complication features two sapphire discs that function as the hour and minute hands. Discs geared to wheels hidden within the case give the appearance of floating hands above the dial with no attachment to the underlying movement. With a dial completely set with diamonds and precious gemstones, the Double Mystery is the ultimate expression of high jewellery watchmaking.

Vanguard Invisible

The Vanguard Invisible boasts a stunning invisible setting of baguette-cut diamonds on a white gold case and dial, offering a completely smooth surface to the touch, and an unparalleled sparkle. The poetic moon phase complication naturally complements the seamless diamond setting in its place at 6 o’clock on the smaller moon phase model, harmoniously completing the magnificent Vanguard Invisible collection.

Skeleton Collection

Tapping on the gem-setting prowess of co-founder Vartan Sirmakes, Franck Muller has become a powerhouse of high jewellery watchmaking in a mere 30 years. Complemented by the superior craftmanship of our master artisans, the brand has produced breath-taking skeleton pieces set with exquisite gems. With carefully skeletonised bridges revealing the entire gear train running gracefully from the front and back of the watch, the in-house movements are finished by hand, from the chamfered bridges that are satin-polished, to the screws that hold the movements in place. Cases and dials are set flawlessly with diamonds and gems adding some show-stopping sparkle to the already spectacular pieces.

Round Invisible Setting Tourbillon

From the illustrious haute horlogerie collection of Franck Muller comes a Grand Complication that represents the pinnacle of high watchmaking and jewellery setting. The Round Invisible Setting Tourbillon is an awe-inspiring masterpiece that features a highly complex flawless setting of baguette diamonds and rubies on its white gold case, dial and bracelet. With its impressive tourbillon on display at 6 o’clock, the Round Invisible Setting Tourbillon offers 60 hours of power reserve and is powered by a manually wound movement.

The Franck Muller’s Vanguard Revolution 3 Skeleton Cortina Watch 50th Anniversary Special Edition timepieces will retail exclusively at Cortina Watch boutiques. Discover more on the Limited Edition piece here.