Discover Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe introduces three new versions of its most iconic chronographs with added complications.

Discover Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe introduces three new versions of its most iconic chronographs with added complications.

A colourful performance in the diving world

The HydroConquest line is dedicated to men and women looking for a high performance timepiece that combines technical innovation and elegance. Longines now extends this line with new models in bright colours.


Discover Patek Philippe
2021 New Models

Introducing the Patek Philippe Ref. 5236P-001 In-Line Perpetual Calendar

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Grasp The Luxury Of Time: Quality Watches For Men & Women

How To Choose A Watch

Luxury watches are the best companions for a lifetime. Ensure you’ve picked the right one to suit your taste and preferences. Given the wide variety of high-end options and designer brands available in Malaysia, here are some quick tips for you to select the ideal watch.

Deciding On Men’s Luxury Watches

Luxury watches for men often serve up a broad complexing menu with different functions that can be overwhelming to consider. So which should you go for? It ultimately boils down to fit, budget and occasion, on top of your requirement that calls for certain functions such as a Dual Time watch for a frequent traveller. For a start, the slimmer your wrist, the smaller the case diameter should be – you want to own the watch, not let it swallow you whole. As for the budget, prices typically ascend based on the materials used, the degree of handcrafting that was put in by expert watchmakers in the creation and testing of your timepiece, the movement calibre powering the watch, and of course, the amount and types of complications that are featured within. Lastly, if you’re looking for a timepiece that goes with any occasion, a simple classic would be perfect for you, while an extravagant piece would fit the bill if you’re dressing to impress for a special event.

Deciding On Women’s Luxury Watches

For women’s watches, other than the endless variations and combinations of styles, colours, materials and gems to choose from, most of the same rules apply. Whether you’re a fan of diamond-encrusted elegance, or you’re more practical in terms of interchangeable straps to suit your look for any occasion, find the watch that sits most pleasingly on your wrist from the extensive selections at our boutiques in Malaysia.

Find A Watch Shop Near Me

You’ve narrowed the radar on the luxury watches that you’re interested in. The next step will be to find out where to buy your desired watches in Malaysia. Watch collecting is serious business! An official and authorised retailer of your favourite brands, with decades of reliable experience as well as an insatiable passion for timepieces, should be what you’re for. Locate your nearest boutique from our listing online and drop by our shop for a visit.