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3. Static Masthead 1440 X 500 1

From The Cockpit To The Wrist

The BR 03 instrument is born from a simple idea: to turn a cockpit timepiece into the very best aviation watch. Switching, "from the cockpit to the wrist", the BR 03 affords the luxury of overturning the aesthetic codes of contemporary watchmaking, which in turn made it an icon.


The Time Instruments For Urban Explorers

The integrated design, optimal dimensions, comfortable style and carefully executed finishes of the BR 05 make it perfectly suited for urban life. Full of character, this precious, sculptural instrument exudes strength and elegance. The BR 05 is the latest jewel of masculinity.

From The Cockpit To The Wrist

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Bell & Ross is a watchmaker specializing in aeronautical instrumentation. Bell & Ross has a mission: to invent, design, and manufacture exclusive and perfectly functional timepieces for professionals working under extreme conditions. In its La Chaux-de-Fonds manufacture based in Switzerland, Bell & Ross perpetuates the Swiss art of luxury watch-making. The story of Bell & Ross began at the end of the 20th century and the brand is now an international company based in 70 countries through a network of more than 800 retailers and 15 exclusive boutiques.

Strictly Professional Premium Timepieces

Having built their renown upon the legibility, functionality, and precision of their watches, Bell & Ross continues to display their expertise in unique watch-making through their diverse collection of high-performance luxury watches that satisfy even the strictest professional requirements.

While most Swiss luxury watch brands leverage their extensive history to manufacture timeless speedmasters and submariners, Bell & Ross continually capitalises on innovative design and technology to create fresh, contemporary timepieces for pilots, divers, racers, and the general public. With their large range of all sorts of men’s and ladies’ watches, there’s bound to be a perfect Bell & Ross watch for you, no matter your likes or lifestyle.

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Bell & Ross Watches for Men and Ladies

Though Bell & Ross luxury watches are largely military-inspired, they are made with no gender in mind and are designed and built for professional men and ladies worldwide. At Cortina Watch Malaysia, we stock numerous Bell & Ross watch collections of varying designs, functionalities, and prices; this includes:

Bell & Ross’ BR-05

The BR-05 collection from Bell & Ross features watches made for contemporary urban explorers. It integrates simplicity in design with optimal dimensions, stylish comfort, and carefully executed finishes that gives BR-05 watches a look of unique modernity and an aesthetic that screams high-performance.

Bell & Ross’ BR-03-92-Diver

The BR-03-92-Diver collection from Bell & Ross features one-of-a-kind square diver watches specially designed to meet international standards governing diving watches for professional divers around the globe. Legible even in the deepest of seas, Bell & Ross’ BR-03-92-Diver watches hold reliability, practicality, and precision — all encased in the iconic square cases of some of the biggest innovations in professional underwater instruments.

Other Bell & Ross Watch Collections at Cortina Watch Malaysia

At Cortina Watch Malaysia, we also offer other Bell & Ross watch collections for both men and ladies at similar price ranges. Browse our Bell & Ross BR-S collection, the
BR-Vintage CollectionBR-X1s, and BR-03s to find the perfect Bell & Ross watch for you or your loved one.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bell & Ross Watches

1. What makes Bell & Ross watches unique? 

Besides sophistication in technology and innovation in design, Bell & Ross watches carry a strong history of aviation and military specifications along with both technical and visual gears that establish them as luxury watches of the highest quality in terms of not only aesthetics but functionality and performance. They are also built with those who deal in extremities as a profession in mind and are made to withstand extreme temperatures, violent accelerations, and dangerous pressures.

2. What are the latest additions to Bell & Ross watches?

Some of the latest Bell & Ross watches featured in our collections at Cortina Watch Malaysia include the new BR-05 range of watch models that offer a more urban interpretation of both travel and time.

You can also shop our other luxury watch brands for the latest models in the market as a whole, or peruse our luxury watch news and articles for the latest trends and designs in the luxury watch market.

3. Where can I purchase Bell & Ross watches in Malaysia

Cortina Watch is the preferred online luxury watch shop in Malaysia, offering a carefully curated selection of Bell & Ross watches. Aside from Bell & Ross, we also carry exquisite watches from renowned brands such as TAG HeuerOmega, and Breitling. Alternatively, you can also head down to any of our boutiques in Malaysia to have a look and feel of your desired watch.