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Only Watch 2021: The Bvlgari Octo Finissimo Perpetual Calendar Tantalum

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A world record, an extremely rare metal, a one-of-a-kind creation.

First time participant of Only Watch, Bvlgari outdid themselves and created a truly exquisite, awe-inspiring timepiece – the Octo Finissimo Perpetual Calendar Tantalum.

Only Watch Charity Auction

Enthralling the likes of philanthropists and collectors, Only Watch is a biennial charity event involving wondrous and truly rare items from various brands. 99% of proceeds goes to the Monegasque Association against Muscular dystrophy (AMM), dedicating resources to the scientific and medical research towards Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD).

Standing with the cause, aesthete and mavens of Haute Horlogerie has made generous contributions since Only Watch initiated in 2005.

Stunningly Phenomenal

Reflecting the characteristics of its predecessors, this stunning seventh world record Bvlgari timepiece is housed in a bluish grey titanium case as well as a platinum case sitting at 5.8 mm thick. A Manufacture movement that offers the utmost phenomenal complication: the Perpetual Calendar, embodying mastery of all the calendar-related facets of time until February 2100.

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An Extremely Rare Metal

Specially curated for Only Watch, Bvlgari has chosen one of the rarest metals endowed with special and unique properties – tantalum. Bordering 100% purity, tantalum is highly resistant to corrosion and completely biocompatible, often used in medical engineering, electronics and in the nuclear industry. Its density weighs at 16.6 g/cm2, making it twice as heavy as steel.

Tantalum, which was discovered in 1802 by the Swedish chemist Anders Gustaf Ekeberg, draws its name from Greek mythology. Having displeased the gods, Tantalus, king of Lydia and son of Zeus and the nymph Plouto, was condemned by the gods to suffer an eternal form of martyrdom: the Torment of Tantalus, which involved enduring endless frustration.

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While twice as hard as titanium, tantalum is still tough to machine, although bearing no resemblance to the eponymous ordeal! Simply put, the execution of tantalum requires meticulous attention to the programming of the machine, the instruments used, and the rotation speed of the milling tools. In that regard, production of a tantalum case exceeds a gold case four times over in comparison.

The Bvlgari Octo Finissimo Perpetual Calendar Tantalum

A 2.75 mm calibre inhabits the centre of the timepiece, testifying to miniaturisation artistry of Bvlgari. Encompassing the functions of a retrograde date display, retrograde day, and a month and leap-year indication, the perpetual calendar functions together with the hour and minute hands are driven by this artistic movement. Functions of the perpetual calendar are then set by means of three correctors – one for the date at 2 o’clock, another for the month at 4 o’clock, and a third for the day between 8 and 9 o’clock.

103200 001 Ful.1 300x231

The Bvlgari Octo Finissimo Perpetual Calendar Tantulum for Only Watch accentuates with a deep blue dial that parallels the colour of the metal. Apropos of the objective of this Bvlgari one-off creation, the graphic design of the month of November on the month dial is varnished with a symbolic shade, alluding to the abbreviation and colour associated with Only Watch.

Tantalum watches are exiguous and highly sought-after, foretelling the zealous pursuits in the coming auction.

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Only Watch kicks off with a world tour in Monaco on 22nd September 2021. The 9th edition of Only Watch is supported by 55 contributing brands and various partners. The 2021 auction is due to take place on 6th November at the Four Seasons Hôtel des Bergues, Geneva.

More information on the event and its 2021 assemblage can be found on the Only Watch platform.