Montblanc Pays Tribute to the 200th Anniversary of Time Writer......

Montblanc Pays Tribute to the 200th Anniversary of Time Writer with the Limited-Edition Star Legacy Nicolas Rieussec Chronograph

Drawing inspiration from its original, the new Montblanc Star Legacy Nicolas Rieussec Chronograph Limited Edition 200 Ref. 128674 features the distinguished functions and golden colour tones by the French watchmaker, Nicolas Rieussec.

The Rieussec Inking Chronograph Invention

The 1820s was one of the most affluent time in the life of Nicolas Mathieu, the sixth royal watchmaker to the then King of France. On September 1st, 1821, Nicolas Rieussec was present at the Champ-de-Mars Arrondissement de la Seine race in Paris to perform a testing of a “chronometer intended to consistently measure the time horses take to travel the prescribed race distances—not only the winning horse, but also all those that cross the line after it”. It worked using a fixed nib that would place a black mark on two rotating counters the moment each horse crossed the finish line. Few weeks after the event, he introduced this new invention to the country’s Academy of Sciences in Paris, having called it a “chronograph”, a name taken from the Greek “chronos” for time and “graphein” to write. Thus, the birth of the word chronograph, and Nicolas Rieussec became the inventor of the world’s first inking chronograph, marking the history of fine watchmaking.

The principle of the rotating dials was the inspiration for the design and movement of the new Montblanc Star Legacy Nicolas Rieussec Chronograph Limited Edition 200. It is also what gives the watch its appearance of what we all know today.

A Dial Design Like No Other

The sophisticated dial of the Montblanc novelty delivers a 3-dimensional effect from its composition of six different parts, all meticulously produced with considerations to the proportions of the aesthetic and horological details. The golden-coloured dial embodies a traditional guilloché grain d’orge decoration with two domed rotating chronograph discs positioned on the bottom half, a 60-elasped second on the left disc and a 30-elapsed minute on the right disc. The double hand applied in blue sits between and above the discs, recalling the application of ink in the historical system in time measurement.

At 12 o’clock, a domed white-lacquered hour circle with Roman numerals and a gold-coloured sunray finishing sits in the centre of the off-centre hour and minute display. A second time zone is elegantly displayed by a rhodium-coloured open-worked hand, while a day & night indication is positioned at 9 o’clock.

An accolade to the famed chronograph inventor, a ring with the Nicolas Rieussec and Homage 200 ans (Tribute to 200 years) inscriptions are etched on the outer part of the dial. Encompassed by a refined filet sauté guilloché decoration, the dial also bears a date at 6 o’clock with a gold window fixed with blued screws.

Designed To Reach Technical Efficiency & Aesthetics

The contemporary-shape and classic finishes of the calibre MB R200 can be admired through the sapphire crystal case back. This automatic monopusher chronograph, with the feature ergonomically positioned at 8 o’clock, spotlights a column wheel and vertical disc clutch, double barrels, and a power reserve of 72 hours. The disc clutch improves the chronograph’s start from the connection between the gear train and the chronograph’s wheels, both engaging and disengaging alternately. This mechanism prevents the elapsed time discs from jumping when the chronograph is switched on.

For this special limited edition, the oscillating weight has been made in gold-coloured with a guilloché grain d’or decoration and a special engraving with the famous date of the Champ- de-Mars Arrondissement de la Seine race done in Paris on 1st September 1821.

The transversal balance bridge highlights Geneva stripes with bevelled and polished edges. Red jewels, blued screws and gold-coated wheels also embodies the watch. The novel timepiece is housed in a 44.8 mm, round, pebble-shaped, polished stainless steel case and a domed sapphire crystal glass that surrounds the three-dimensional dial.

A brown alligator strap finishes the Montblanc Star Legacy Nicolas Rieussec Chronograph Limited Edition 200, completing the overall design of the timepiece that is limited to 200 pieces.

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