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Rebirth of a Legend: Franck Muller Long Island Evolution

Franck Muller Long Island Evolution 7 Days Power Reserve Cortina Watch Featured Image

Franck Muller unveils the Long Island Evolution Series, an Asia-Pacific exclusive.

Renowned for its technical innovation and commitment to excellence, Franck Muller is often also the first name that comes to mind when one thinks about tonneau-shaped watches. Its latest collection – the Long Island Evolution collection though, pays homage to the brand’s iconic square and rectangular cases, a departure from the familiar tonneau shapes like the Curvex or Vanguard. Retaining the essence of the original Long Island model, first introduced in 2000 as the brand’s second case shape after the Curvex, the Evolution series introduces a fresh perspective with a contemporary redesign of the original case.

Franck Muller_Long Island Evolution 7 Days Power Reserve (Lume)_Cortina Watch

While preserving the proportions and silhouette, the new iteration boasts sharper angles, infusing a sense of dynamism. Exclusive to the Asia Pacific region, this collection comprises three models: 7 Days Power Reserve, Master Jumper, and Giga Tourbillon. Encased in black PVD-coated brushed titanium with lush green accents, each timepiece embodies the timeless elegance of Art Deco-inspired design. The multi-layered case architecture ensures a seamless integration of precisely shaped movements, epitomizing Franck Muller’s dedication to both form and function.

Long Island Evolution 7-Days Power Reserve

Franck Muller_Long Island Evolution 7 Days Power Reserve_Cortina Watch

For those who prefer their watches simpler, this time-only creation only looks simple on the surface. Its double-barrel, manually-wound manufacture movement Cal. FM 1745 takes a page from classical pocket watch movements, yet impresses with a seven-day power reserve. The openworked dial design, framed by a modern Long Island case, showcases the inner construction in all its glory. The small seconds counter at the six o’clock position balances the overall dial layout, while luminous Arabic hour numerals offer a pleasant surprise in the dark.

Long Island Evolution Master Jumper

Franck Muller_Long Island Evolution Master Jumper_Cortina Watch

This creation redefines timekeeping by featuring a groundbreaking triple-jumping complication displaying hours, minutes, and date. While triple jumping displays are not new, combining them for time and date functions is unprecedented. A first for Franck Muller, an inner sapphire crystal adds three-dimensional depth, preserving the open-worked movement while highlighting technical elements.

Franck Muller_Long Island Evolution Master Jumper_Cortina Watch - technical 2

The watch boasts a vertical and equidistant jumping display, with five visible discs and a supporting bridge. Powering these displays is an innovative double barrel system, ensuring consistent torque. The Calibre FM 3100, designed exclusively for this timepiece, results from four years of meticulous engineering, craftsmanship, and artistic pursuit.

Long Island Evolution Giga Tourbillon

Franck Muller_Long Island Evolution Giga Tourbillon_Cortina Watch

The brand’s emblematic Giga Tourbillon movement is introduced into the Long Island case, infusing it with a modern sensibility while preserving its timeless elegance. The imposing 20mm tourbillon cage dominates over half of the movement, supported by an intricately designed three-pointed bridge reminiscent of the brand’s signature aesthetic. With four mainsprings providing a generous four-day power reserve, the Giga Tourbillon ensures uncompromising precision and reliability. Super-LumiNova hands illuminate the dial, while the oversized tourbillon serves as a mesmerising seconds counter, captivating the eye with its graceful motion. The sleek black titanium case infuses the overall aesthetics with an alluring contemporary flair.

Franck Muller_Long Island Evolution Master Jumper_Cortina Watch - technical

The Long Island Evolution series is exclusive to the Asia Pacific region. Only 300 pieces of the Long Island Evolution 7 Days Power Reserve, 100 pieces of the Long Island Evolution Master Jumper, and 8 pieces of the Long Island Evolution Giga Tourbillon will be produced, making each timepiece a coveted collector’s item.

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