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Red Carpet Watch: Timepiece Brands ‘Winning’ Big at the 2023 Academy Awards

Andrew Garfieldarian Deboseharry Shum Jr Omega At Cortina Watch Feature Image

Amid the flashing cameras, timepieces stood out at the recent Oscars. Some of the most renowned luxury watch brands made an appearance on the red carpet, spotted on the wrists of A-list celebrities.

In the past, fashion designers made headlines at such awards shows. Now, we are seeing that watchmakers can also hold their own amid the razzle dazzle appearance of famous Hollywood royalty.

Cartier and Omega were, of course, chosen by a bevy of stars – but Tag Heuer also made a cameo.

As for the watches worn by the night’s winners? Hey, the brands definitely scored a homerun in this regard.

Time To Shine

Omega took centre stage as actors Brendan Fraser and Ke Huy Quan both wore models from the brand.

Fraser, who snagged the “Best Actor” title for his role in The Whale, was seen with the Omega Speedmaster Chronoscope.

This is a handsome 43mm model sporting three chronograph scales.

Each dial reveals a tachymeter scale for measuring speed or distance, a pulsometer scale to measure a person’s pulse, and a telemeter scale for measuring the distance from something that is audible or visible.

Brendan Fraser_Omega Speedmaster Chronoscope_Cortina Watch

Fraser was seen celebrating his win with the Omega Speedmaster Chronoscope on his wrist. Photo composite: Omega

Returning to Omega’s vintage roots, the leaf-shaped hands and three “snail” timing scales on the dial give the watch a clear link to 1940s watchmaking. There’s also an elegant addition of a “spiral” track pattern that runs beneath the Arabic numerals.

“Best Supporting Actor” winner for Everything Everywhere All At Once, Quan, chose the Omega Constellation Globemaster instead.

Ke Huy Quan_Omega_Constellation Globemaster_Cortina Watch

Quan with his Oscar and Omega Constellation Globemaster at the 2023 Oscars, Photo – Omega

The watch’s fluted bezel whose top ridges are smoothed, gives it a unique look. Certainly, this is one model that is identifiable and timeless – no matter the outfit worn with it.

Interestingly, when it was first launched in 2015, the Omega Globemaster was celebrated as the world’s first watch to achieve “Master Chronometer” certification – the highest standard of precision, performance and magnetic‑resistance in the Swiss industry.

Other celebrities who picked Omega include Nicole Kidman, Arian DeBose, Andrew Garfield, Troy Kotsur, Barry Keoghan, Harry Shum Jr, Danny Ramirez, Reece Feldman, Alexander Dreymon and Lewis Pullman.

From the Speedmaster and Globemaster to the De Ville, and even a museum piece, it was like a big reunion for the brand, where different models came together for one special occasion.

So, you could say that it was a winning night indeed for Omega.

Perfectly Matched

For Cartier, the brand’s torchbearers at the Oscars were Paul Mescal and Jay Ellis.

The former, a “Best Actor” nominee, strapped on a Tank Chinoise, which worked to complement his dapper look perfectly.

Unsurprising, as the classic watch is an emblematic one. Since introduced in 1922, this model is recognised for having a pair of horizontal bars positioned over the vertical case flanks – reportedly inspired by Chinese porticos.

Mescal pulled it off by matching it with a white tuxedo jacket, bringing out the brilliance and sparkle of the Tank Chinoise.

On the other hand, Ellis wore a Tank Must – widely regarded by many as a younger (but still very classic) model within the Tank family.

Jay Ellis_Cartier Tank Must_Cortina Watch

Ellis looked simply suave with his tuxedo – and a Cartier Tank Must. Photo composite: Instagram/Jay Ellis, Cartier

Hailing from the 1970s, Tank Must watches have been given several makeovers. The one on Ellis’ wrist sports a steel case and leather strap, further decorated with diamonds – making it deserving to grace the Oscars’ red carpet.

What is truly wonderful is that the Tank watches themselves are icons of Cartier. With many different iterations, they have nevertheless, remained relevant.

Their secret to longevity? A Cartier Tank is immediately identifiable, as the rectangular case shape (a tank viewed from above) is synonymous with the name.

Moving on to Tag Heuer, the brand got a name drop with the help of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

While the actor donned a pink dinner jacket, his timepiece was as rugged as possible. The Tag Heuer Aquaracer Professional 200 he wore is – as the brand describes it – “a bold, stylish, all-terrain luxury tool watch”.

Tag Heuer began offering dive watches 1978, which eventually led to the birth of the Aquaracer in 2004 – a line considered to be among the most successful for the watchmaker.

Johnson_Tag Heuer_Aquaracer Professional 200_Cortina Watch

Johnson paired his pink suit jacket with a rugged Tag Heuer Aquaracer Professional 200. Photo composite: Instagram/Dwayne Johnson, Tag Heuer

Today, there are various Aquaracer designs. Although they remain as sturdy sports watches, each one is still good looking enough to be worn for fancy events – like the Oscars, and Johnson is living proof of it.

Red Carpet Essentials

The timepieces you saw at this year’s Oscars should not come as a surprise. Celebrities were already flaunting their wrist candies at prior red-carpet events.

At the Golden Globes, which kicked of this year’s awards season in January, again, Omega, Cartier and Tag Heuer were the favourite picks.

Actor Sebastian Stan, nominated for the “Best Actor” Golden Globe in a television series, wore a Tag Heuer Carrera Date. Despite being a sports watch, it somehow still looked perfectly at home – as it peeked out from the sleeve of his tuxedo.

Like at the Oscars, Ellis wore a Cartier watch – but it was a Tank Americaine instead. As a modern iteration of the vintage Tank Cintree (French for “curved”), it appears as a timeless model – but this one however, has a flat caseback.

Quan was seen with a Omega, but it was the De Ville Prestige – a line of watches that is well-loved for being ultimately elegant, sleek and chic.

Eddie Redmayne, Andrew Garfield and Barry Keoghan also similarly strapped on Omega timepieces, but it was the De Ville Tresor, Seamaster Aqua Terra and Speedmaster ’57 respectively.

This simply shows that luxury watches are considered as the perfect accessories to flaunt your style. Up there in the ranks with glittering diamonds and other precious jewellery, exquisite horological designs are certainly fashion companions on the red carpet.

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