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Watches and Wonders 2024: NORQAIN Wild One of 1

Norqain Wild One Of 1 Cortina Watch Featured Image

NORQAIN introduces a world premiere: the Wild ONE of 1, a luxury mechanical watch with 3.5 million possible configurations.

NORQAIN, the family-owned independent Swiss watch company, is proud to announce a world premiere: the Wild ONE of 1. This landmark concept and watch industry milestone will give customers access to a possible 3.5 million different, fully customized versions of the company’s ultimate high-performance sports watch. The groundbreaking Wild ONE of 1 marks the first time a Swiss watch company has given customers total control over every element of their watch, from A to Z.

NORQAIN_Wild ONE of 1_Cortina Watch

Every customized Wild ONE of 1 will feature 18-carat red or white gold and, thanks to a further suite of personalization options, will offer watch buyers a unique, fully personalized watch that truly tells their own story.

To customize their watches, customers will have universal access to a NORQAIN Wild ONE of 1 3D configurator tool created in partnership with the Swiss agency UDIMU.
The configurator will be available on the NORQAIN website and also through the company’s global network of luxury watch retailers.

NORQAIN_Wild ONE of 1_Cortina Watch

This world premiere customization process has 11 steps. First is the option of a luxurious 18-carat red or white gold top plate that will form the top part of the case.

Following that comes the choice of chronometer-certified automatic movements. Customers will be able to choose between NORQAIN’s exclusive Kenissi Manufacture automatic movement and two skeletonized Sellita automatic movements, finished in either ruthenium or black ruthenium.

NORQAIN_Wild ONE of 1_Cortina Watch

Next comes the Wild ONE’s most distinctive design element: the rubber shock absorber that protects the movement as it sits in a titanium container. You’ll have a selection of 12 colors, ranging from subtle tones like black, sand and khaki, to vibrant options such as coral red, turquoise and gecko green.

Then it’s into the details. You’ll have a choice of six skeletonized and 12 solid dial options, with seven different sets of hands to choose from (two for the Kenissi movement and five for the Sellita movements).

Back on the outside of the case, there will be four back plates to choose from, each in high-performance, colorized NORTEQ® material (see below). The signature NORQAIN plate that sits on the watch’s left flank will be available in 18-carat gold, white gold or one of four NORTEQ® colors, and customers will be able to finish it with an engraving of their choice.

NORQAIN_Wild ONE of 1_Cortina Watch

There’ll be two steps for the animal cruelty-free rubber strap, starting with a choice of 12 colors. And then there’ll be an opportunity to match the buckle to the NORQAIN plate with the same choice of 18-carat gold or colorized NORTEQ®.

To add the ultimate personal touch, customers will be able to print an outline image, such as a family portrait, or a logo or text on the watch’s sapphire case back, completing the watch’s unique ONE of 1 character.

With 3.5 million possible configurations, it’s extremely unlikely any two Wild ONE of 1 watches will ever feature the same combination of materials, finishes and colors.

NORQAIN_Wild ONE of 1_Cortina Watch

Ben Küffer, NORQAIN founder and CEO, said: “From the moment we launched the Wild ONE, we recognized its immense potential for customization. We envisioned a watch that could be deeply personal, offering an exclusive touch that makes it a family treasure for generations to come. Embodying our mantra ‘my life, my way,’ we introduce ‘my watch, my way.’ Achieving this has taken two years of dedication and the collaboration with Switzerland’s leading suppliers.

Together, we’ve crafted a method that brings these unique pieces to life without the usual compromise on lead times, all at a price point unprecedented in the realm of Swiss mechanical watchmaking. We extend our heartfelt thanks to our suppliers for their role in streamlining this process and to our international retail partners for their unwavering support, with a special shoutout to Bucherer, our launch partner, for organizing events across their global network. Today, we are thrilled to offer the NORQAIN Wild ONE of 1 and our configurator tool to our customers through our boutiques, select retailers and our website. We can’t wait to see and admire the different designs and creative ideas our customers come up with.”

NORQAIN_Wild ONE of 1_Cortina Watch

Wild ONE of 1 gold timepieces are setting a new industry standard by offering an unparalleled level of personalization at a starting price of USD 17’600. This pricing strategy ensures fairness and inclusiveness, making it a first in the luxury watch industry for products of this uniqueness and quality. Adding to the appeal, customers will experience another premier service: receiving their customized watches within a record timeframe of just three months after placing their order.

Karin Kalale, Global Director Category Management, said: “As a vibrant, forward-thinking brand, we are delighted to support NORQAIN and play a strategic role in the debut of an unprecedented concept in the Swiss watch industry. Our Bucherer boutiques in Lucerne, Zurich, Geneva and New York will be outfitted with a special Wild ONE of 1 customization display and configurator, enabling our enthusiastic customers to create their very own unique timepiece.

Additionally, we’re setting up exclusive Wild ONE of 1 design events across our worldwide distribution channels offering an interactive experience for our guests. We’re eagerly looking forward to guiding our customers through the design journey and are pleased to join forces with NORQAIN for this exciting launch.”

NORQAIN has spent two years working with its network of pioneering partners to develop this highly innovative, fully customizable version of the company’s best-selling Wild ONE, the ultra-robust and ultra-light sports watch.

NORQAIN_Wild ONE of 1_Cortina Watch

Jean-Claude Biver, NORQAIN board member, said: “In the Swiss watch industry, innovation is essential! It enables you to be the first one – because you innovated. This is how you become unique and different. This is how you are the winner! It’s been a dream of mine to develop this innovative customization project and it’s taken me until today to realise it, but here we are! My congratulations to the NORQAIN team, our suppliers and our retailers for turning the Wild ONE of 1 from a dream into a reality. This is the future!”

The Wild ONE of 1 customization tool is now available.

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