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The Splendid Bracelets of Four Ladies’ Timepieces Round-Up for Admiration

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Ace the style game with these ladies’ timepieces elevated by their exceptional bracelets.

The bracelet is often regarded as peripheral to the movement, the shape of the case, or even the number of gemstones of a timepiece. In recent times however, watch brands have put a renewed focus on the design of their bracelets, in search of that extra edge to set their creations apart from the competition.

With so much effort channeled into making the bracelet a cardinal part of the overall aesthetic, some brands have even gone a step further to craft their timepieces around their distinctive bracelets, so much so that the timepiece has morphed into a statement piece that can complete any ensemble. As some would say, competition drives innovation.

Don’t believe it? Try these four ladies’ timepieces for size.

Maillon de Cartier

06 Wgbj0002 Cartier Maillon Yg Close Up Crop 683x1024

The Maillon de Cartier’s beautifully articulated chain-link bracelet pictured in 18K yellow gold

Straddling watchmaking and jewelry making, the beauty of the Maillon de Cartier is unmistakably in its remarkable yet harmonious form. Borrowing the French word ‘maillon’ – which translates to ‘link’, the raison d’etre of the Maillon de Cartier is indeed its twisting chain-link bracelet made of 18K yellow gold, pink gold or white gold.

The perfect illustration of opulence and feminine elegance that the Maison knows best, the Maillon de Cartier is offered in seven references spanning precious metals, high jewellery, and limited and numbered editions. Despite its diminutive size, there is little doubt that the Maillon de Cartier is a conversation piece bound to command attention at any occasion. (View other variations)

Omega Trésor

Omega De Ville Tresor 42855366099001 1 Product Zoom Crop 683x1024

18K Moonshine™ gold and diamonds intertwine on the Omega Trésor

Few timepieces embody the qualities expected of a ladies’ timepiece as well as the Trésor. Understated yet exquisite, the Trésor is now enriched by Omega with three additions, with each featuring a case and a retro-chic mesh bracelet crafted from the brand’s own 18K Moonshine™ gold. Forged to evoke the everlasting golden glow of the moon, this exclusive alloy is of a paler shade than traditional 18K yellow gold while offering improved resistance to the fading of colour and lustre over time.

The new Omega Trésor ladies’ timepieces are fitted with either an 18K Moonshine™ gold dial, white dial, or 18K white gold rhodium-plated, diamonds-paved dial.

Breitling Chronomat

Ref. A10380591l1a1 Crop 683x1024

What not to love about the pastel green dial of the Breitling Chronomat 36mm Automatic in stainless steel?

Stylish and versatile, Breitling first-ever ladies’ Chronomat is targeted at today’s women who don multiple hats in a single day and still appear effortless. Tapping into its archives, Breitling revives its snazzy Rouleaux bracelet, distinguished for its comfort, robustness and grace. Like all Breitling timepieces, this Chronomat is chronometer-certified by the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres (COSC).

Available in 36mm Automatic and 32mm SuperQuartz™ versions, the Chronomat comes in stainless steel, bi-material, 18K red gold and diamonds-festooned. For a refreshing take, check out the 36mm Automatic example in green with or without diamonds. (Also check out the Breitling Chronomat B01-2 models right here)

Bvlgari Serpenti Seduttori

1153646.png Crop 1024x683

To describe the Bvlgari Serpenti Seduttori in 18K rose gold as beautiful is an understatement

A tribute to Bvlgari’s inexhaustible motif, the Serpenti Seduttori plays to the nobility of the serpent, whose unmistakable fearlessness mirrors the go-getting modern woman. It is a contemporary interpretation of the Serpenti cult watch famous for its multi-coil bracelet. At the centre of the Serpenti Seduttori is a svelte case designed to evoke the head of a snake, flanked by a flexible bracelet whose striking hexagonal pattern is inspired by the creature’s scales.

Produced in rose, white and yellow gold, spice up your style further with diamond and pave-diamond renditions. (View the Serpenti collection)

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