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Tudor 2021 New Releases Features a Series of Innovative Materials

Taupe Is Such A Unique Colour And In Combination With The Silver Case Makes This Watch Truly Something Special 8

Devoted to the classics yet rejecting the status quo. These Tudor Watches aim to push the boundaries of what’s new.

No risk, no reward.

With nearly a hundred years of heritage to the Tudor name, it is a brand that is as storied as they come. In its repertoire, it has watches that have a long withstanding history with the French Navy, conquered the cold during the British North Greenland Expedition, and even created a prototype for the US Navy. However, far from resting on its laurels, Tudor is a brand that continues to innovate, and in the modern era, it represents a brand that takes risks. A true celebration of the #BornToDare spirit.

Case in point, over the last few months, Tudor has launched watches with unique case materials unlike anything we have seen from the brand thus far. Today, we explore these Tudor watches that offer their customers an alternative to the traditional wristwatch.

The Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight 925

Just a couple of months ago, Tudor released a new Black Bay with an unorthodox case material – the 925 silver. To this day, the exact composition of the silver alloy that the case is made of is still kept a secret. What has been made known is that the material gleams with an almost incandescent brilliance.

Taupe Is Such A Unique Colour And In Combination With The Silver Case Makes This Watch Truly Something Special 5 300x300

Taupe is a unique colour and combined with the silver case, makes this watch truly something special.

To top it all off, the watch is paired with a taupe dial that extends to its bezel. This dark grey-brown colour is also one that is not usually seen in watchmaking and when paired with the silver, transform the Black Bay into something truly unique. Additionally, this watch represents one of the first in the Black Bay Fifty-Eight collection to offer an open caseback allowing for an unencumbered look at the calibre MT5400 movement within.

Taupe Is Such A Unique Colour And In Combination With The Silver Case Makes This Watch Truly Something Special 6 300x300

Tudor offers an open caseback allowing fans to see the in-house movement within.

The Tudor Black Bay Ceramic

Ceramic can often be construed as the polar opposite of traditional metals like stainless steel or gold as it requires a lot of technological innovation to be created, shaped and finished. It is a material prized for its hardness and scratch resistance, yet it is the same properties offered that makes it so hard to work with.

The Ceramic Case Is Virtually Scratchproof And As A Bonus Is Also Hypoallergenic 3 300x300

The ceramic case is virtually scratchproof and as a bonus is also hypoallergenic.

For the Black Bay Ceramic, Tudor offers a watch cased in matte ceramic. Astonishingly, Tudor has managed to offer a case that has sand-blasted surfaces with bevelled edges, mirror-polished for a striking finish. On top of that, the ceramic bezel insert even comes with a sunray satin finish for an incredibly striking aesthetic. The Black Bay Ceramic is the first watch in Tudor’s collection to offer a Master Chronometer certification by METAS.

The Ceramic Case Is Virtually Scratchproof And As A Bonus Is Also Hypoallergenic 1 300x300

In addition to the benefits of ceramic, it also gives the watch an undeniably modern aesthetic.

The Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight 18k

For watches, the combination of yellow gold and green is one that has been tried and tested throughout the decades. Tudor, however, still manages to put their own unique spin on it as they offer a gold case for the very first time on a diver’s watch.

Tudor Black Bay Fifty Eight 18k 1 300x300

This watch represents the very first Black Bay Fifty-Eight to come in a gold case adding to its status as a precious object.

The case of this new Black Bay Fifty-Eight is crafted out of 18k yellow gold and is accompanied by a dial and bezel in a rich “golden green” tone. The goal was to create a watch that can be hailed as a precious object while still preserving the brand’s legacy as a robust tool watch. The solution was to give the yellow gold case an entirely satin-finished for a matt effect thus giving it a look of understated and subtle luxury.

Tudor Black Bay Fifty Eight 18k 2 300x300

With the matt finished case, the watch looks right at home even when paired with a more casual fabric strap.

As with the Black Bay Fifty-Eight 925, this watch is also one of the first in the collection to offer an open caseback giving the wearer a look at the MT5400 calibre within. The movement is a COSC certified chronometer but follows an even stricter standard of a -2/+4 seconds’ variation as opposed to the standard -4/+6 set by COSC.

The Tudor Black Bay GMT One

Before you get your hopes up, we must state outright that there is and will be only one of this watch that will ever exist. The watch is a piece unique, made for Only Watch 2021, a biennial charity auction of luxury timepieces for research into Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

This Unique Combination Will Be The Only One Of Its Kind In The World 3 300x225

As cool as this looks, there will only ever be one of it in the world.

This Black Bay GMT watch from Tudor comes in a standard stainless steel case but completed with specially finished case, bracelet and movement, unlike anything you have ever seen. The stainless-steel ageing process is kept secret by Tudor and the only clue shared is that it is performed using a barrel tumbling technique. To make the watch even more impressive, even the bridges and rotor of the movement is finished with the same treatment making the watch a marvel to behold from literally every angle. Not forgetting that it is also Master Chronometer certified by METAS.

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