20 Years of PanoMaticLunar: Anniversary of An Unmistakable......

20 Years of PanoMaticLunar: Anniversary of An Unmistakable Classic

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In 2003, a watch was born that would come to shape the identity of Glashütte Original like no other model before it. With the design of the PanoMaticLunar, the team at the tradition-rich Saxon manufactory aspired to create a watch that was completely new and yet beautiful beyond time.

Twenty years later, the enduring popularity of the elegant timepiece and its magnificent moon phase underscores the success of their mission: in its anniversary year, the PanoMaticLunar remains one of the most popular models in the collection, and Glashütte Original proudly celebrates its unique success story.

Perfect proportions


Beauty, they say, is in the eye of the beholder – but Glashütte Original has never been content with that. As a result, in creating the Pano Collection the manufactory looked for inspiration in a timeless ideal: The asymmetrical design of its dials has its origins in the Golden Ratio, the law of aesthetic harmony that has fascinated and inspired artists, scientists and architects for centuries. It is not least these “divine” proportions that made the PanoMaticLunar a modern classic with everlasting appeal.

Unbroken popularity

The launch of the PanoMaticLunar in 2003 marked the beginning of a success story that few wristwatches can match. For 20 years, the watch has been one of the best-known and most popular models in the Glashütte Original collection. Its striking design is highly recognisable and has won admirers all over the world. As a timelessly elegant figurehead of fine German watchmaking art, the PanoMaticLunar is inextricably linked to the history of Glashütte Original – a success story that continues every day.

A visual delight


Over the years, the design of the PanoMaticLunar has only been lightly revised. The essence has always remained the same: It is the contemporary implementation of a traditional complication. The elaborately crafted moon phase display brings the eternally changing face of the moon to the wrist – a coveted mechanical complication that is also a visual delight. This also applies to the other displays of the PanoMaticLunar. In addition to hours and minutes, it presents a small seconds hand positioned on a vertical axis within the left half of the dial, as well as the moon phase display and the characteristic Glashütte Original Panorama Date on the right side.

A varied colour palette

In 2023, the PanoMaticLunar presents itself in perfectly coordinated colour combinations. Four versions in warmly shimmering red gold and four versions in cool stainless steel are available. The 40mm cases meet handcrafted dials in dark green, deep blue, silver, black or grey. Attention to detail distinguishes each individual model. The Panorama Date display discs, the moon and the starry sky are executed in a range of colours, and the straps – made of fine Louisiana alligator leather, stainless steel or high-quality textile, are harmoniously matched to the respective model.

Finely finished mechanics

The PanoMaticLunar is powered by the manufactory calibre 90-02, an automatic movement with a power reserve of 42 hours. The sapphire crystal case back offers a clear view of the finely finished mechanical movement and its characteristic Glashütte features – the three-quarter plate with stripe finish, an off-centre rotor, blued screws and a hand-engraved balance bridge with duplex swan-neck fine adjustment. This type of fine adjustment mechanism goes back to the traditional Glashütte swan-neck fine adjustment and was developed further by Glashütte Original by integrating a second swan-neck spring for maximum precision. With this mechanical engine, the PanoMaticLunar is ideally equipped for everyday use – today and for decades to come.

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