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TAG Heuer Releases the Newly Enhanced Connected Watch

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The pioneer of luxury smartwatches, TAG Heuer, gives the Connected ecosystem a massive boost.

What was once considered a gizmo, smartwatches are now indispensable devices to many who rely upon for daily convenience. Be it asking for direction, or shuffling the playlist, or checking the amount of calories burnt, everything can be done with a swipe of the finger or by voice command. It is that simple and herein lies the magic of smartwatches.

It is, however, TAG Heuer that truly elevated the game. It is no longer just about work, leisure, convenience or the latest technology. Now in its third generation, and while the Connected series fulfills all that, it is more than that. The Connected series is about luxury and craftsmanship that doesn’t pale in comparison to mechanical wonders. It is also about integration, converging all the facets of your life. It is about enriching your life and therefore the ecosystem built around the watch matters as much as the watch itself.

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Even though the Connected Golf Edition and the third-generation Connected Watch run on Google’s Wear OS, the Connected mobile app works seamlessly on iOS and Android.

It is an important aspect TAG Heuer understands completely. With the latest enhancement, the Connected series – Connected watch or Connected Golf Edition – is making the ownership experience holistic. Just how holistic? Let’s explore at length below.

Improve your game with the Connected Golf Edition

Thank goodness for the roll-out of Covid vaccines as golfers across the country can stroll onto the greens safely and put those clubs to work after a brief hiatus. That is not the only good news for your next round of 18 holes, however, as TAG Heuer’s Connected Golf Edition gets an expansive upgrade that will instantly make you a better golfer in the form of improved mapping and an innovative club recommendation tool.

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The TAG Heuer Golf app presently houses accurate, up-to-date maps of over 40,000 courses around the world accessible by any player.

Well loved by the golfing community for its comprehensive visuals, the Connected Golf Edition has always come in handy with its unique 2D mapping technology displayed on the watch and further complemented with realistic 3D courses on the phone. TAG Heuer is now bringing more realism to both platforms, where the 2D map on the watch receives enhanced details including trees to help golfers navigate the challenging course with greater ease, while the mobile application on Android and iOS is augmented with richer textures and assets, ranging from water to trees and more.

You are only as proficient a player if you know the right tool to deploy in each circumstance. With that in mind, the Connected Golf Edition takes on the role of a coach by recommending the appropriate club as the player moves across from hole to hole. It is a function that can be turned off in a competitive environment where such aid is forbidden.

The revamped app makes scorekeeping effortless, enabling the visualisation of the score in stroke play, stableford or match play. The new built-in Bluetooth connection allows for faster and smoother synchronisation between the Connected Golf Edition and smartphones. The enriched overall experience does not stop at the game as the app is capable of learning from data input by the player, where more players record their shots, the better the club recommendation becomes.

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If you feel adventurous, straps in a plethora of colours and styles can be procured separately, including red, orange, blue and more.

Encased within an ultra-lightweight 45mm black titanium case, the Connected Golf Edition exemplifies TAG Heuer’s pursuit of excellence. Featuring a refined finishing and ergonomic design reflecting the brand’s famous chronographs, the thought process and craftsmanship behind the Connected watch are on equal levels with the brand’s long-standing offerings. This is evident in the matte black ceramic bezel adorned with 18 engraved and lacquered graduations, which serve as a reference for the performance at each hole. It is complete with a state-of-the-art, custom-designed digital experience aiming to deliver unparalleled performance.

Catering to avid golfers, the Connected Golf Edition is delivered with a dedicated travel pouch and golf accessory box. You will find the watch is paired with a special white rubber strap with green stitching, alongside an extra black perforated rubber alternative. Swapping between both straps requires only a single clip motion thanks to an interchangeable bracelet system.

Stay fit with the Connected Watch

Fret not non-golfers. The third-generation Connected Watch is now a better lifestyle companion as TAG Heuer has added a new Wellness feature to its digital ecosystem, thus helping you stay fit and informed of any activity you choose to embark on.

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Apart from the Connected Golf Edition and the third-generation Connected watch, TAG Heuer also offers the summer-inspired edition. It is perfect for the Malaysian weather, don’t you think?

At a glance, the Connected Watch displays daily activities (number of steps), exercise intensity (time spent each week doing moderate to vigorous exercise), the level of effort perceived by the body (real-time and continuous heart rate monitoring), and the quantified impact of the exercise (calories burned).

For a more comprehensive breakdown, head over to the accompanying Connected mobile application, which is now enhanced with the exclusive Wellness feature that tracks your biometrics throughout the day. The app includes two daily goals and one weekly summary and breaks down the important information to enable you to understand just how each activity is beneficial to you. Aiming to help you stay in shape or get to that elusive goal, it also tracks your progress over a period of time.

The third-generation Connected watch comes in 45mm stainless steel or titanium cases echoing the design language of TAG Heuer’s mechanical watches. This includes facetted lugs, types of finishing, a

graduated ceramic bezel and a central rotating crown flanked by two functional pushers. On top of that, you have a choice between an enduring stainless-steel bracelet or a sporty rubber strap.

Connected Watch or Connected Golf Edition

Or both? Decisions, decisions, decisions. Whether it is the Connected Watch or Connected Golf Edition, both watches are highly specialised to cater to your specific needs, but at the same time, they are also unbelievably versatile as day-to-day companions. You could be wearing the Connected Watch anytime, anywhere and switch over to the Connected Golf Edition for a day out at the country club.

Irrespective of which edition you may gravitate towards, you are rest assured that the Connected series is at the forefront of technology. The watch houses the latest sensors and technological enhancements powered by Google’s Wear OS. They range from an ultra-legible OLED touchscreen protected by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, to an optimised all-day battery that powers GPS, audio streaming, heart rate monitoring and Google services. Not to mention, it is water resistant to 5 ATM and can be fully recharged expeditiously with a magnetic battery charger.

How the Connected series has evolved… and raised the bar

While mechanical watches may be somewhat confined by what they can offer – reined in by factors such as physics that govern the mechanism and the fidelity to history that ensures consistency and continuity within a collection – for smartwatches unbound by tradition, the possibility is endless. It is a blank canvas on which a brand can push the imagination to new horizons. As a pioneer of luxury smartwatches, TAG Heuer understands that the world of wearable technology is its oyster. Each time a new generation of the Connected Watch is unveiled or a new functionality is incorporated into the Connected app, TAG Heuer is leading horology enthusiasts and consumers seeking a lifestyle companion into an uncharted territory.

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The Connected Golf Edition and the third-generation Connected Watch are evidence of TAG Heuer’s avant-garde spirit.

Such enterprising spirit is ingrained within the brand. TAG Heuer was among the earliest brands to invent the integrated automatic chronograph movement. The Monaco, famous for its inseparable association with the legendary Steve McQueen, was the world’s first water-resistant square case chronograph. More recently, the Carrera Heuer 02-T became the most accessible Swiss tourbillon chronograph.

TAG Heuer exuded daring in 2015 when it became one of the earliest adopters of luxury smartwatches when it debuted the first generation of the Connected watch in Carrera-style case. It was, however, the revolutionary option of which the collector could exchange the Connected watch for a TAG Heuer Carrera with a traditional mechanical movement that took everyone by surprise.

In 2017, TAG Heuer once again broke new ground with the Connected Modular series in which collectors could mix and match their watches. The bezel of the watch could be diamonds set, titanium or ceramic and more, also available in a kaleidoscope of colours. There were more than 50 varied looks in total. Beyond which was yet another progressive idea of which the wearer could switch the smartwatch module to a mechanical module, such as the time-and-date Calibre 5 and the Carrera Heuer 02-T.

TAG Heuer shows it is fully committed to enrich the ecosystem of the Connected Watch with the latest enhancement. And now in its third generation, the Connected Watch is truly realising its potential as the one luxury, modern lifestyle companion you deserve.

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