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Zenith Announces New Friend of the Brand: Singapore’s Top Celebrity Desmond Tan

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Swiss luxury watchmaker Zenith is pleased to welcome Singapore’s leading celebrity, Desmond Tan, as its newest Friend of the Brand.

He joins the likes of actress-entrepreneur Sheila Sim and Chinese actor and singer Xiao Zhan as inspiring individuals, who are in line with the brand’s philosophy of “Time To Reach Your Star”.

Lauded for his acting chops, Desmond is no stranger to the homegrown acting scene. Being effectively bilingual, the Mediacorp artiste has starred in both Chinese and English drama productions, charming the audience with his stellar performances. The 35-year-old first came into prominence when he finished Top 5 in talent search programme Star Search in 2007. He juggled both school and acting commitments while studying in the National University of Singapore before joining Mediacorp full-time. In 2011, his role as a heroic ricksaw puller in blockbuster A Song To Remember left a deep impression on the audience and earned him the breakthrough award at Star Awards the following year.

Besides being involved in drama productions, he has also taken on roles in movies and feature films such as When Night Falls (2010) and The Big Day (2019). Known to constantly push his boundaries when it comes to acting, his dedication to his craft is unrivalled and highly impressive. As an adventurous person with diverse interests, he counts Muay Thai and singing as his hobbies and has also launched several singles too.

Desmond Tan Defy Skyline at Cortina Watch

Chasing Dreams

Just like how Zenith has never stopped seeking out and exploring uncharted territories of watchmaking, Desmond constantly strives to outperform himself to achieve better results and accomplishments. He shares the brand’s “Time To Reach Your Star” philosophy as he takes on every challenge with a positive spirit and constantly pushes himself to greater heights. Always embracing change, Desmond is not afraid to go out of his comfort zone to discover new opportunities. This spirit is also embodied by the DEFY collection which combines industry-leading performance and precision into a modern package made for exploring unknown horizons and charting new paths.

Desmond Tan Defy Skyline at Cortina Watch

Joining Hands

On the latest partnership, Julien Tornare, CEO of Zenith, said: “We are very happy to welcome Desmond into the Zenith family. We saw how he went beyond the conventional to forge his own path in the entertainment industry. His story is much like our philosophy of encouraging individuals to achieve their dreams against all odds.”

“It is an honour to be chosen as Zenith’s Friend of the Brand. Zenith is a forward-looking brand with a long history spanning over 150 years. Like how the brand encourages everyone to go far out of their comfort zones to discover new horizons, I aim to inspire and encourage the youth to chase their dreams and reach for greater heights. I look forward to working on inspiring projects together with Zenith,” said Desmond, who is currently working with the Swiss watchmaker on an upcoming campaign.

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