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The world's first modern diving watch

The Fifty Fathoms features the main signature elements that forged the reputation of its legendary ancestor and established it as the archetypal diver’s watch. The same professionalism is apparent in the decisive design choices, dictated by a wealth of experience in the field of diving.


The purest expression of timeless elegance

Villeret models exemplify Blancpain's roots and embody its prime aesthetic choices. The purity of their lines, the clarity of their dials and the slenderness of their double-stepped cases express essentials with timeless elegance.

Featured Collection

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The Golden Jubilee Editions

Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe

The original tool watch designed for underwater adventures surfaces with a touch of sophistication.

Fifty Fathoms Collection

Fifty Fathoms

The Fifty Fathoms collection embodies Blancpain’s passion for oceans, originally expressed in 1953 with the creation of the first modern diver’s watch.

Villeret Collection


The Villeret collection reasserts Blancpain's attachment to authentic horological values and showcases the Brand's watchmaking mastery. 

Women Collection


Far from being adapted versions of men’s watches, Women timepieces are specifically developed to meet the wishes of contemporary women.

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Official Blancpain Retailer

Founded in 1735 by Jehan-Jacques Blancpain in the Swiss Jura, Blancpain is known as the world’s oldest watch brand. Loyal to its tradition of innovation and confirmed by countless horological complications invented over the years, Blancpain manufacturers are constantly pushing the boundaries of watch-making to take the art to places where it has never been before.

Modern Marques from History’s Greatest

Though Blancpain has the longest history of watch-making expertise in world history, watches from this Swiss watch company defy easy categorisation, labels, and the likes — while the company may be old, their watches are heralded by connoisseurs worldwide as innovative timepieces featuring state-of-the-art horological advancements in technology and craftsmanship. 

Blancpain watches often come with intricate horological complications that are traditionally crafted but infused with modern contemporary elements to ensure optimal performance and timeless designs. The well-earned reputation for quality and beauty inherent to Blancpain timepieces has led their watches to be highly coveted by collectors all across the globe, especially with regards to their Fifty Fathoms watch collection that was first conceptualised and manifested back in 1953. 

Today, Blancpain continues to stand at the forefront of Swiss watch-making, and consistently delivers new watch models that not only capture the essence of time itself but last and stand their notorious test through durability in builds and enduring designs. 

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Blancpain Watches for Men and Women

Though luxury watches were made mainly for men a century ago, Blancpain played a pioneering role in women’s inclusivity in the luxury watch market. Convinced that women, too, appreciate the magic and art of mechanical watches, the company went on to create the first ever self-winding wrist watch for women. Ever since, they’ve produced immaculate luxury watches for both men and women, with both classic and contemporary luxury watch options and collections fit for any professional or upstanding member of the community, no matter your gender or lifestyle. Some Blancpain watch collections we offer at Cortina Watch Malaysia include:

Blancpain’s Fifty Fathoms

The Blancpain Fifty Fathoms watch collection features modern variants of the watches they once made that were considered the first-ever modern diver’s watch. They embody Blancpain’s passion for the oceans and are highlighted by high horology, stunning casework, and in-house calibers of the best quality you can find.

Blancpain’s Air Command

The Air Command watch collection from Blancpain features vintage-styled timepieces inbuilt with Blancpain’s latest technological advances and innovations. Breathing new life into the history linking the Maison to 1950s military aviation, Blancpain’s Air Command watches sport sophisticated styling and two distinct timing modes: a countdown bezel as well as a flyback function.

Other Blancpain Watch Collections at Cortina Watch Malaysia

At Cortina Watch Malaysia, we also offer other Blancpain watch collections that are highly sought after in and beyond Malaysia. Browse our Blancpain Villeret collection and Blancpain Women collection to find the perfect Blancpain watch for you or your loved one.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Blancpain Watches

1. What makes Blancpain watches unique? 

Blancpain watches hold fast to their time-honoured standards established nearly 300 years ago, and only utilise mechanical movements with no digital components whatsoever. With fewer than 30 watches being made each day, the low-volume traditional craft techniques used to create Blancpain watches make them epitomes of high-end luxury when it comes to diving and dress watches, and the philosophies embodied in these timepieces perfectly encapsulate what luxury Swiss watches are all about. 

2. What are the most iconic Blancpain watches?

The most iconic Blancpain watches featured in our collections at Cortina Watch Malaysia include the world-renowned Fifty Fathoms collection which is revered by most as icons in the worldwide luxury watch market. 

You can also shop our other luxury watch brands for other iconic watch models, or peruse our luxury watch news and articles for the latest updates in the luxury watch market. 

3. Where can I purchase Blancpain watches in Malaysia

Cortina Watch is the preferred online luxury watch shop in Malaysia, offering a carefully curated selection of Blancpain watches. Aside from Blancpain, we also carry exquisite watches from renowned brands such as Bell & Ross, Breitling, and H. Moser & Cie. Alternatively, you can also head down to any of our boutiques in Malaysia to have a look and feel of your desired watch.