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A Measure of Cool: When Watchmakers Collaborate, Magic Happens

Cortina Watch Tag Heuer Carrerra Porsche Feature

Watch collaborations have become prevalent in recent years. Some of the coolest designs are the result of these timely partnerships.

Rather than just forging ahead in the watchmaking industry alone, brands are partnering up. This has led to the release of unique timepieces that can capture a new fanbase and expand the existing market.

A good example is how TAG Heuer has been working with Porsche for the longest time. The endeavour brings together the worlds of precise timepieces and super-fast cars.

Zenith’s ongoing collaboration with a music DJ similarly helped combine the excitement shared between horology and showbiz.

The act can also come from within the design trade.

Consider the Breitling timepiece created together with Victoria Beckham, and you will soon realise why partnerships have become such a big trend. It underscores, that indeed, “no man is an island”.

Just think of collaborations as a dialogue within the present times, but together with the best possible partner.

Of Gears And A Sense Of Power


The TAG Heuer Carrera Chronosprint x Porsche has a retro look to it, drawing inspiration from the Porsche 911.

Cars and watches –they share a special relationship indeed, one based on impressive engineering and steadfast innovation.

Take the thrill of flooring the pedal of a Porsche and put it into a highly desirable timepiece you can strap on your wrist; it probably best describes TAG Heur’s collaborative chronograph with the iconic car company.

Referencing the Porsche 911 – a legendary car in itself, the watch has a nifty trick up its sleeve. Its central seconds hand speeds up for the initial 9.1 seconds of an elapsed minute, before slowing down to complete a full minute.

This is made possible due to non-circular gears.

Released last year, the TAG Heuer Carrera Chronosprint x Porsche celebrates 60 years of the watchmaker’s iconic Carrera collection. It is also an ode to the Porsche 911, which was introduced in 1963 (at that time known as the 901).

Take a look at the dial and you will immediately notice that it borrows design cues from the car.

Of course, the Carrera layout is there, but with grainy metallic silver or pale champagne gold dials, the watch brings to mind the 1960s or 70s Porsche 911 dashboards.

TAG Heuer and Porsche. These two icons of design, quality and innovation have journeyed in parallel since 1963. The time has come to unite on a single track,” reads the description on TAG Heuer’swebsite.

Aptly said, as both are powered by precision, plus have helped in cultivating the sporting and avant-garde spirits.

Get Your Rhythm On


Zenith’s Defy Extreme Carl Cox borrows design details from Cox’s turntables.

In 2020, Zenith joined forces with the eminent British DJ, producer and trailblazer of house music, Carl Cox, to craft a distinctive rendition of its Defy watch. Three years after that, the dynamic duo reunited for a second venture.

Introducing the Defy Extreme Carl Cox, a statement piece characterised by an audacious design and an even more exclusive production, limited to just 100 units.

Drawing inspiration from three iconic turntables pivotal in Cox’s illustrious career, Zenith unveils a masterpiece in this striking timepiece.

The case comprises a two-tone design of matte-finished stainless steel and radiant yellow gold. It marks a remarkable departure within the Defy Extreme series.

Delve deeper into the intricacies, and you will discern the subtle yet evocative touches: the matte yellow gold accents, adorning the dodecagonal bezel and pusher guards, mirror the golden hue of a turntable stylus’ arm.

Echoes of Cox’s cherished turntables reverberate through the dial too, where three sleek black chronograph counters mimic miniature vinyl records, their concentric grooves dancing with light akin to a spinning disc.

The minute track, adorned with dots, evokes the mesmerising stroboscopic effect found on the sides of Cox’s favoured turntable.

And crowning it all, the power reserve indicator at 12 o’clock is ingeniously fashioned after a turntable’s iconic on-off switch.

Speaking on this collaboration, Cox says: “I feel so honoured that Zenith has immortalised the three turntables that helped make my name within this watch.

“Beautifully done and with incredible attention to detail, the watch is a fitting tribute to something that has made dancefloors come to life all over the world from a brand that is known for its mastery of movement.”

A Measurement Of Style


Breitling’s Chronomat Automatic 36 Victoria Beckham is the result of a collaboration with fashion designer Victoria Beckham.

More recently, Breitling teamed up with a fashion designer to release a new watch collection.

The Chronomat Automatic 36 Victoria Beckham brings together Breitling’s timeless craftsmanship and the Victoria Beckham fashion house’s refined yet playful blend of feminine and masculine influences.

There are six models available, with each retaining classic Chronomat features like the metal rouleaux bracelet and raised rider tabs at the 15-minute marks. On the inside, the watches carry Breitling’s COSC-certified, self-winding Caliber 10 movement.

What sets these designs apart is the colourway inspired by Beckham’s Spring/Summer 2024 palette. From peppermint to midnight blue, dove grey and sand, they create a fresh yet sophisticated selection.

To add to the playful vibe, Beckham’s initials can be found on the tip of the second hands.

The Chronomat Automatic 36 Victoria Beckham also features a precious metal revived by Breitling exclusively for this line – a refined yellow gold.

“It has been wonderful watching Breitling’s craftsmanship and innovation come together with my ideas to create something so elegant and fresh,” Beckham states in a press release issued by Breitling.

Georges Kern, CEO of Breitling, adds: “The Chronomat is already a versatile watch with a classic form. With Victoria Beckham’s signature style, this collection is a modern, radiant expression of that timepiece.”

To further underscore the style aspect of the timepiece, Breitling even created a campaign starring fashion model Annemary Aderibigbe and shot by Italian fashion photographer Mario Sorrenti.

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