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Attracting Good Luck for the Year of the Rabbit with These Five Colours

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We did some homework, so that you don’t have to. Now it’s time to get that auspicious timepiece!

One of the most interesting activities to do while preparing for the coming Lunar New Year, is to seek out lucky numbers, auspicious colours and other ways to welcome the new year with, so that we can all wish for the best possible outcomes throughout the year. And because time is of the essence, we have done most of the research, so that you can eliminate the excess guesswork.

According to experts, the five elements (metal, wood, water, fire, and earth) of Chinese metaphysics are closely related to certain colours, mainly due to the colours being made up of specific frequencies. Each colour is therefore believed to have different characteristics and be related to one of the five elements. This also depends on the element that complements each year – for example, water would be the complementary element for the year of the Rabbit in 2023. Five main groups of colours corresponding to the respective elements are namely – blue and black (water), yellow and beige (earth), white (metal), red (fire), and green (wood).

For 2023, it is believed that there is a significant surplus of fire and wood elements, and a lack of metal and earth elements. Hence experts suggest incorporating the relevant colours in our daily wardrobe, to make up for the inadequate elements and achieve a better balance between all five of them.

However, what if the needed colours don’t happen to be your favourite? For example, not many would want to be dressed head to toe in yellow, looking like a tropical fruit; or risk looking pallid when wearing a colour that doesn’t complement the complexion. One of the best ways to add a pop of colour without being too offending, would be by wearing it on the wrist, in the form of – but of course, an exquisite timepiece? Read on to find out how the different colour groups will bring good luck for the year of the Water Rabbit.

White to Attract Talent and Resources

White represents the metal element, and within this colour family, lies gold and silver too. In general, it helps to bring balance to the surrounding energies, and will also make thing easier when it comes to finding support and resources. Entrepreneurs seeking funding may find it helpful to don some white, silver or gold accessories, and in an office or home environment, the same colours may help to reinforce your support network. As the metal element is significantly lacking this year, wearing white more often throughout the year might be a good move to follow.

A first-ever collaboration between a luxury watch brand and a cult streetwear label, this bold and unconventional timepiece is unlike any other Chinese zodiac-inspired watch we’ve seen before. Co-designed by Japanese streetwear icon and founder of legendary streetwear brand #FR2 (also known as Fxxking Rabbits) Ryo Ishikawa, pitch-black elements play against the stark white background to create an unforgettable visual effect. The emblematic twin-bunny logo of #FR2, treated with SuperLumiNova, brings about a pleasant surprise in the dark. White velcro straps add street cred to the overall style of the watch. Only 800 pieces are available across Southeast Asia and Australia. Discover more about this watch here.

Red for Prosperity

One instantly thinks of the fire element when the colour red is mentioned. This very auspicious colour is a must-have for every Lunar New Year, and a top choice for those who want to look their best during the festive season. Together with maroon and orange, red represents fire – the element believed to be way overbearing for this year. Wearing a lot of red may bring good luck during the first 15 days of the Lunar New Year, but after that, just a hint of red should suffice.

A symbol of totality, eternity and unity, the circle has always been considered as one of the most auspicious shapes in Chinese culture. Cartier’s Ballon Blue is created out of circles, as well as round shapes that seem to flow organically into each other; making it not just very comfortable to wear on the wrist, but also aesthetically very pleasing. This 36mm diamond-set model, exudes Parisian elegance, and the understated use of slim burgundy alligator straps adds just the right hint of colour.

Blue for Camaraderie

Blue (together with black), represents the water element, which will be the key to good networking and forging positive friendships, and therefore help to strengthen social and professional circles. It is said that wearing something blue or black will enable one to find allies more efficiently this year.

Corum Admiral 42

Corum Admiral 42

This remarkable watch features the brand’s unmistakeable nautical pennants as hour markers. Study them closely and you’ll realise that every flag is different, because they conform to the International Code of Signals for indicating numbers using coloured flags. We think it’s a great conversation starter when meeting new acquaintances, especially fellow watch enthusiasts. The striking blue colour also instantly livens any outfit.

Automatic movement, small seconds function, with a case diameter of 42mm.

Green for Inspiration and Clarity

Green represents the wood element, which is related to creativity and clarity of thought. Experts mentioned that there is an abundance of wood element this year, so wearing just touch of it to keep the different energies balanced would suffice. For those in the creative industry especially, having something green will bring about inspiration and new insights. It will also enhance clarity of the mind when it comes to strategic planning and tasks that require concentration.

Montblanc 1858 Iced Sea Automatic Date

Montblanc 1858 Iced Sea Automatic Date

The first-ever sports diving watch released by Montblanc, this lush timepiece is a sight for sore eyes. Its dial is crafted by an age-old technique called gratté-boisé, which produces an effect that resembles glacial ice. The shade of green is inspired by the unique colour of Mer de Glace – the main glacier of the Mont-Blanc Massif, which has been tinted by the presence of algae and lichen. It features a bi-colour, unidirectional ceramic bezel, automatic movement and conforms to the ISO 6425 norm for diving watches.

Yellow to Stay Grounded

Yellow (and beige) represent the earth element, which helps keep one grounded and sensible. A colour long associated with aristocracy in Chinese traditions, it is also reminiscent of earth and soil, out of which life emerges. The earth element is closely linked to honour, authority and status, which in turn influences one’s career path. However, as the earth element is significantly missing from this year’s charts, incorporating more yellow and beige colours into your daily look will help to boost the element, and improve your chances of earning accolades and recognition at work.

This hard-to-miss watch is definitely going to turn heads and attract attention – from the right people. Being extremely robust and shock resistant, this watch will take you from work to play in no time.  It features a grooved bezel which allows easy manoeuvring even when wearing flight gloves and offers an impressive water resistance of 300 bars to take you through the dive adventures. Wear it with a bracelet for a sporty look, or switch to a black military strap for a slightly dressier look.

Comes in a 45mm steel case, powered by an automatic movement.

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