5 May 2017

Casio Releases New G-Shock with 3-Way Time Sync System

Aviation Concept GRAVITYMASTER Employing Newly Developed Connected Engine 3-Way Module for Accurate Time Worldwide and New Secure-Band Construction

Singapore, 5 April 2017 — Casio Singapore Pte Ltd., announced the release of the GPW-2000, the latest addition to the aviation concept GRAVITYMASTER series, part of the GSHOCK line of shock-resistant watches. The GPW-2000 is a GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor with Bluetooth® and keeps accurate time anywhere in the world by automatically updating internal data on time zones and daylight savings time (DST). Featuring the new Connected Engine 3-way module from Casio, the GPW-2000 employs the world’s first 3-way time sync system*. The system receives both radio wave and GPS satellite time calibration signals while also connecting to time servers by pairing with a smartphone. It automatically updates the watch’s internal data on time zones and DST from a smartphone, keeping it updated and accurate at all times. * Based on a Casio survey as of March 22, 2017.

The design and performance of the GPW-2000 reflect the world perspective of an aviation concept G-SHOCK, including the dial, which is designed to evoke the image of cockpit indicators. Acquired positioning data is easily viewed, with the latitude displayed on the in-dial at the nine o’clock position and the longitude displayed in the small window at the six o’clock position. The watch has a Flight Log function that records location and time data when the watch button is pressed, for display on a smartphone map. This GRAVITYMASTER features a screw-free construction to secure the band, eliminating the use of screws, which can loosen due to vibration. Instead, the watch employs a fine resin shaft cover and fine resin parts reinforced with a carbon fibre insert to secure the band.

The GPW-2000 is tough enough to withstand the most brutal environments, with Triple G Resist that resists shock, centrifugal force, and vibration, a carbon fibre insert band with excellent tensile strength, and ISO 764 magnetic resistance. In every aspect of its construction, features, and design, the GPW-2000 embodies the toughness that is the brand identity of G-SHOCK.

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