Every timepiece has its own distinct personality. What’s yours?
Take our connoisseur quiz to find the perfect watch to match your lifestyle.

How would you spend your next vacation?

  • Shopping at the opulent boutiques of Paris
  • Immersed in the art pieces exhibiting at Paris Louvre Museum
  • Hiking at Dragon’s back in Hong Kong
  • Catching sun on your lush Bali retreat

Which car were you born to drive?

  • Mercedes - You appreciate class and German precision
  • Jeep - Life is too short to not go on that spontaneous road trip
  • BMW - Owning one from the legendary Art Car collection is a dream-come-true
  • Ferrari - Be at the center of style and design

What would be your dream gift?

  • An iPad Pro to keep your creativity and inspirations flowing
  • A bespoke Italian suit fit for Don Draper
  • State-of-the-art coffee machine for busy mornings
  • The latest GoPro to keep up with your adventures

Your friends tend to describe you as:

  • The life of the party
  • Impeccably dressed
  • Quirky but loveable
  • Intelligent and witty

Your sophisticated tipple of choice:

  • Before the cocktail, there was the classic Old Fashioned
  • Craft brew. It’s crisp, it’s refreshing and good for any season
  • A Flaming Lamborghini. Always a great way to entertain guests in style.
  • That visually-impactful cup of Sangria inspired by an iconic art piece.