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Bright And Bold with The Audacious Franck Muller Vanguard Beach Collection

Cortina Watch Franck Muller Vanguard Beach Summer Green Feature

For those who carry the beach in their hearts no matter where they go, Franck Muller presents a bold new collection capturing the essence of carefree holidays and endless possibilities.

It’s sun, surf and sand galore as the House makes waves with its latest creation: the Vanguard Beach. Brightly coloured in fiery red, ocean blue, and summer green, these monochromic timepieces evoke la dolce vita with a splash of sporty chic, seamlessly blending vivid fashion- forward colours with Franck Muller’s trademark case shape.

First introduced in 2014, the Vanguard expressed a casual, sporty vibe that didn’t just explore a new facet of the brand, but also alluded to its eponymous founder’s penchant for tonneau-shaped timepieces. The watch’s curved tonneau case had a weighty presence, but remained eminently wearable thanks to its lack of lugs; these features quickly made the Vanguard popular with both seasoned connoisseurs and newcomers alike. Indeed, the collection has grown into a key pillar for Franck Muller, which the brand continues to expand upon by exploring various themes through different materials, colours, and complications.

In the latest of these, the Vanguard Beach line, Franck Muller demonstrates its mastery over both design and material engineering. Here, the material for the familiar Vanguard watch case has been carefully chosen and constructed in a glass fibre composite, which has been specially tailored to create a pattern of undulating lines reminiscent of ripples in the sand on a beach. To accomplish this, glass is first melted at 1,500°C and drawn into ultra-fine filaments, then cooled down and formed into sheets at a lower temperature of 700°. Next, these sheets are dyed in colour baths, before being layered and compressed into blocks that can be machined into watch cases.




By managing the individual steps in this process, Franck Muller precisely controls the exact hues of the Vanguard Beach, while also creating the line’s distinctive pattern. This customisation has, in turn, been meticulously matched by the dial and strap for a striking tone-on-tone look that emphasises the Vanguard’s design in three eye-catching colours, inspired by the glistening blues and greens of the sea and the fiery sunsets that paint the sky.

Unique aesthetics aside, the glass fibre composite is also a lightweight yet robust alternative to traditional case materials. At just a quarter the density of steel – with comparable mechanical strength to boot – the glass fibre composite is the perfect material for a light, durable case. This makes the Vanguard Beach suitable for every occasion of course, from coastal escapades to partying the night away. Rendering the case in this material, Franck Muller also draws parallels to glass fibre composite’s applications in sports equipment – an important aspect of the Vanguard collection’s identity. A self-winding movement with a date display and 42-hour power reserve completes the package for a timepiece that is as convenient to wear as it is versatile.

Designed to encapsulate the boundless energy of the coast in every tick, the Vanguard Beach is yet another showcase of Franck Muller’s work to push the boundaries of the Vanguard collection. The line will enrapture men and women alike, embodying the spirit of sun-soaked days and carefree moments, all while embracing the impeccable craftsmanship and functionality that the House is renowned for.


The Franck Muller Vanguard Beach in ocean blue, fiery red and summer green.

All three references, in fiery red, ocean blue and summer green, will be available exclusively across Asia Pacific.

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