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Innovative DNA

HAUTLENCE is known and acknowledged for its original concepts in reading time. It adopts a think tank approach and brings a new vision to the art of watchmaking, while respecting its traditions. HAUTLENCE is clearly going to make its mark on time. And on yours?


In-House Excellence

The research and development team is dedicated to creating exclusive, original, and entirely in-house developed horological content, with all parts made by the best craftsmen from the region. Each component is meticulously checked by a watchmaker before being patiently assembled; giving each timepiece its own soul.

Collection of the month

Featured Watch

Linear Series 1

The revamped iconic TV shaped case featuring an integrated rubber strap, a brand new linear approach to timekeeping and the eighth in-house movement.

Featured Watch

Vangabonde Series 4

Wandering hours and rotating minutes in a sporty case. This is the ultra-modernized Vagabonde Series 4 featuring the revamped TV shaped screen.

Featured Watch

HL Sphere

This is HAUTLENCE reconnecting with its original identity; offering an innovative way to display the time - a jumping hour that spins on a sphere.

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Official HAUTLENCE Watch Retailer

With a think tank approach, HAUTLENCE delivers a new vision to the art of watchmaking, marrying original contemporary elements with traditional aesthetics. Since its creation in 2004, HAUTLENCE has been a brand in a league of its own. It plays with design codes just as it does with its name – an anagram of the city of Neuchâtel in tribute to the cradle of watchmaking and to its expertise. With surprising and sometimes unprecedented ways of reading the time, a powerful and easily identifiable design inspired by architectural principles, as well as a majority of in-house made calibres developed and crafted in its own Atelier, HAUTLENCE has earned within less than a decade the recognition of its peers, the trust of the most prestigious watch retailers, the enthusiasm of the most knowledgeable journalists, and a top spot on the wish list of collectors worldwide.

Atelier HAUTLENCE Watch Collection

A testament to innovation, the HAUTLENCE Atelier collection revels in novelty. Entirely crafted in-house, the calibre and fine features of each timepiece narrate the tale of luxury. Time displays exude a fresh air of authenticity, while intricate unprecedented complications and dial designs draw unforgiving head-turns, revealing a true mastery of originality in the world of time-reading. Be awed by the Atelier HL Vagabonde series, inspired by the “wandering hours” display system, in which the hour indicator travels along an arc set out in minutes. This 18th-century innovation gave rise to one of the world’s sought-after limited edition classics that remained a defining marker of HAUTLENCE exuberance in the watchmaking industry. For a youthful take on a luxurious watch brand like HAUTLENCE, the Atelier HL TI creates an inviting experience for both the wearer and onlooker. The exposed manual-winding mechanical calibre across an intricate and diverse time display makes this HAUTLENCE watch worth the investment price for the intrigued collector.

Concepts D’Exception HAUTLENCE Watch Collection

The Concepts D’Exception series of HAUTLENCE watches takes the Atelier flair further with out-of-the-box conceptualisation, giving birth to novel industrial concepts in watchmaking. Each timepiece in this collection positions HAUTLENCE as a true connoisseur of time experience, evident in its rich expertise that nurtured the delicate craft of Concepts D’Exception over years. The Concepts D’Exception Vortex series of mechanical art pieces is a celebration off the beaten path where non-conformist calibre shapes, reinterpreted time display, and contrasting case hues take centre stage. Similar elements find their way into the Moebius collection, delivering a notion of infinity that takes the wearer and onlooker into a new dimension of mechanical finesse, making it a charming addition for any demanding collector.

Signature HAUTLENCE Watch Collection

Broadening the appeal of HAUTLENCE excellence, the Signature collection of watches are ready-to-wear masterpieces that carry the recognisable traits of the brand’s craftsmanship. Dive into the world of Invictus, a series of timepieces donning a sporty titanium chronograph that will draw the likes of the man with an invincible rebel spirit, the true HAUTLENCE gentleman. Available in captivating shades like neon green and black, a Signature on the wrist portrays the brand’s take on masculine elegance with a touch of class.

Shop HAUTLENCE Timepieces At Standout Price Points With Cortina Watch Malaysia

Visit us at our boutiques in Kuala Lumpur to view HAUTLENCE watches in person. With limited edition timepieces at investment-worthy prices, a HAUTLENCE addition to your collection is a testament to your taste for novelty. While at it, you can also view a suite of branded watches for both men and women at Cortina Watch, featuring line-ups from top names like Corum and Franck Muller.

Frequently Asked Questions About HAUTLENCE Watches

1. What makes HAUTLENCE watches unique?

HAUTLENCE watches are unique because they deliver a level of originality like no other. From reinterpreted time displays like those of the Concepts D’Exception selection to rare masterpieces of the luxuriously classic Atelier, HAUTLENCE watches will appeal to any avid collector.

2. What is the latest HAUTLENCE watch collection?

The most recent addition to the HAUTLENCE collection is the HL Sphere which gives time display a new dimension, turning time into an intriguing and involved experience. Read more about the HL Sphere here.

3. Where do I purchase HAUTLENCE watches in Malaysia?

You can purchase HAUTLENCE timepieces from our watch shop in Malaysia, Cortina Watch. View our watches in person at Suria KLCC and The Starhill in Kuala Lumpur. You can also speak to our expert specialists for more information about the design, functions, materials, price and other information pertaining to HAUTLENCE watches in Malaysia.