Faster, Sleeker, Sportier than ever

Zenith accompanies those who are always on the move towards achieving their dreams with an equally fast-paced chronograph: the new Chronomaster Sport collection, capable of measurements with an accuracy of 1/10th of a second.


New Extremes with bold new Additions

Zenith continues to push the limits of performance and design to the extreme for the trailblazers who forge their own path and leave a mark on time with the DEFY EXTREME, an all-terrain 1/100th of a second chronograph.

Collection of the Month


Chronomaster Sport

A versatile chronograph in a modern yet inherently Zenith design endowed with an evolved El Primero calibre capable of measuring 1/10th of a second.


Defy Extreme

Bigger, bolder and resolutely futuristic and built for the elements taking the El Primero 21 1/100th of a second chronograph to uncharted territories.

Rebirth of a Legend - The Chronomaster Sport

Faster, sleeker and sportier with an evolved El Primero Calibre measuring 1/10th of a second.

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Passing on ancestral skills in order to forge the future, Zenith is here to fulfil the destiny of being a fine watchmaking Swiss horologue manufacturer that’s consistently driven by bravery, authenticity and passion since 1865.

Zenith: The Luxury Swiss Tradition

Zenith watches go as far back as 1865 when George Favre-Jacot first started making his own watches under his name. Before he made his workshop in Le Locle, Switzerland, he was an apprentice watchmaker, learning all he could from his mentors. He was as young as 22 when he went out on his own.

Favre-Jacot paid close attention to what American brands were doing, specifically, Elgin and Waltham. He integrated similar operations to make watchmaking more affordable while sticking to his own designs. With this new innovation underway, he renamed the company Zenith.

Exquisite Luxury Watch Collections

There are a few Zenith watch collections that stand out from other brands. The Defy range has been cast as the ‘future of tradition’, with gyroscope mechanisms that appear to defy gravity. They have retro-futuristic designs with stunning forms you won’t be able to mistake for a different brand.

The Zenith Chronomaster collection is available in varying colors and designs, with the option of the original, sport or revival selections. It has a tri-color feature, which is the brand’s signature. The El Primero movement makes this collection a legend in itself.

If you’re looking for sophistication, turn to the Zenith Elite collection. The watches represent elegance with an ergonomic design. The proportions and curves look stunning on any wrist, making it a comfortable fit. The face and hands have the classic timepiece appearance, with dauphine hands and sunburst patterns.

Find Your Match with Zenith Watches in Malaysia

With so many collections available with exquisite designs, you’ll find the best Zenith watch prices in Malaysia with Cortina Watch. Scroll through the Chronomaster, Defy, Elite, and Pilot collections to see which one caters to your taste.

When you visit any of our boutiques in Malaysia, you’ll be treated to an exclusive experience that makes it a time well spent. Our professional boutique specialists will bring you through a journey of discovering more about the Zenith brand and the various luxury and quality watches in its line-up.

Frequently Asked Questions About Zenith Watches

1. What makes Zenith watches unique?

There are three aspects of Zenith watches that make them unique. The first is the El Primero movement, which is the first time an integrated automatic chronograph was ever developed. It’s still a signature of the brand and the brand has also won several awards for its precision. Finally, it’s one of the most durable watch brands available in the world.

Browse Zenith watches at Cortina Watch or buy from our online store.

2. What are the latest collections?

Zenith has several top collections, namely, Elite, Defy, Pilot, and Chronomaster. Each one has its own unique trait that sets it apart from the others, ensuring that it caters to a specific taste. Some are designed for comfort and flexibility, while others aim for the classic appearance versus the modern look.

For example, the Defy 21 Ultraviolet is a flashy timepiece with an extravagant violet strap and steel-grey titanium case, and is suitable for those looking for more adventurous styles.

3. Where can I buy Zenith watches in Malaysia?

Cortina Watch has several store locations in Kuala Lumpur and Penang where you can buy Zenith watches. You can browse our online store for the collections we have in stock, or contact our boutiques if you’re looking for something specific. Feel free to compare our Zenith watch prices for the best match to your taste.