10 Aug 2017

HAUTLENCE Playground Pinball & Moebius

Hautlence Baselworld 2017

Hautlence unveils two novelties at Baselworld 2017. An addition to the playground collection, the Pinball which reminds us our legendary childhood game. And the Moebius, a model that celebrates the perpetual motion, lightness and transparency.

Pinball – Tilt the Time

Why conform to an enforced pace, when we can let the time run its course? This is what Hautlence wanted to transcript with its new watch from the Playground collection. As the name suggests, The Pinball is inspired by mechanical games. The timepiece is a continuation of the Labyrinth model. Hautlence pursues its mission to revolutionize watchmaking identity codes and provides a new take on time by exploring a whole new dimension of time display. An association of mechanical watchmaking art with games that reminds “We will never be able to control time, but we can make it more beautiful” – CEO Sandro Reginelli.

Moebius – Infinity Inside

The Moebius model is a work of art that calls for contemplation. The movement appears to float as if it’s suspended in mid-air. At the heart of this fabulous movement nests a continuously spinning bi-axial tourbillon. The timepiece demonstrates again Hautlence’s wish to push the technical and aesthetic borders. The new HL Moebius calibre is an evolved version of the HL2.02 version and has been entirely redesigned featuring a minimalist and restrained aesthetic.

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