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Breguet Unveils a Sparkling New Variation with the Tradition 7035

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A result of unrivaled brilliance.

Back in 2005, the House of Breguet caused a sensation upon the revelation of the Tradition collection as it came at a time when featuring an entire movement on the dial of a timepiece was unheard of. The entirety of the Tradition series is a laudation to the most advanced art of watchmaking, all the while staying true to the history of the Maison. Every model in this stunning array are modern-day interpretations of the subscription watches designed by the founder himself, Abraham-Louis Breguet, and are especially valued for the architecture of their fully symmetrical caliber. In 2021 today, Breguet unveils a glimmering wonder to complete this iconic line – the Breguet Tradition 7035, a timepiece that gives pride of place to gem-setting.

Following the visage and technicalities of its predecessors, the novel timepiece by Breguet exhibits all the distinctive traits of the Tradition collection. Together with the offset dial, housed at 12 o’clock, the watch adopts a natural white mother-of-pearl hours chapter, that allows for a clear view of the fully-exposed movement. The 37 mm sized timepiece gleams with its ruby-set crown that weighs at approximately 0.16 ct and 68 brilliant-cut diamonds with an approximate weight of 0.819 ct on its bezel.

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The movement that powers the Tradition 7035 is the Calibre 505J, a mechanical self-winding movement that adopts 190 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 0.456 ct) on the 18 ct gold plate and bridge. For the retrograde seconds indicator, Breguet applied 2 rubies and 7 pink sapphires (approx. 0.03 ct) on the movement face. The timepiece also features a lever escapement with silicon horns and a Breguet balance spring of the same material. Surrounding the calibre sits the central barrel that is indicated by its rosette motif, by the harmoniously placed Breguet traditional bridges, wheels, pare-chute, and balance wheel.

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The House of Breguet has produced a result of unrivaled brilliance. Amalgamating the novel timepiece with an impeccable snow-setting methodology, the dial of the Tradition 7035 is gold paved with 74 brilliant-cut diamonds adorned. The dial is finished with open-tipped Breguet hands in 18 ct rose gold.

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While a leather strap in ruby-pink colour outfits the timepiece, 15 more brilliant-cut diamonds are nestled on the 18ct rose gold buckle, establishing the Breguet Tradition 7035 as a timepiece of true sparkling extraordinaire with a summation of 357 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 1.591 ct).

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Limited at 88 timepieces, the Tradition 7035 along with the whole Tradition collection, pays a vibrant tribute to the memory of Breguet, creating a link between the past and future of the Maison.

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