17 Feb 2020

LVMH Watch Week: Bvlgari Serpenti Tourbillon & Diva Minute Repeater

Part 2: Bvlgari's record-setting watches for the ladies - Serpenti Seduttori Tourbillon and Diva's Dream Minute Repeater.

The “Secret” 6th World Record: Bvlgari Serpenti Seduttori Tourbillon

Considered the 6th world record for Bvlgari, the honor does not go to the Octo Finissimo, instead, it takes the guise as the world’s smallest mechanical tourbillon in the form of the Bvlgari Serpenti Seduttori Tourbillon.

BVLGARI Serpenti Seduttori Tourbillon103257 and 103260

As discussed in a conversation with a luxury publication, the Serpenti Seduttori Tourbillon is a product of research and design know-how developed during the Octo Finissimo project. With new understanding of robust miniaturization, the artisans at Bvlgari were able to fit a tourbillon movement into the head of the Serpenti were once were quartz calibres.

Bvlgari Serpenti Seduttori Tourbillon - cortina watch

Bvlgari used techniques like a hanging or cantilever mainspring barrel, as well as ceramic ball bearings pivots, and the peripherally impulsed tourbillon carriage, to perform this feat of creating a shaped, ultra-thin, Uber-small calibre. Form or shaped watches are known for their exclusivity to a specific model or collection because unlike round movements which can be used in a variety of cases when accompanied with the relevant movement spacers, this particular calibre can only be used in a Serpenti Seduttori Tourbillon. Subtly, the Le Sentier’s watch artisans also performed a feat of illusion – while the Serpenti tourbillon looks like its of the flying variety, there’s actually a transparent sapphire bridge which holds it in place while giving the traditional whirlwind escapement all the appearances of a flying tourbillon.

New Diva Minute Repeater

BVLGARI Diva Dream Minute Repeater 103282 - Cortina Watch

Re-introducing the smallest minute repeater movement in the world, this time topped with a malachite dial. The Diva’s ‘charm’ is an elegant lever with which to operate the minute repeater because no one suspects its true nature. It looks like a mere bejewelled fashion accessory but Bvlgari’s true skill is in surprise and delight when the high complication resides in such a diminutive and beauteous form.

The hammers have been redesigned so that the sound is transmitted equally well through gold which is softer than it did in the past years with titanium and carbon. So it’s exactly the same movement with small modifications for acoustics accounting for the softer case material.

BVLGARI Diva Dream Minute Repeater 103282 - Cortina Watch

Written by Jonathan Ho

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