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Cartier’s rectangular watch: a revolutionary design since 1917. Inspired by the design of a combat vehicle viewed from above, this legendary watch was and still is a symbol of understated elegance.


Cartier’s rectangular watch: a revolutionary design since 1917. Inspired by the design of a combat vehicle viewed from above, this legendary watch was and still is a symbol of understated elegance.

Watch Asset 409x698

Constantly Reinvented

Reflecting stylistic research that has become more sophisticated over time, the line of the Tank watch will always evolve.

Your Destination for Authentic Cartier Tank Watches 

The iconic Cartier Tank, characterised by its rectangular case and clean lines, was first introduced by Louis Cartier in 1917. Drawing inspiration from the Renault tanks of World War I, this enduring design has captivated watch enthusiasts and style icons for over a century. The watch’s connection to a pivotal moment in history adds a sense of prestige and intrigue to its image.

Experience the elegance of the Cartier Tank watch collection – a true testament to the Maison’s dedication to luxurious refinement and technical mastery. Witness firsthand the captivating charm of a timepiece that has remained a symbol of understated sophistication for over a century.

Discover the mesmerising allure of the Tank watches, where each design showcases the perfect fusion of form and function. Admire the refined craftsmanship that has captivated generations of discerning watch enthusiasts, featuring stunning dials, graceful lines, and signature blue sapphire cabochons.

Explore the Cartier Tank collection at Cortina Watch Thailand and immerse yourself in the brand’s rich heritage, enduring design, and unparalleled versatility.

Embrace the Timeless Elegance of the Cartier Tank Collection

The Cartier Tank is celebrated for its storied history, having adorned the wrists of celebrities, royals, and influential personalities throughout the decades. This prestigious legacy elevates the Tank beyond a mere timepiece, transforming it into a symbol of distinction and success.

Instantly recognisable by its rectangular case, Roman numeral dial, and elegant lines, each Cartier Tank watch pays tribute to its World War I origins. The enduring design, which has remained largely unchanged since its inception, has captured the hearts of watch enthusiasts and fashion aficionados alike, securing the Tank’s place in horological history.

Catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences, the Cartier Tank collection offers an array of models, materials, and sizes, ensuring the perfect fit for every individual. From minimalist stainless steel to opulent gold and diamond-encrusted watches, the Tank’s versatility allows it to suit any occasion and effortlessly adapt to one’s personal style.

Discover Cartier Tank Watches in Thailand

Cartier Tank watches are statement pieces that epitomise the brand’s prestigious heritage and timeless design. These exquisite timepieces make a striking impression, whether you desire an elegant watch or a versatile accessory to complement your diverse experiences.

Elevate your collection of exceptional timepieces by adding a Cartier Tank watch, and admire each piece’s masterful craftsmanship and technical excellence. The distinguished Tank range delivers outstanding functionality and impressive performance, setting it apart from the rest.

Browse the selections online or at our watch boutiques in Thailand, and experience other iconic Cartier timepieces, such as the Santos de Cartier and Santos-Dumont, for even more exceptional options.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cartier Tank Watches

Why is the Cartier Tank so popular?

The Tank watch features a classic design inspired by the silhouette of a WWI tank, which has remained largely unchanged since its creation in 1917. Its clean lines, rectangular shape, and distinctive Roman numeral hour markers give it a timeless appeal.

Cartier is also renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship, and the Tank watch is no exception. The watch’s high-quality materials, precise movement, and attention to detail make it a desirable timepiece.

Who wore Cartier Tank Must?

The Cartier Tank Must is a more affordable and modern reinterpretation of the classic Tank watch, introduced in 2020.

While specific celebrities wearing the Tank Must may not be as widely documented as those wearing the original Tank, the overall Cartier Tank collection has been a favourite among numerous famous individuals.

Some notable figures who have been spotted wearing Cartier Tank watches include the late Princess Diana, Jackie Kennedy, Andy Warhol, the former First Lady of the United States – Michelle Obama, and the Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds.

  • Princess Diana: The late Princess of Wales was often seen wearing her gold Cartier Tank watch.
  • Jackie Kennedy: The former First Lady of the United States was known for her elegant style, which included a gold Cartier Tank watch.
  • Andy Warhol: The legendary artist frequently wore a Cartier Tank watch, admiring it as a timeless piece of design.
  • Michelle Obama: The former First Lady of the United States has been spotted wearing a Cartier Tank watch on several occasions.
  • Ryan Reynolds: The Hollywood actor has been seen wearing a Cartier Tank watch at various events.