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The Patek Philippe Aquanaut Takes the Spotlight with 7 New Variations

14 2021 Pp Aquanaut

As production of the beloved Nautilus Ref. 5711/1A enters its final leg in 2021, Patek Philippe amps up its Aquanaut collection with 7 new styles for men and women.

While the most coveted of Nautilus models, the Ref. 5711, takes a final bow this year, all hopes and dreams have in turn landed on its younger sibling – the Aquanaut. Introduced more than 20 years after the Nautilus to reel in a younger clientele, the Aquanaut was, at its core, a fresher, more dynamic spin on the cult classic that would push the concept of a luxury sports watch even further in terms of versatility. In a departure from its forebearer, it dispensed the hallmark “ears” for a cleaner profile, doubled down on legibility with large Arabic numerals, thicker hands and a more pronounced luminescent coating, and lastly, incorporated straight lugs that would accommodate a trendy composite rubber strap.

Without a doubt, the Aquanaut has skyrocketed in popularity and come into its own in the last decade with compelling colourways such as the steel chronograph Ref. 5968A and other significant innovations, particularly the Advanced Research Ref. 5650. Now, Patek Philippe has rolled out a pair of Aquanaut Chronographs in 18K white gold, and a range of Aquanaut Luce watches, including a new Travel Time model.

Aquanaut Chronograph In White Gold (Ref. 5968G)

First introduced in steel with a grey dial and bright orange accents in 2018, the Aquanaut Chronograph is now available in white gold with more classic and versatile dial colours – midnight blue (Ref. 5968G-001) or khaki green (Ref. 5968G-010) – along with coordinated composite straps.

10 2021 Pp Aquanaut 300x200

The Aquanaut in white gold with a khaki green (Ref. 5968G-010) and midnight blue dial Ref. 5968G-001)

The midnight blue model is no doubt the cult colour of the brand and features a smoked finish, while the khaki green version has a stark matte finish, which only enhances the fundamental, adventurous character of the watch. The dial carries the iconic embossed chequerboard motif, with applied numerals and hands in white gold.

Pp 5968g 001 Press 240x300

The quintessential blue smoked dial is marked by applied numerals and hands in solid white gold.

The hands and indices are filled with luminescent coatings that appear to be of slightly different hues in daylight – pure white on the midnight-blue dial and a greenish white on the khaki-green.

Pp 5968g 010 Det 19070 300x200

The hands, numerals and indices are all filled with SuperLuminova luminescent coating for utmost legibility.

Depth-rated to 120 m, the case measures 42.2 mm wide, making it larger than the Nautilus Chronograph Ref. 5980 – a reflection of the brand’s positioning of the Aquanaut as the sportier collection in Patek Philippe’s catalogue. The finishing on the case is meticulous and everything we have come to expect from Patek Philippe. It features contrasting satin-brushed and polished surfaces across the bezel, case band and pushers, further enhancing the strength of its design.

Pp 5968g 010 Det 18716 300x200

The case is impeccably finished with alternating satin-brushed and polished surfaces.

What distinguishes the Ref. 5968 from other Patek Philippe chronographs, and from many other chronographs in the market is the single elapsed minute counter at six o’clock. While it is powered by the same calibre CH 28-520 C found in the Nautilus Ref. 5980, the co-axial hour counter has been omitted for a cleaner look.

Pp 5968g 010 Det 19075 300x200

The chronograph features a lone 60-minute counter in a rounded octagonal shape echoing the bezel.

The calibre CH 28-520 C/528 is an automatic flyback chronograph movement with both a column wheel and vertical clutch. As is characteristic of chronographs with a single totaliser, it lacks an active running seconds as well. A vertically coupled chronograph movement, however, is particularly suited for such a design as it facilitates the use of the chronograph seconds as the actual running seconds without any impact on amplitude. This is because vertical clutches are of a co-axial structure, which in turn generates friction when the chronograph is not in use, as the fourth wheel would be rotating independently. Thus, keeping the chronograph seconds running minimises wear.

Additionally, the movement incorporates Patek Philippe’s proprietary free-sprung Gyromax balance wheel that is attached to a Spiromax hairspring.

Pp 5968g 001 Det 19186 300x200

The cal. CH 28-520 C/528 is fitted with the signature Gyromax balance with its characteristic turnable weights.

Aquanaut Luce In A New Size (Ref. 5268/200R & Ref. 5267/200A)

The more significant refresh, however, is over in the women’s line-up. The brand has strengthened its Aquanaut Luce collection with five new designs in a larger case size of 38.8 mm (up from 35.6 mm). All these models are characterised by a diamond-set bezel, hence the name “Luce”, meaning “light” in Italian.

13 2021 Pp Aquanaut 300x200

The Aquanaut Luce in 5 new variations, all in a larger case size of 38.8 mm.

The first is the Aquanaut Luce Automatic in rose gold (Ref. 5268/200R), which features a matte white dial with applied numerals, and hands in solid rose gold. Visible through the sapphire case back is the calibre 26-330 S C, the same slim automatic movement found in the Ref. 5711, featuring a hacking function and a power reserve of up to 45 hours.

04 2021 Pp Aquanaut 300x200

The Aquanaut Luce in rose gold (Ref. 5268/200R) is powered by an automatic movement.

The new quartz-powered Aquanaut Luce in stainless steel comes in three new tyles: in black (Ref. 5267/200A-001), matte-white (Ref.5267/200A- 010) or khaki green (Ref.  5267/200A-011). All the dials are marked by white-gold Arabic numerals and hands. The numerals are filled with luminescent coating except for the matte-white version; instead it features blackened white-gold numerals for greater legibility in daylight. In the same vein, the white gold model also sports a matching black date disc. Hidden behind a solid case back is the E 23-250 S C quartz movement, which has been finished to the same exacting standards as its mechanical counterparts.

12 2021 Pp Aquanaut 300x200

A trio of quartz-powered Aquanaut Luce models rendered in stainless steel.

The upsizing of the case to 38.8 mm is a much welcomed move and is arguably the most comfortable and universal size, being large enough for men to wear and small enough for women who have been bitten by the oversize watch bug. More importantly, it also strengthens the sporty nature of the Aquanaut, which when juxtaposed with a flash of diamonds, further exemplifies the modern concept of a luxury sports watch.

Rituals Photography 0782 F2a 240x300

The Aquanaut Luce is a universally flattering fit on all wrists.

Aquanaut Luce Travel Time (Ref. 5269/200R)

The final Aquanaut Luce model incorporates a new quartz movement with a dual-time-zone function. A first for the brand, the E 23-250 S FUS 24H movement combines a quartz base with a dual-time-zone mechanism, which has been reworked to be controlled by a clutch-pinion that activates hand-setting. This allows the case to do away with pushers for a sleeker, more discreet look.

05 2021 Pp Aquanaut 300x200

The Aquanaut Luce Travel Time boasts a new dual-time quartz movement, with a local and home time function.

The watch features a pair of central hour hands – a hollowed hand for home time and a solid, luminescent-filled hand for local time. Local time is set when the crown is pulled out to the first position, whereas home time can be adjusted with the crown in the second position. Additionally, it also features a discreet day-and-night indicator at six o’clock which can be used in tandem with the second time-zone function. It corresponds to the home time, showing if it is AM or PM back at home. When homebound, the both hour hands can be superimposed to appear as a single hand.

Pp 5269 200r 001 Det 39684 300x200

Visible at 6 o’clock is a day-and-night indicator that corresponds to home time.

One appreciable difference in this model is that it is equipped with a non-screw-down crown to facilitate seamless use of the dual-time-zone function. This means that the crown can be instantly pulled out to the first position to adjust local time. Consequently, the case is water-resistant to 60 m instead of the usual 120 m.

Pp 5269 200r 001 Det 39911 240x300

The case features a non-screw down crown for seamless operation.

The case of the Ref. 5269/200R is rendered in rose gold, measuring in at 38.8 mm. Like the other Aquanaut Luce models, the bezel is adorned with 48 brilliant-cut diamonds, which offers a striking contrast to its more subdued, matte dial. It features a solid case back, as is the case with all quartz models, and is fitted with a composite matte white strap that perfectly matches the dial.

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