Watches & Wonders 2021: H. Moser & Cie Creates Art,......

Watches & Wonders 2021: H. Moser & Cie Creates Art, Not Watches

H. Moser & Cie Offers New Statement Pieces For 2021 That Is Sure to Get The Watch World Talking

“How do you make your brand stand out?” This is the very first question asked by H. Moser & Cie’s CEO, Edouard Meylan during his keynote for Watches & Wonders 2021. Ever since the Meylan family took over the running of Moser close to a decade ago, they have been obsessed with one thing—branding. Their products were already of astounding quality but without the proper brand positioning, nobody would ever know.

So how do you make the brand stand out, one of the ways Meylan says, is to turn it into art. You look at a Picasso, a Monet or a sculpture by Jeff Koons there is no brand stamped in large bold letters but yet you already know who they are from. This is the approach for Moser, they aim to make everything else about their watch so intrinsic to their brand that one look at the hands, dial or case, and you can already tell it’s a Moser. The watches launched this year are an extension of this philosophy.

Endeavour Centre Seconds x seconde/seconde/

For this piece, Moser decided to work with the artist seconde/seconde/ who often takes vintage watches and replaces a single hand with an iconic, pixelated image. Thus when Meylan asked how the artist would interpret Moser, his answer was this interesting pixelated eraser to signify the brand’s effort of distilling down their watches to only the necessary elements.

The pixelated hand made by secondeseconde was based off the classic eraser, one that many around the world are sure to be familiar with.

To generate even more hype, the watch was announced on 1 April, April Fool’s day. This caused the watch community to ponder whether this was a prank but as it turns out, Moser is a brand that is crazy enough to put something like this in their collection.

Endeavour Tourbillon Concept Tiger’s Eye

This watch is yet another reminder of how Moser has been able to create a signature look over the years. There is no fume dial but just through the hands and the way the tourbillon is incorporated into the dial, we could identify the watch as a Moser.

These stone dials add a new dimension to Moser watches giving it horizonal and vertical visual cues rather than the circular one of the fume dials.

The dial, made from the tiger’s eye stone is stunning and it helps give the watch a new dimension. The stone and its silica fibres create an interesting interplay with light much like how their fume dials usually do. The difference is that this stone dial offers a more horizontal and vertical interaction adding yet another dimension to these watches.

Pioneer Centre Seconds Mega Cool

We love how Moser is entirely unapologetic about what it decides to do with its watches. Take the Pioneer Centre Seconds Mega Cool for example. This watch was first conceived during the pandemic and was imagined to be the perfect watch for when the lockdowns were lifted. A casual piece that you would like to take to the beach, or even to have that first beer with friends. The name, according to Meylan, comes from the reaction of the watchmakers within Moser when they first saw the completed watch—mega cool. And so the name stuck.

The mega cool reaction from the watchmakers at Moser were definitely justified.

You can see only a very slight hint of the Moser brand on the dial showing just how confident they are that people can recognise that it is their watch.

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