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Pivotal inventions from 1775 to present

If Breguet holds a special place in our cultural heritage, it is because its founder, A.-L. Breguet (1747-1823), set the standard by which all fine watchmaking has since been judged. Today, his heirs at Breguet still make each watch as a model of supreme horological art.


The Legacy

Breguet’s creativity and ingenuity have not dwindled over time, but have on the contrary steadily increased: witness the fact that since 1999, the list of patents registered during this recent period is now considerably longer than that of the founder’s inventions.

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Whether extra-thin models or complicated watches, Classique timepieces are all true to the technical principles, the artistry and the traditional values of the Manufacture.

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Inspired by the legendary souscription watches of Breguet, Tradition timepieces suggest both a return to the brand’s origins and a vision of its future.

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Reine de Naples

Breguet's Reine de Naples collection is inspired by an early bracelet watch A.-L. Breguet created for Bonaparte's sister Caroline, Queen of Naples.

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Marine watches are based on the traditional Breguet values, while interpreting them in a contemporary way in order to create sporty timepieces.

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Designed in the 1950s for the French naval air army, the Type XX returns to the Breguet collection in a civilian version fitted with a self-winding movement.

Breguet, the Art of Craftsmanship

The House of Breguet is one of the few to have developed internal workshops for engraving, anglage, enameling, and guillochage.

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The House of Breguet, founded in 1775, is the epitome of excellence in watchmaking and forms part of the European cultural heritage. Its creations have been owned by some of the greatest figures in history. The famous Breguet archives house the details of every watch sold since the end of the eighteenth century. Today, the artisans at the House of Breguet continue to make unique works of art that bear witness to the brand’s rich history.

Breguet Watch Collections

Breguet’s timeline is earmarked by dozens of historical events, notable individuals, and forward-thinking inventions – a reflection of the House’s enduring commitment to being at the forefront of history. Worn by personalities as illustrious and as varied as Napoléon Bonaparte, Alexandre Dumas, Sir Winston Churchill, and Jiro Asada, Breguet watches are a poignant signal of an individual’s visionary thinking and dedication to precision craftsmanship.

Each collection from the House carries this ethos in its genes, allowing Breguet to consistently push the boundaries of watchmaking standards further than ever before. The Classique collection celebrates this fidelity to the House’s traditional values and exemplifies a focus on precision, clarity, and elegant lines for enduring elegance.

Similarly, the Tradition collection honours the House’s history through its homage to the historic Breguet souscription pocket watch while adding on a contemporary twist. With skeleton watch faces, double-bordered vertical fluting, and intricate housing of the House’s latest calibers, the Tradition watches are a bold envisioning of a Breguet future that’s yet to come.

Ladies who wish to own a piece of the House’s history can look towards the
Reine de Naples collection, a series of women’s watches inspired by the original Breguet bracelet watch created for Napoleon Bonaparte’s sister Caroline, Queen of Naples. With their oval faces, thin straps, and jewel-encrusted details, each Reine de Naples timepiece is a creation suffused with feminine charm.

A sportier twist to the House’s traditions can be found in the Marine collection, which combines the functionality of a marine chronometer or diver’s watch with the design shorthand that defines a Breguet timepiece. Bearing features such as sunburst dials, luminous hour-markers, perpetual calendars, and precise in-house calibers, each of these maritime-inspired masterpieces illuminates Breguet traditions in a new light.

Those who are drawn to the simplicity of mid-century style will particularly appreciate the Type XXI, an aviation watch collection inspired by Breguet’s original 1950s designs for the French naval air army. First introduced in 2011 – making it one of the House’s newest collections – the Type XXI series is fitted with self-winding chronograph movements, flyback functions, and luminous hands, making it perfect for someone who’s constantly on the move.

Frequently Asked Questions About Breguet Watches

1. What makes Breguet watches unique?

The House of Breguet’s unique heritage is defined by its unwavering commitment to horological innovation and precise French craftsmanship. From the invention of the tourbillon in the 18th century to the patent of the magnetic pivot in 2010, Breguet is always on the lookout for new technologies to improve the precision of its watches.

2. What are the latest watch collections from Breguet?

The latest addition to Breguet’s watch collections is the
New Tradition 7047 Tourbillon Waltz released in honour of the invention of the tourbillon by House founder Abraham-Louis Breguet. Bearing the same aesthetics as the
Tradition Quantième Rétrograde 7597, this latest timepiece bears a skeleton watch face to showcase the intricate mechanisms underneath.
Find out more about the New Tradition 7047 Tourbillon Waltz.

3. Where can I purchase Breguet watches in Malaysia?

You can purchase Breguet watches from Cortina Watch’s watch shops in Malaysia. Pay a visit to any of our watch boutiques to see each timepiece in person and receive a price quote, or browse our extensive online collection of luxury watch brands for gentlemen and ladies alike.