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Watches and Wonders 2024: TAG Heuer Carrera and Monaco Releases

Tag Heuer Carrera Chronograph Skipper Cbs2241.fn8023 Cortina Watch Featured Image

TAG Heuer refreshes its Carrera and Monaco collections with addition of several new models during the Watches and Wonders Geneva 2024.

Following a welcome return to the world of yachting with last year’s release of the Carrera Skipper chronograph in steel, TAG Heuer is delighted to announce a new version of the watch featuring a case made from 18K 5N rose gold.

Carrera Chronograph Skipper

Tag Heuer Carrera Chronograph Skipper Cbs2241.fn8023 Cortina Watch

Like the steel model, the gold Skipper is based on the best-selling ‘glassbox’ design launched in early 2023 to mark the 60th anniversary of the celebrated Carrera chronograph and is powered by the Heuer 02 (Ref. TH20-06) in-house calibre – a version of the Heuer 02 movement especially adapted for regatta timing.

Creating the 39mm case in 18K 5N rose gold, which combines fine brushed and polished finishes, elevates the Skipper to a level of sophistication that is sure to appeal to high-end collectors – but its usefulness as a fully-functional sailing watch remains uncompromised.

Like other variations of the glassbox Carrera – such as the Carrera Chronosprint x Porsche, the Carrera Tourbillon, and the Carrera Chronograph – the gold Skipper features an ingenious ‘curved flange’ dial beneath its crystal to ensure exceptional legibility in all conditions, especially when the watch is being used in a regatta situation for timing the vital 15-minute period before the starting gun is fired.

In terms of its colour scheme, the Skipper in gold harks back to the historic Skipper Reference 7754 of 1968 by combining a sea-blue main dial with two, sharply contrasting subdial – a 12-hour counter in ‘Intrepid Teal’ and a 15-minute regatta counter divided into three, five–minute segments of different colours.

Tag Heuer Carrera Chronograph Skipper Cbs2241.fn8023 Cortina Watch 2

These colours replicate those used on the original Skipper chronograph of 1968, which was launched under the leadership of Jack Heuer to celebrate the victory of the New York Yacht Club’s ‘Intrepid’ over New Zealand’s ‘Dame Pattie’ in the previous year’s America’s Cup.

Heuer had equipped Intrepid’s crew with hand-held yachting timers and Aquastar wrist watches for the event, the latter of which featured a countdown mechanism in the form of a red and white disc that rotated behind five holes.

To mark the association with Intrepid, the Skipper’s tricolour 15-minute countdown subdial was divided in the following way: Lagoon Green (inspired by Intrepid’s rigging); Intrepid Teal (the colour of her deck) and, for the final five-minute ‘get ready’ sector, Regatta Orange – orange originally being adopted by the maritime world because of the exceptional way it contrasts against the sea.

Like the steel model, the Skipper in 18K 5N rose gold also features triangular markers (a motif drawn from heritage Heuer models) at five-minute intervals around the outer curved flange, a lacquered ‘regatta orange’ central seconds hand and a discreet ‘Skipper’ nameplate at the bottom of the 12-hour subdial.

In keeping with its 18K 5N rose gold case, the latest Skipper carries applied, 18K 5N rose gold-plated hour markers that follow the line of the dial’s curved flange, while a similarly angled date window appears at six o’clock.

Turning the watch over reveals a transparent caseback through which can be seen the in-house Heuer 02 (Ref. TH20-06) Skipper calibre – a column wheel chronograph movement with vertical clutch and 80 hours of power reserve that is topped-up by a new, bi-directional rotor in the shape of TAG Heuer’s distinctive shield symbol.

The 18K 5N rose gold Skipper is supplied on a blue textile strap and secured by a pin buckle, also made from 18K 5N rose gold to match the case.

TAG Heuer_Carrera Chronograph Skipper_CBS2241.FN8023_Cortina Watch 1

The TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph Skipper will also be available as a Connected watch face, extending the sailing universe onto the beloved TAG Heuer Connected one – much to the delight of all maritime watch enthusiasts.

Following in the footsteps of the 18K 5N rose gold TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph Chronosprint, the 18K 5N rose gold Carrera Chronograph Skipper brings a new level of luxury and collectability to TAG Heuer’s signature chronograph.

It also marks a new chapter in a relationship with the sea that began even before the creation of the very first Skipper in 1968. It all started, in fact, during the late 1940s when high-end sporting goods supplier Abercrombie & Fitch began commissioning Heuer to produce A & F-branded watches to sell in its New York stores.

The first was the Solunar of 1949 that displayed tide times and which, in the 1950s, led to the creation of the Seafarer chronograph for Abercrombie & Fitch and the Heuer-branded Mareographe. Jack Heuer and A&F president Walter Haynes subsequently developed a close friendship, and it was Haynes who made the introduction that led to the brand’s auspicious role as Intrepid’s official timing partner during her 1967 America’s Cup victory.

Carrera Chronograph

TAG Heuer_Carrera Chronograph_CBS2216.BA0041_Cortina Watch

After a year of avid celebration and powerful reveals, Swiss luxury watchmaker TAG Heuer continues its tribute to a rich heritage, pushing the boundaries of iconic design with the introduction of the latest TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph. This exceptional timepiece blends historical reverence with cutting-edge design, propelling the renowned Carrera collection to new heights.

Over Six Decades of Excellence

Introduced in 1963, the TAG Heuer Carrera has defined the wristwatch chronograph genre for over six decades. Celebrated in 2023 for its 60th anniversary, this timepiece became a recognized symbol of classical elegant profile, ultra-legible dial, and precision engineering that has made it a must-have accessory for racing enthusiasts and watch aficionados worldwide.

Named after the legendary Carrera Panamericana Road race, Jack Heuer gave the unique and impactful appellation to his watch collection. The Carrera swiftly commended itself to the hearts and wrists of many through its precision that consistently pushed boundaries, allowing wearers to become just one with the watch.

The watch remained a pillar in the chronograph scene and continues to captivate with the introduction of new models every year, becoming a must-have accessory for collectors, racers, and fans.

The 7753 SN Heritage

Among Jack’s various designs, the 7753 SN from the late 1960s was the inspiration behind this 2024 release.

TAG Heuer_Carrera Chronograph_CBS2216.BA0041_Cortina Watch 1

The first-generation Heuer Carrera model had a hand-wound Valjoux chronograph movement and either a silvered or black dial in a variety of configurations, sometimes with the addition of a scale around the dial periphery. At the end of the 1960s, a second series was added to the line-up with either a silvered dial and black subdials, or the other way around, known respectively as ‘panda’ and ‘reverse panda’.

The 7753 SN had a silvered dial with black subdials – a panda – as noted in its nomenclature: ‘SN’ meant ‘silver’ and ‘noir’, or silver and black, a mix of English and French that still feels curious today. As ever, this expression of Jack’s design was driven by legibility. The vision behind the Heuer Carrera had been to create a racing instrument from which lap times could be easily recorded, with no room for distraction and absolute legibility from the high-contrast dial.

Building on the success of the earliest Heuer Carreras, the 7753 SN further improved readability at a glance with clever design touches. They included stripes down the hour markers to give them extra clarity, hour and minute hands with stripes down the center for the same effect, double stops at 12 so it was clear when the chronograph was zeroed, and white hands and markings on the black counters to make them even more visible.

This registered chronograph was always admired for its clean and simple design, particularly among racers, a point further reinforced when in the 2019 movie Ford v Ferrari Matt Damon playing the legendary automotive design and constructor Carol Shelby would wear this exact reference.

Jack Heuer’s Legibility Vision

TAG Heuer is set to release a new take on a watch designed for legibility, a wink tothe 7753 SN, the Carrera collection’s roots, and Jack Heuer’s dedication to readability. The TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph brings forth a new and modern take on the 1963 vision, breathing new refining the design, refreshing the timeless allure of the panda chronograph look in the new Glassbox construction.

This timepiece embodies the spirit of legibility within the collection. The black azuré subdials at 3 and 9 o’clock contrast with the silver sunray-brushed dial, creating the signature bi-compax panda look. The addition of captivating, red-lacquered sub-dial hands further amplifies the contrast, ensuring clarity at a glance.

To further elevate legibility, the watch incorporates TAG Heuer’s iconic Glassbox design, set to become a staple of the TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph line.

TAG Heuer_Carrera Chronograph_CBS2216.BA0041_Cortina Watch 2

The 39mm steel case, topped with a sapphire crystal reminiscent of 1970s Heuer Carrera models, has been redeveloped for seamless flow over the tachymeter scale that runs around the dial edge and into the case. The curved flange, in contrasting black, and curved rhodium-plated indexes, contribute to the watch’s cohesive aesthetic, ensuring legibility from a wider range of angles, keeping with Jack’s original purpose for the watch.

In keeping with the core theme of legibility, the rhodium-plated central hand features a red-lacquered tip, catching the eye when reading the time. The seconds hand, in black, ensures a clear distinction. Notably, each 5-second interval is marked in red, enhancing visibility.

The allure of the Carrera Chronograph “Panda” extends to the steel bracelet, a first time on the redesigned Carrera collection, intertwining with the Glassbox design and highlighting the panda configuration. This harmonious blend of vintage tribute, contemporary elegance and novelty invites wearers to appreciate the craftsmanship and innovate spirit for which TAG Heuer is renowned.

Turning over the TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph reveals the in-house chronograph movement Heuer 02 (Ref. TH20-00). This powerful movement features a bi-directional winding, a new shield-shaped rotor, and an impressive 80-hour power reserve. The watch comes with a 5-year extended warranty.

With this watch, TAG Heuer expands its collection, introducing a bi-compax panda look with a steel bracelet and a contrasting flange. The TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph is now also available as a connected watch face, extending the legacy of legibility onto the beloved TAG Heuer Connected one – embodying Jack Heuer’s timeless vision into the digital realm.

This timepiece not only builds upon the Carrera’s rich heritage but also embodies the innovation and avant-garde spirit for which TAG Heuer is renowned.

Carrera Date

TAG Heuer_Carrera Date_WBN231C.BA0038_WBN2351.BD0000_WBN2350.BD0000_Cortina Watch

In a dazzling ode to timeless elegance, Swiss luxury watchmaker TAG Heuer presents three exquisite timepieces to its esteemed Carrera collection, each epitomizing the essence of feminine sophistication. The TAG Heuer Carrera Date, a radiant release of three 36mm precious timepieces, perfectly embodies the commitment to superior design and comfort.

Building upon the success of the 36mm in 2023, this newest introduction is a manifestation of understated femininity. Using precious materials like 18K 5N rose gold, Mother-of-Pearl, and diamonds, these watches are a delicate dance between luxury and refinement.

A Timeless Design

For those familiar with the legacy of the TAG Heuer Carrera, the 36mm editions hold a special resonance. Enthusiasts will recognize that this diameter pays homage to the iconic design’s origins, echoing the dimensions of the first Heuer Carrera introduced in 1963. The fundamentals of the TAG Heuer Carrera’s design transcend eras, making it a marvel with universal appeal.

Jack Heuer, a luminary in the watchmaking realm, envisioned a timepiece that seamlessly melded form and function. Inspired by the clear instrument dials of his engineering background and the swift dashboards of motorsports, he birthed the Heuer Carrera. Its name, borrowed from the Carrera Panamericana, evoked not only the thrill of racing but also a journey, a career, and a path — a sentiment that resonated across cultures and generations.

Yet, the Carrera’s versatile 36mm model proved to be more than a timepiece for the track, effortlessly transitioning from high-speed events to gracing elegant and sophisticated evenings with equal finesse. With the constant research for improved ergonomics, this size stands out as the perfect fit for all wrists. It beautifully integrates into the Carrera lineup, bridging the gap between masculine and feminine design, making it the perfect unisex model.

TAG Heuer_Carrera Date_WBN2350.BD0000_Cortina Watch

Elevating the Carrera

The latest expressions in the Carrera collection mark a transformative chapter in this legacy, presenting three distinct and feminine looks, as these timepieces exude a subtly precious charm fit for any occasion and any lifestyle.

Copper Elegance

The first timepiece boasts an enchanting copper dial with a snailed brushed finish in nude tones, from light brown to beige, to creating a harmonious timepiece for an everyday elegance. The steel case features alternate finishing, showcasing the attention to detail. The 18K 5N rose gold bezel and crown are complemented by 18K 5N rose gold plating on the indexes, hands, and logo.

Mother-of-Pearl Radiance

The second watch embraces the ethereal beauty of a white Mother-of-Pearl dial and its gradient track in nude tones, transitioning from light brown to beige. The steel case, with alternate finishing, creates a subtle backdrop for the 18K 5N rose gold-plated indexes, hands, and logo. The signature diamond flange, adorned with 76 diamonds of 0.288 carats, adds a captivating sparkle for an everyday shine.

TAG Heuer_Carrera Date_WBN231C.BA0038_WBN2351.BD0000_WBN2350.BD0000_Cortina Watch dial

Precious Harmony

The third timepiece also features a precious mother of pearl dial with a gradient track in nude tones, from light brown to beige, housed in a steel case with alternate finishing. The diamond-set
chatons indexes, complemented by 11 diamonds of 0.22 carats total add a luxurious touch to the watch. The 18K 5N rose gold crown and bezel, combined with the 18K 5N rose gold-plated hands
and logo, create a harmonious blend of luxury. The signature diamond flange, also embellished with 76 diamonds of 0.288-carat complete this ensemble.

The three models are available with the new and improved tapered iconic Carrera H bracelet, in steel or in steel and 18k 5N rose gold, making the three pieces a testament to timeless femininity.

They all are powered by the latest Caliber 7 automatic movement, with a 56-hour power reserve. This movement also provides the watch with a 6 o’clock angled date.

In their quest for wearability and elegance, TAG Heuer’s designers and engineers emphasized enhanced ergonomics, a key goal since the 2023 relaunch, keeping the thickness of the watches between 10.20 mm and 10.60 mm, giving them a well-balanced feel, without compromising on the elegant design.

In unveiling these latest additions, TAG Heuer introduces a new dimension to its portfolio while redefining the ultimate feminine watch, a testament to TAG Heuer’s pursuit of excellence.

Monaco Split Seconds Chronograph

TAG Heuer_Monaco Split Seconds Chronograph_CBW2182.FC8339_Cortina Watch

TAG Heuer breaks the boundaries of time with the Monaco Split-Seconds Chronograph, a fusion of heritage and innovation.

The TAG Heuer Monaco Split-Seconds Chronograph is nothing short of a horological masterpiece, destined to captivate connoisseurs, collectors and watch enthusiasts with its spectacular movement and stunning design.

“TAG Heuer has always been committed to pushing the boundaries of timekeeping, and with the introduction of the Monaco Split-Seconds Chronograph, we are not only embracing our rich heritage but also redefining the future of Haute Horlogerie d’Avant-Garde. This timepiece is the epitome of precision and innovation, a perfect fusion of tradition and cutting- edge technology, showcasing our expertise in watchmaking craftsmanship.” said Julien Tornare, CEO of TAG Heuer.

A Century of Excellence

The rich legacy of TAG Heuer’s split-seconds chronograph watches dates back over a century.

From the early 1900s, the Maison has dedicated itself to mastering this significant horological complication, evident in various references of stopwatches and dashboard timers. Notably, the Mikrograph introduced in 1916 marked a pivotal moment in TAG Heuer’s history, becoming the preferred timekeeping device at the Olympic Games in the 1920s and 1930s by recording 1/100th of a second. This pioneering spirit continued with the Microsplit, a chronograph also accurate to 1/100th of a second but with the addition of the split-seconds function.

In the 1960s, Heuer stopwatches became a staple in motorsport paddocks, like the memorable reference 11.402 that featured a split-seconds chronograph capable of measuring time with 1/10th of a second accuracy. Used by Jean Campiche, a Heuer timekeeper working with Scuderia Ferrari, this model became iconic. In 1989, TAG Heuer introduced a quartz split-seconds chronograph wristwatch, gaining immense popularity, especially among racing legends like Ayrton Senna, Gerhard Berger and Michael Schumacher throughout the 1990s.

And now, in 2024, TAG Heuer unveils the latest addition to this prestigious lineage, a symbol of precise timekeeping: the Monaco Split-Seconds Chronograph.


TAG Heuer_Monaco Split Seconds Chronograph_CBW2182.FC8339_Cortina Watch - close up

Redefining Design

Since its inception in 1969, the TAG Heuer Monaco has been a symbol of contrarian design. With its distinctive square shape, left crown, brushed and polished case and blue dial, the Monaco shattered conventions in the watchmaking world. Notably, it became the first water-resistant square chronograph wristwatch, further solidifying its status as an icon. Ahead of its time with its avant-garde aesthetics, it found admiration among creative visionaries like Sammy Davis Jr., Stanley Kubrick, and Steve McQueen.

Celebrating 55 years of the Monaco collection, the TAG Heuer Monaco Split-Seconds Chronograph further redefines watch design. By reviewing its architecture and using light materials such as grade-5 titanium, the timepiece only weighs a mere 85 grams and achieves a singular appearance where sapphire crystal and transparency play a central role. Fusing titanium and sapphire together, the timepiece impresses with its case crafted from a combination of half of each, enhancing its uniqueness.

Catching up on time

At the heart of the TAG Heuer Monaco Split-Seconds Chronograph is the newly launched TH81-00 mechanical split-seconds chronograph caliber. Crafted entirely in titanium, it is one of the lightest automatic chronograph movements ever created by TAG Heuer, in partnership with the esteemed manufacturer Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier.

The result is a masterpiece that combines Swiss watchmaking craftmanship with cutting-edge technology. This split-seconds function, also called “rattrapante” in French, is a highly sophisticated and intricate mechanism that requires the most expert of watchmakers due to its complexity. It is capable of measuring two separate time intervals concurrently, providing a level of functionality that exceeds that of a regular chronograph. Whether timing laps on the racetrack or tracking multiple sporting events, the Monaco Split-Seconds Chronograph offers unparalleled accuracy and versatility in its usage.

Crafting the Monaco Split-Seconds Chronograph and the TH81-00 mechanical split-seconds chronograph caliber was a journey into the heart of watchmaking innovation. Meticulously designed and executed, this movement is the pinnacle of our dedication to pushing the boundaries of precision and complexity, delivering a unique and sophisticated timekeeping experience. “Every component of the watch reflects our passion for horological artistry.” said Carole Forestier-Kasapi, TAG Heuer’s movements director.

The newest inclusion in the collection presents itself in two distinct color options: a dynamic and sporty red variation inspired by the racing DNA of the Maison, and a classic, timeless blue version, paying homage to the original color code of the Monaco.

The caseback, a portal to the soul of the watch, is crafted entirely from sapphire crystal, offering an unobstructed view of the intricate TH81-00 caliber within, creating a mesmerizing visual experience. The transparent caseback is ingeniously designed to give the impression of a floating oscillating weight, emphasizing the watch’s sophisticated architecture.

TAG Heuer_Monaco Split Seconds Chronograph_02_CBW2181.FC8322_Cortina Watch

The oscillating weight is fashioned in the iconic TAG Heuer shield shape and features a brushed finish as well as a hand-painted powerful red or blue gradient, a TAG Heuer design signature reserved for its most exclusive timepieces.

The checkerboard pattern, a TAG Heuer signature, on the center bridge and the fine brushed balance wheel bridge with its polished bevels are all hand-made and demonstrate the Maison’s dedication to top-tier finishing. Sandblasted surfaces and polished screws further accentuate the expert craftsmanship that went into the movement finishes.

The dial, also crafted from sapphire crystal, is not to be overlooked, marrying functionality with aesthetics. This transparent canvas not only showcases the delicate workings beneath but also ensures absolute legibility for accurate timekeeping.

The red Monaco’s dial arches are executed with fine brushing and black DLC-coating, a nod to the finishing of the watch’s lightweight titanium case. The titanium- cased blue variant showcases gradient blue dial arches, transitioning from a light blue hue at the top

to a richer royal blue at the bottom, giving the watch a sense of animation and movement even whilst static. This intricate color gradient is achieved through a delicate anodizing process. This precise technique necessitates the application of varying voltages at different stages of the treatment — a sophisticated method perfected for each timepiece.

The red or blue titanium rattrapante pusher at 9 o’clock matches the color of the rattrapante hand and highlights its split-seconds function, adding a dash of color to the ensemble. The small second subdial at 6 o’clock echoes the arches’ shape, while the words “Rattrapante” and “Chronograph” on the subdials at 3 and 9 o’clock are a subtle reminder of the watch’s technical feats.
Each individually numbered on the oscillating weight, these timepieces are accompanied by a hand-stitched calfskin strap with a fabric pattern.

TAG Heuer pushes once again the boundaries of timekeeping with the TAG Heuer Monaco Split-Seconds Chronograph, through watchmaking craftmanship and avant-garde innovation. Redefining the meaning of precision, this timepiece pays homage to the Maison’s storied chronograph legacy and perfectly exemplifies TAG Heuer’s Haute Horlogerie d’Avant-Garde.

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