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These New Tudor GMTs Will Rekindle Your Lust for Travel

Cortina Watch Tudor 2021 S38 10208

The Black Bay GMT S&G and Black Bay Pro combine functionality, nostalgia and style in a package that is incredibly hard to resist.

After a long two-year hiatus, borders have reopened and people are traveling freely again. Just in time for the renewed vigour of the travel industry, Tudor has introduced two new GMT watches – the Black Bay GMT S&G and the Black Bay Pro – that are perfect companions for avid travellers.

Both these new references come with the coveted GMT complication, which allows the tracking of different time zones. These GMTs first gained widespread popularity in the early 1950s among pilots who frequently flew across multiple time zones. Today, the GMT is considered more of a luxury instead of a necessity. However, for Tudor, it remains important to celebrate the heritage of this complication. Thus, for their latest releases, they look to the past to create two new references that will surely be the impetus one needs to pack a bag and set off on a new journey.

For those who enjoy the glamour of airline travel, the two-tone Black Bay GMT S&G is a perfect blend of sportiness and sophistication. However, for those who see travel as a gateway to new adventures, the Black Bay Pro represents a great tool watch to put on.

Come Fly With Me

Cortina Watch Tudor M79833mn 0001 Black 72063 Ff Rvb 240x300

The combination of steel and gold, together with its riveted bracelet, adds to the sophistication of the Tudor Black Bay GMT S&G.

Regardless of design, steel and gold two-tone watches have a vintage look to them, and the Tudor Black Bay GMT S&G is no different. Adding a black and brown colour profile on the bezel, this reference exudes a unique warmth when put on the wrist. Playing upon its nostalgic value, the Black Bay GMT S&G is also paired with a bezel in anodised aluminium, a material that has largely been replaced with ceramic in modern times.

Cortina Watch Tudor 2021 S38 10142 300x214

Swapping out the bracelet for a leather strap alters the look of the watch altogether.

The two-tone design of the 41mm watch bears a luxurious, stylish appeal, and can easily upgrade any outfit. With their solid builds and pristine finishes, the Black Bay GMT S&G also leaves a great impression and make you stand out in the most interesting way possible. For frequent travellers, the ability of the movement to instantly jump the date to the previous day when adjusting the time backwards past midnight is a subtle yet highly practical technical detail.

Exploring The Unknown

Cortina Watch Tudor 2021 S386144 300x214

At 39mm the watch sits smaller and less clunky on the wrist, exactly what you would expect from a tool watch.

1950s was also a time for exploration and for Tudor, 1952 was the year that thirty explorers embarked on the British North Greenland Expedition to study Arctic ice – with each of them sporting a Tudor on their wrist. Embodying this spirit of adventure, the Tudor Black Bay Pro has been designed as a tool watch capable of withstanding the harsh elements of the wilds, while tracking both local and home time.

Cortina Watch Tudor 2021 S38 10629 300x300

The fixed steel bezel gives the watch an added level of legibility and reliability.

Measuring 39mm in stainless steel, every element of the watch is designed to be functional and legible. The crown has been reworked to offer maximum grip and is set flush to the middle case band so that the tube is not visible. To boost legibility, the applied hour markers are monobloc luminous ceramic as opposed to traditional markers that are usually metal coated with luminescent material. Thanks to the steel outer bezel and the contrasting yellow GMT hand, the wearer can also easily read the second time zone.

Cortina Watch Tudor 2021 S38 10550 300x150

The luminous ceramic offers far better legibility in the dark.

Beneath The Dial

The Tudor-developed Calibre MT5652 movement powers both these GMT watches. Demonstrating a unique development process, these movements were built on adaptable architecture capable of incorporating new functions into their manufactured movements, instead of relying on additional modules. What this means is that the GMT function is built into the movement and not a separate add-on. Although this may mean little for the casual wearer, this will make a world of difference to watch purists.

The MT5652 is Chronometer certified by the COSC which allows for a deviation of –4/+6 seconds daily. However, Tudor takes their testing one step further, ensuring each of these watches will perform to a precision level of –2/+4 seconds daily deviation before leaving the manufacture in Switzerland. As for the power reserve, the MT5652 hits the sweet spot of about 70 hours making it weekend-proof. This means that even if you put the watch down on a Friday, it will still be keeping time when you pick it up again on Monday.

Cortina Watch Tudor M79833mn 0004 M79470 0002 Black Fabric Black Ff Rvb 300x214

Tudor offers fabric straps, which are softer and more comfortable than most NATO-inspired fabric straps in the market.

Metal Bracelet, Brown Leather Strap, or Fabric Strap

Both the Black Bay GMT S&G and the Black Bay Pro are available in three strap offerings. For the purist, bracelets are available in steel and gold on the Black Bay GMT S&G, and a steel bracelet on the Black Bay Pro. For a rugged look, the Black Bay GMT S&G is also available with a “Terra di Siena” brown leather strap with folding clasp and safety catch. The Black Bay Pro also comes with a fabric-like hybrid strap in rubber and black leather with a folding clasp. For comfort on the wrist, both GMTs are available in soft and comfortable fabric straps, woven in France on traditional 19th century Jacquard looms. In 2010, Tudor became one of the first watchmaking brands to offer these type of fabric straps with its products. Since then, it has become one of the hallmarks of the brand.

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