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Hidden In Plain Sight: Zenith Gives Its Most Rugged Chronograph A Conceptual Camouflage In The Defy Extreme Mirror

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An unexplained watchmaking phenomenon has entered our atmosphere. ZENITH unveils an unprecedented and conceptual take on its staple 1/100th of a second chronograph, reimagined as a mirroring camouflage: Meet the DEFY Extreme Mirror.

The ultimate, ultramodern camouflage watch has arrived. A monolithic object that reflects all light and colours – yet has no colours of its own. A form so geometrically outstanding, but finished in such a way that it blends right in with its surroundings. An engine that operates at such a high frequency rate, it’s nothing short of astounding. The DEFY Extreme line is not only inspired by the elements, but also build to adapt and blend into them. With the DEFY Extreme Mirror, ZENITH is exploring a totally new expression of its most rugged chronograph to date that seemingly blends reality and our perception of our surroundings.


Shrouded in mystery and intrigue, the DEFY Extreme Mirror evokes some kind of UFO that has masked its arrival on our planet. With its fully mirror-polished metal exterior, the earth, the sky and the entire horizon are reflected without distortion. Paradoxical, the DEFY Extreme Mirror is at once eye-catching and stealthy. It doesn’t attempt to hide in its surrounding, but blend in completely by reflecting it entirely from its gleaming surface. The highly angular case as well as its integrated bracelet are crafted in stainless steel, which are then immaculately mirror-polished all over for a chrome-like appearance.

And it’s not just the case that’s mirrored. The open multi-layered dial features a central element in sapphire crystal with a metallic mirrored finish that’s translucent yet reflective. The 1/100th of a second chronograph scale features satin-brushed metallic elements, keeping the dial easy to read while maintaining the fluid, all-metal theme.


Partially visible through the open dial as well as the sapphire case back is the world’s fastest automatic high-frequency chronograph calibre in production, offering 1/100th of a second time measurements by means of two independent escapements beating at the rates of 5Hz (36’000 VpH) for the timekeeping part and 50Hz (360’000 VpH) for the chronograph function. For the DEFY Extreme Mirror, the star-shaped winding rotor is finished in a silvery-grey metallic tone to match the case and dial elements.

Completing the look of this intriguing piece are the supplied durable black Velcro strap and rubber strap, which can be easily swapped with the steel bracelet using the quick strap-change mechanism on the back of the case.

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