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3. Static Masthead 1440 X 500 1

From The Cockpit To The Wrist

The BR 03 instrument is born from a simple idea: to turn a cockpit timepiece into the very best aviation watch. Switching, "from the cockpit to the wrist", the BR 03 affords the luxury of overturning the aesthetic codes of contemporary watchmaking, which in turn made it an icon.


The Time Instruments For Urban Explorers

The integrated design, optimal dimensions, comfortable style and carefully executed finishes of the BR 05 make it perfectly suited for urban life. Full of character, this precious, sculptural instrument exudes strength and elegance. The BR 05 is the latest jewel of masculinity.

From The Cockpit To The Wrist

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Bell & Ross is a watchmaker specializing in aeronautical instrumentation. Bell & Ross has a mission: to invent, design and manufacture exclusive and perfectly functional timepieces for professionals working under extreme conditions. In its La Chaux-de-Fonds manufacture based in Switzerland, Bell & Ross perpetuates the Swiss art of luxury watchmaking. The story of Bell & Ross began at the end of 20th century and the brand is now an international company based in 70 countries through a network of more than 800 retailers and 15 exclusive boutiques.

As the leading retailer of Bell & Ross watches in Thailand, Cortina Watch is proud to carry an exclusive range of Bell & Ross watches. Visit our boutiques in Thailand to experience the works of the watchmaker that specialises in aeronautical instrumentation.

The Essential Is Never Compromised

Following their motto – the essential is never compromised by the superfluous – Bell & Ross combines its expertise into the spirit of its watches to cater to enthusiasts of the extremes. Working with a team of watch designers and field specialists armed with the knowledge of all the complementary know-how, the luxury brand builds watches imbued with a strong history. Possessing technical and functional features that meet every demand of extreme facing situations, Bell & Ross watches are always a constant ally. 

Inspired By Aviation History

Every detail in a Bell & Ross watch meets 4 of the brand’s traditional principles: legibility, functionality, precision, and reliability. First demonstrating its fascination with aeronautics, it has since collaborated with renowned names such as Shaw Harley Davidson to showcase timepieces that embodies the concept of motorcycles through streamlined aerodynamic configuration.

Still putting out watches that boast the Bell & Ross signature construction inspired by aviation history, it continues to permeate the luxury watch scene with its ingrained military roots.

Innovations & Exceptional Watch Collections

Integrating exceptionally complex and precise mechanisms that conquer extremes of the sky, land, and sea, Bell & Ross watches have become a reference point for watchmakers throughout the world. Revered for its mechanical sophistication and technical intricacies, collections like the BR Vintage and BR-03-92 Diver have become synonymous with utilitarianism. More stylish collections like the BR-05 have also made their mark on the luxury watch scene with its sleek charm suitable for the modern urban adventurer. Combined with its unapologetic design, the simple yet easily recognisable build of Bell & Ross watches continues to be the top choice amongst explorers and beyond.


Frequently Asked Questions About Bell & Ross Watches

What makes Bell & Ross watches unique?

Bell & Ross watches are made with 4 key principles in mind: legibility, functionality, precision, and reliability. Put together, this results in a timepiece that rises to the occasion no matter what you throw at it, a watch that can withstand even the most demanding of terrains and expectations. This commitment to utilitarianism carries through their men and ladies watches alike, resulting in professional and reliable watches worth their price.

What are the latest collections from Bell & Ross?

Each consecutive watch collection from Bell & Ross is constantly pushing the boundaries of timekeeping precision. The BR-05 GMT released in late 2021 is a reimagination of their signature BR-05 urban design, and boasts a well-measured build with fluid and masculine lines.

Where do I purchase Bell & Ross watches and ladies watches in Thailand?

Cortina Watch is an authorized seller and distributor of Bell & Ross watches in Thailand and around the region. Shop online or visit our boutiques to receive a fully personalized experience.