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Franck Muller Presents The Vanguard Skeleton Color Dreams 43MM

Franck Muller Vanguard Skeleton Color Dreams Red At Cortina Watch Featured

The era of psychedelia returns to the house of Franck Muller this year, injecting the brand’s latest models with a wave of provocative energy.

Like our namesake founder, we are tearing up the rules and challenging the norms in watchmaking as we revive one of Franck Muller’s most audacious designs for WPHH 2022.

Colour Me Happy

A collector of art and crafter of sophisticated watches, Franck Muller’s two passions frequently collided in bursts of creativity. This was how the very first Color Dreams watch was born. With the watch dial as our canvas, we gave rise to a rainbow display on our iconic oversized hour markers in 2000. Since then, Color Dreams has entered every corner of Franck Muller’s collections.

In the last decade, as boldly coloured dials and rainbow-style gem-set timepieces have trended, our experiment with the concept of Color Dreams has continued. The latest execution of this vivacious design is the Southeast Asia Exclusive Vanguard Skeleton Color Dreams, housed in a lightweight carbon fibre case to match the lightweight FM 1740-VS calibre.

Franck Muller Vanguard Skeleton Color Dreams red at Cortina Watch

The skeletonised movement is engineered in contemporary Franck Muller style, designed as a skeleton watch from the beginning. The satin-finished, anodised aluminium bridges of the movement are secured directly to the inner case, machined precisely to fit the curved case design. Architectural inspiration merges with vivid pop colours on the electroplated movement components, from the fiery red barrel bridge to the marigold yellow small seconds counter at 6 o’clock.

The plates and bridges of the Vanguard Skeleton Color Dreams are coloured in signature hues through the process of electrolytic anodisation, which requires the special manufacture of components in aluminium, instead of the traditionally used brass or nickel silver.

Franck Muller Vanguard Skeleton Color Dreams red at Cortina Watch

Vanguard Skeleton Color Dreams with orange/yellow/red inserts on the sides of the hand-brushed carbon Vanguard case.

Now Available In 43MM CarboTech

The new V 43 case is extremely lightweight and made of CarboTech – a synthesised material made of carbon fibre that has been compressed with a high-end polymer for 9 hours at 120 degrees. The unique striations on each piece are created by the compression of the carbon fibre, resulting in no two watches bearing the same pattern. The case is buffed completely by hand, with no external polishing.

The FM 1740-VS movement is designed with a large balance wheel that runs at a finely-tuned 18,000vph, powered by stacked twin barrels that deliver up to 7 days of power. The large movement has dictated the voluminous 45mm sizes of the first Vanguard Skeleton Color Dreams, housed originally in a sapphire crystal case.

Now, the movement has been further adjusted to house it within the mid-sized 43mm carbon fibre Vanguard case, to fit wrists of all sizes for both ladies and gentlemen. The ergonomic Vanguard case is designed to wrap snugly around the wrist, with soft, rounded edges to enhance its sculpted features.

Discover the Franck Muller Vanguard Skeleton Color Dreams online, or locate the nearest boutique for a visit.