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The Patek Philippe Twenty~4 Is A Perfect Gift For All Occasions

Patekphilippe Twenty4 Ladies Watch Collection At Cortina Watch Featured

The Patek Philippe Twenty~4 is the ideal perennial-styled timepiece to gift your loved one (or yourself).

The 1970s and 1980s were a defining era for Swiss watchmaking. Recovering from the triple strike of the quartz crisis, currency exchange spikes and inflation, many brands realised that they needed to broaden the horizons of luxury watchmaking for collectors of the 21st century.

Mr Philippe Stern, then president of the brand, decided that the company’s ladies’ watches needed to cater to their clientele’s needs better. Thus, the creative team at Patek Philippe began to work on a new watch, specifically designed for women, rather than adapting something from the men’s collections.

Patek Philippe has a long history of creating timepieces specifically for women, including the first wristwatch in history. However, Mr Stern wanted something that would interest women universally. It had to be stylish, comfortable, easy to maintain and look good regardless of the occasion. In 1999, they unveiled their creation: the Twenty~4.

Patek Philippe Twenty4 Manchette Watch In Steel And Diamonds With Black Sunburst Dial Ref 4910 10a 001

The Patek Philippe Twenty~4 Ref. 4910/10A. The quartz watch had a manchette-style bracelet which felt like a casual bracelet on the wrist.

A Watch For The Day And Night

The Twenty~4 Ref. 4910/10A was the first quartz watch by the brand, because it was a practical choice in terms of size, convenience and function. The name came from how you could wear it all-day and switch from workwear to evening dress without changing your watch. It was an instant hit; the option of a steel model with diamond markers was a resounding success.

The collection helped to initiate a new generation of independent women to the brand and endear it to them. For many women, it was a symbol of discreet success. It enabled Patek Philippe to cultivate their interest in Swiss watchmaking, and many would go on to become collectors of high complications such as the Ladies First Chronograph Ref. 7071 that was introduced in 2009.

Over the last 22 years, the Twenty~4 collection has carefully added a range of models, from a mechanical, fully gem-set model in 2003 to new refreshes since 2018.

Patek Philippe Twenty4 Ladies Watch In Round Steel Case Fitted With Diamonds And Blue Sunburst Dial Ref 7300 1200a 001

The Patek Philippe Twenty~4 Automatic Ref. 7300 was introduced in 2018, powered by the Caliber 324 S C.

The Twenty~4 Hits Refresh

The decision to refresh the Twenty~4 started in 2013, when current president Mr Thierry Stern started to hear about customers who wanted a mechanical watch designed for women, that they could wear day and night. It took five years and dozens of prototypes and designs that were slowly and steadily refined to get to the final models.

To power the watch, they relied on the Patek Philippe Seal certified Caliber 324 S C; the steady workhorse of the company. A chocolate dial in rose gold case and bracelet, and a blue dial in steel were among the first models to appear. Slate grey and silvered dials also appeared, on steel and rose gold cases respectively.

It was the perfect watch to introduce to early Twenty~4 owners, who were ready to expand their collection. For new customers who wanted a chic and yet serious timepiece, this was an ideal choice as well.

Patek Philippe Twenty4 Manchette Watch In Steel And Diamonds With Blue Sunburst Dial Ref 4910 1200a 001

The Patek Philippe Twenty~4’s changes are light but make it more dynamic, for the woman of today.

Then in 2020, after the 20th anniversary of the collection, Patek Philippe released the new Twenty~4 Ref. 4910/1200A in steel with a blue or gray sunburst dial. The refresh was subtle, yet significant. Hour markers were bolder, with luminous paint. The diamonds on the dial moved out onto the bezel. The gently curved case and manchette bracelet remain, the soft rounded edges like a pebble that’s been smoothed out over time.

Patek Philippe Twenty4 Ladies Automatic Watch In Round Steel Case With Diamonds And Olive Green Sunburst Dial Ref 7300 1200a 011

Patek Philippe Twenty4 Ladies Automatic Watch In Round Rose Gold Case With Diamonds And Rose Gold Sunburst Dial Ref 7300 1200r 011

The Patek Philippe Twenty~4 Automatic adds two new models in February 2021, one in steel with an olive-green sunburst dial and the other in rose gold with a rose gold sunburst dial. Both bear gold applied indexes with luminous paint, with two rows of diamonds on the bezel.

Patek Philippe Expands the Twenty~4 in 2021

This month sees new additions to the Twenty~4 Automatic and Quartz collection with new dial refreshes. The reference 7300/1200A-011 in steel now comes with an olive-green sunburst dial that reflects Patek Philippe’s embrace of new colour trends in the watch industry. This is certainly an evergreen model that is perfect for daily wear.

In addition, a second rose gold model has emerged with a gilded rose-gold sunburst dial. Both bear gold applied indexes with luminous paint, gold hands and feature 160 Wesselton diamonds hand-set in a lacework technique on the bezel.

Patek Philippe Twenty4 Manchette Quartz Ladies Watch In Rose Gold With Diamonds And Chocolate Sunburst Dial Ref 4910 1201r 001

A new Twenty~4 Quartz in rose gold, with a chocolate brown sunburst dial and rose gold indexes.

A third model of the Twenty~4 Quartz in rose gold with a chocolate-brown sunburst dial has also been introduced, refreshing an elegant classic for 2021. Along with these models, Patek Philippe has also released a new video, titled “Rituals of My Life”, highlighting how our lives have changed today and celebrating the personal routines of the modern woman that bring structure to a world where our personal and professional lives are ever more intertwined.

The changes to the Twenty~4 Quartz are small but significant. For a watch that’s over 20 years old and changed little, it truly has a perennial style. This is a timepiece that will suit women of all ages, today and in the distant future. It’s not just a watch you can wear all day; it’s one you can wear for a lifetime.


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