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Preserving Precision: A Guide to Luxury Watch Care

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Why regular servicing and maintenance of your precious timepieces is an essential part of your watch purchase.

Have you ever wondered how many parts are in a mechanical watch? On average, simple time-only analogue watches consist of over a hundred components. Naturally, the more complicated the movement, the more parts there are, with some high-complication watches containing more than 2,000 components.

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Imagine the precise engineering and craftsmanship required to keep all these parts working perfectly in sync without the help of electricity. Made up of intricate components, mechanical timepieces are specimens of precision engineering excellence. Upon acquiring a new luxury timepiece, it is imperative to store and use it in the right environment for which each watch has been designed. For example, it would be a definite no to wear a non-water-resistant watch for a dip in the pool. With proper usage and storage, most mechanical watches can easily last for decades.

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Preserving the Condition and Value of Timepieces

Just as you would send your car for regular servicing, the same applies to luxury timepieces. It is essential to send your beloved watches for maintenance periodically to keep them in the best condition and ensure accurate timekeeping. Regular servicing by professionals helps to ensure that inner mechanisms clogged with dust are thoroughly cleaned, lubricated, and polished to maintain the accuracy and lifespan of your watches. This also helps secure the value of the timepieces by ensuring they are always in optimal working condition.

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Moreover, watches often have deeper personal significance. They could be priceless heirlooms or hold precious memories, and the last thing we would want is for them to break or malfunction. This is even more true for watches designed to withstand extreme conditions, such as diving or aviation watches. These especially need to be regularly serviced to ensure their water (and pressure) resistance and anti-magnetic properties are in tip-top condition, so the movement maintains its precision.

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Besides the possibility of sending your watches back to their manufacturer for servicing, which may often involve higher costs and a longer waiting time, there are also independent workshops and watchmakers that offer maintenance and servicing. However, it is crucial to seek out experienced and reliable professionals so that your treasured timepieces are in good hands and do not get damaged or, worse, have their original parts tampered with.

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A Holistic Approach to Watch Maintenance

As a leading luxury watch retailer with over five decades of experience, Cortina Watch is a firm advocate of regular servicing and maintenance of watches. Recognizing luxury timepieces as investments, Horology Services by Cortina Holdings Limited underscores its unwavering commitment to providing exemplary after-sales support. Besides specializing in watch maintenance and repair services, Horology Services also offers personalized customer care services to enable each customer to get the most out of their purchase journey, such as gaining better knowledge about horology and timepieces.

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Located in Capitol Singapore, an iconic building in the heritage district of Singapore, Horology Services provides holistic after-sales support for all brands retailed by both Cortina Watch and Sincere Fine Watches. A team of skilled technicians is proficient in a wide range of services from battery replacement and bracelet adjustment to complex repairs involving intricate tourbillon movements, particularly for prestigious brands like Franck Muller.

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Dedicating the highest level of care and attention to every timepiece brought in, the skilled professionals first examine each watch thoroughly before identifying necessary procedures. Adhering strictly to the guidelines set by respective brands, Horology Services coordinates with watch manufacturers, ensuring a seamless workflow. Throughout the entire process, Horology Services remains the primary point of contact, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience for its customers.

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Acquiring a luxury timepiece is the beginning of a journey into the marvellous world of watchmaking. This is how many watch enthusiasts fall in love with watches and eventually start collecting them. Many experienced watch collectors attest to the joy it brings and how it inspires them to pass their love for watches to the next generation as a legacy. Therefore, maintaining your luxury timepieces through regular professional servicing not only ensures their accuracy and longevity but also preserves their value and personal significance. By choosing trusted service centres, you can rest assured that your cherished watches are in the best hands, ready to be treasured for generations to come.

Horology Services by Cortina Holdings Limited is open from Monday to Friday, 10.00am to 5.00pm at 15 Stamford Road, #01-74/75/76 Capitol Singapore, Singapore 178906.