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From Los Angeles to Geneva

Singer Reimagined is an award-winning high-watchmaking company, based in Geneva. It is part of Singer Group, the Californian-based luxury brand that has become globally renowned for its bespoke restorations of the Porsche 911.  


From Iconic Automotive Design to Iconic Watch Design

As we, at Singer, love the icons of automotive design, so too are we fascinated by the golden era of analogue mechanical watch design. It is driven by the passion for the sport classic watches of the 1960s and 1970s, by the love for the engineering complexity of the automatic chronograph and by the authentic connection between automotive and horological worlds.

Collection of the Month



The Singer Track1 collection is composed of unconventional chronographs powered by engines standing apart from all previous chronograph movement. The collection consists of only limited editions.



The most minimalistic celebration of elapsed time calculations dressed in a timeless style. The Flytrack collection, designed to once again reimagine the chronograph, is a celebration of the practicality of a chronograph combined with a specific calibrated scale.



The idea that started the brand was reimagining the chronographs of the 60’s. 1969 is a year that will be remembered for numerous incredible cultural, art and science events such as Woodstock, the moon landing or the first Concord flight. Singer Reimagined has decided to celebrate that year by introducing the Singer 1969 collection.

1969, The New Collection by Singer Reimagined

Singer Reimagined timepieces are by definition a love letter to the vintage design of iconic 60’s and 70’s timepieces, now enhanced by functional improvements and state of the art horological engineering. The new two models combining wearability, a strong personality and an elegant, distinctive style.

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Singer Reimagined timepieces are by definition a love letter to the vintage design of iconic 60’s and 70’s timepieces. Rule braker in terms of exceptional mechanical marvels, with its revolutionary central chronograph equipped with 3 central hands, Singer Reimagined continuously push the limits in terms of innovation. The collections are created in limited production of numbered or special editions to assure the exclusivity and rarity for the collectors.

The idea that started the brand was reimagining one of the most iconic watch movements from the 60s and 70s : the Automatic Chronograph. Inspired by the philosophy behind the exceptional success of Singer Vehicle Design, Singer Reimagined has been created in 2017 to explore the endless possibilities in the world of high-end mechanical timepieces design.