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The All-New Bulgari Aluminium

Bvlgari 2023  Alu Duo 103868 103722 Crea 002

2023 new releases and limited editions always ahead of the game

1998. More than a new watch, the first Bulgari Aluminium was a disruptive force, heralding a new contemporary universe. A singular and unexpected combination of aluminium and rubber, of audacity and reliability, of casual charm and elegance. Then, in 2020, came the mechanical self-winding movement that further secured the Bulgari Aluminium’s unmistakable identity. A timeless icon, with a universal appeal that transcends gender, age, and trends. Its influence is again being revisited in 2023 – in ways more colourful and daring than ever.

The Bulgari Aluminium is an effortlessly stylish, versatile and eminently wearable watch. The combination of Italian design flair with an unexpected coolness makes it stand out. This timepiece is a perfect embodiment of Bulgari’s Italianità.

This spring, light and colour take centre stage with three new creations to illustrate the extent to which Bulgari Aluminium is singularly in tune with our times, perfect company in life’s strong moments and most beautiful emotions:

  • Bulgari’s iconic Aluminium Chronograph is now available in an all-black version, with a new chronograph movement. The classic black-and-white version has been updated with the same calibre for a seamless transition. Both models now sport a 41mm case (a slight change compared to the previous 40mm case). In addition to its recent Red Dot Best of the Best 2023 award, it’s worth noting that the Bulgari Aluminum Chronograph also received the GPHG Iconic Watch Prize in 2020. This recognition further confirms the watch’s outstanding design, iconic status and cool edgy vibe.
  • The Capri Edition is a limited series that celebrates the beauty and allure of the fabled Italian island, with a dial in a rich, Mediterranean shade of blue reminiscent of the mythical Italian summer, evoking the vibrant hues of Capri’s glittering waters and sky. A personalised caseback is engraved with the Faraglioni of Capri, the three towering rock formations that have become an iconic emblem of the island’s natural beauty.
  • The Match Point Edition is a limited series designed for tennis enthusiasts and all lovers of a sporty lifestyle, in green, with a left-hand crown, a Velcro® strap for maximum comfort, and a tennis ball engraving on the caseback.

The light is warm and beautiful, heralding an exceptional day. A penetrating gaze into the distance, another subtle glance towards the hand. Then the gesture, more accurate than fast, more determined than powerful, more elegant than technical… Are we talking about an athlete in action? Is it simply someone strolling down a shopping street? A mysterious individual leaning on the edge of a summer terrace? What is certain is that this watch forges its owner’s confidence and distinction, whatever the time and place, and makes them part of a way of being where limits become blurred, and where energies shine with undeniable style.

Black Or White: A New Chronograph

Bulgari Aluminium Chronograph in Black Ref. 103868 and White Ref. 103722

Bulgari Aluminium Chronograph in Black Ref. 103868 and White Ref. 103722

In 1998, the Bulgari Aluminium caused a sensation with its daring design, off-white dial and bold black sub-counters. In 2020, the brand relaunched this iconic timepiece, in a design that remained faithful to the original one and has stood the test of time. Building upon its expertise in mechanical movements, cutting-edge construction techniques, and premium materials, Bulgari has thoroughly reimagined the watch, incorporating impressive features such as aerospace-grade 6028-aluminium alloy and FKM rubber – the most durable rubber used in watchmaking. A new version of this watch, designed to look equally chic with a stylish suit or an edgy outfit, is being launched this spring. Featuring a new chronograph movement and a slightly larger case size (41mm instead of 40), the Bulgari Aluminium is now available in two striking design options. The first centres around the iconic black-and-white dial, which has been updated with the new calibre. The second sports an all-black dial, adding an extra touch of sophistication to this already stunning timepiece.

The model features a sleek aluminium case with a titanium caseback, treated with DLC for added durability and scratch resistance. The black rubber bezel carrying the double logo gives a sportier touch to this model, which is water-resistant up to 100m. The black or white dial features black counters, while the hands and indexes are luminescent, providing a clear and legible display, even in low light. The mechanical self-winding movement B381, with a chronograph and date functions, ensures precision timekeeping. The crown and chronograph pushers in DLC-coated titanium add an extra layer of durability and style to the watch’s design. Undoubtedly one of the most iconic features of the Bulgari Aluminium is its black rubber bracelet, which perfectly blends style and comfort with its innovative design and meticulous construction. The aluminium-link bracelet pays further tribute to Bulgari’s commitment to quality and innovation, and the aluminium pin buckle ensures a secure and comfortable fit for the wearer.

Blue: Capri Edition

Bulgari Aluminium Watch Ref. 103382, Bulgari Aluminium Special Editions Capri Solotempo Ref. 103815 and Capri Chronograph Ref. 103844

Bulgari Aluminium Watch Ref. 103382, Bulgari Aluminium Special Editions Capri Solotempo Ref. 103815 and Capri Chronograph Ref. 103844

Take a step back in time and experience the spirit of Bulgari’s 80s era with the Bulgari Aluminium watch. The bay of Naples and the unique, fascinating blue of the Tyrrhenian Sea. This visual sensation alone would be enough to tell the story of Capri, were it not for the long history of glamour and jet-set lifestyle that confer mythical status to this beautiful island. Evoking Capri and its famous Faraglioni means celebrating Italy and its characteristic lifestyle, which is exactly what the Bulgari Aluminium Capri Edition does, while also naturally paying tribute to the brand’s Italian roots. This new limited series featuring the evanescent depth of Tyrrhenian blue, available in a Solotempo (time and date) and a chronograph version, is a perfect blend of the sublime and excellence, of coolness and precision.

The two versions, each in a limited edition of 1000 pieces, feature a shaded blue dial with luminescent hands and indexes in a 40mm aluminium case. The personalised caseback with the engraving depicting Capri’s Faraglioni adds a touch of exclusivity and elegance to the watch. Water resistant to 100 metres, it is perfect for those who love to explore both land and sea.

The Bulgari Aluminium Capri Chronograph, powered by the reliable mechanical self-winding calibre B130, features the start/stop and reset pushers on either side of the crown. The Capri Solotempo model offers accurate timekeeping with a calibre B77 mechanical automatic movement, which also features a date display. The rubber bracelet with aluminium links, and aluminium pin buckle allow for a comfortable fit on the wrist.

The Capri Edition models come in a packaging that perfectly complements the watch’s design, featuring a beautiful blue shading.

Green: Match Point Edition

Bulgari Aluminium Match Point Edition Ref. 103854

Bulgari Aluminium Match Point Edition Ref. 103854

With a sporty allure and always game to follow you in your favourite leisure pursuits, the Bulgari Aluminium’s casual style and modern aesthetic consistently holds a special appeal among tennis enthusiasts. The Match Point Edition coming out this year is a special nod to the community. Recognisable by its green colour and intended to be worn not only in the clubhouse, but also on the court, it also ensures maximum comfort on the wrist thanks to its Velcro® strap and left-hand crown.

The white dial is accented with green luminescent hands and indexes with a yellow luminescent dot. The personalised caseback features a tennis ball engraving, adding a unique touch to this limited edition of only 800 pieces. The packaging of this sporty timepiece is as unconventional as the watch itself: utilizing the same material and colour, it evokes a tennis ball. The yellow is the same as on the dots above the hour markers and on the seconds hand.

The mechanical movement with automatic winding and date, the B77 calibre, ensures precise timekeeping along with a comfortable 42-hour power reserve.

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