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A Powerful of Omega’s Diving Planet

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  OMEGA, not only remembered as the first watch worn on the moon but in the underwater world their watches are also remembered for reached the deepest place on Earth. The knowledge that has emerged from the continuous development of dive watches since 1932 has been accumulated and used for the creation of their watches. All of this, led to the development of timepieces that cater the needs of professional divers as well as dive watch collectors around the world.

           The beginning of development

           Since the introduction of the OMEGA Marine in 1932, it has marked a new chapter in the brand’s history to the world of diving for the first time. The world’s first commercially diver watch that produced to everyone, isn’t a purpose-built for military anymore.

           Later in 1948, the Seamaster collection was introduced from OMEGA’s obsession in underwater world. This model has received feedback from customers for its excellent functionality and water resistant performance that better than other watch during at that time.

           However, the turning point of the collection came in 1957 when OMEGA introduced the Seamaster 300, the world’s first professional diver’s watch leading up to its continued development after that. Until the launch of the most considered diving watch and has a unique shape like the Ploprof that is water resistant to 600 meters, followed by the later Seamaster 1000, these watches are well received by professional divers around the world and faced the extremely tested by them in real-life exploration or adventures to underwater world.

           In 1995, Seamaster made a difference once again, with the release of the Seamaster Professional 300m, this watch is well known all over the world for being worn by James Bond, the most famous secret service agent in the history of cinema. Then in 2005, OMEGA introduced a sportier and more performance, the Seamaster Planet Ocean.

Over 90 years, OMEGA has been committed to continually development of dive watches, before the most memorable moment happened in 2019. The Swiss luxury watchmaker produced the world’s deepest dive watch – the Seamaster Ultra Deep, worn by the explorer Victor Vescovo on a mission to the deepest point on Earth, the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean. The watch was recorded to a depth of 10,925 meters before it was updated to a new record of 10,935 meters, the deepest point where no human or watch has ever dived.

Most importantly, OMEGA Seamaster Ultra Deep not just a watch worn by the explorer in deep-submergence vehicle, during this mission there is two of the three production watches were tied to a mechanical arm to face the deepest point on earth, and after the 12-hour dive, each one resurfaced completely unscathed. This achievement demonstrates OMEGA’s excellence in the making of dive watch in terms of distinctiveness and outstanding performance.

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From the laboratory to your wrist

           In 2022, OMEGA has made a huge impact on the dive watch market worldwide, they decided to launch a new dive watch collection, the Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep, it wasn’t just the name of a testing project that took place three years ago, but also apply the knowledge gained from that time to the develop and create the best dive watch ever and accessible to the general public.

           This watch is water resistant to 6,000 meters, the case made from Grade 5 titanium or a new material called O-MEGASTEEL that developed for durability and is resistant to marine corrosion with superior durability harder than 316L stainless steel around 40-50% and lighter than general steel. All model in this collection come with a large case measures 45.5mm wide and 18.2 mm thickness. Available in steel, rubber and cloth straps.

           For the titanium model, will be present the special design and creation of a case that similar to the concept version “The Ultra Deep” that has Manta Lugs, which the lugs will be bent towards together but will leave space for remove the strap that similar in shape to the mouth of a manta stingray. This model also come with NATO strap special color that made from polyamide yarn, sourced from 100% recycled fishing nets to show the OMEGA’s concern for the environment.

           Beneath the thick domed sapphire crystal is a dial that is available in four colors shade: gradient black-gray, gradient blue, white and gray for the titanium model. The hands and hour markers made from 18K white gold with a diving scale made of Liquidmetal, the OMEGA’s signature. The back cover has a special Sonar Seamaster engraved with Seamaster logo surrounded by a circle that like sonar.

           All models are equipped with the Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 8912 ticks at 28,800 vph and high precision METAS certified and 60-hour power reserve. The balance spring made from silicon Si14 resistant to magnetic fields reaching 15,000 gauss.

           Above of all, this incredible divers’ range is water resistance to 6,000 meters are based on real-world environment by taking a production example to a depth of 6,269 meters over Mariana’s Trench and comply with the ISO 6425 standard for diving watches that assures high performance and suitable for all types of diving includes saturation diving, a method of diving in which divers live in underwater habitat for extended periods of time.

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Technical Data: OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep

Case Diameter: 45.5 mm

Case Thickness: 18.2 mm

Between Width: 22 mm

Case Material: Stainless Steel O-MEGASTEEL/Grade-5 Titanium

Crystal: Domed Sapphire

Movement: 8912 Co-Axial Master Chronometer METAS certification

Frequency: 28,800 vph

Power Reserve: 60 hours

Water Resistance: 6,000 meters

Magnetic Resistance: 15,000 Gauss

The classic that reflects beauty through the dial

           In addition to diving watches that focus on extreme performance and comes with a sport body case style. In the Seamaster collection, there is another option to present beauty and refinement in the form of a sport or dress watch through the Seamaster Aqua Terra, a new model that has been released along with presenting the beauty of nature on land and underwater world through beautiful dial colors.

           The new Seamaster Aqua Terra 2022 collection are available in both 34 and 38 mm cases, there will be up to 10 sub-models divided into 5 sub-models each. The concept of the multicolored dial represents the tones of nature from the underwater world to the earth.

           The 38 mm model with dial color variations in Atlantic Blue, Bay Green, Sandstone, Saffron and Terracotta. The 34 mm editions will come in five new color tones as well, the first three colors are similar but have different names Sea Blue, Lagoon Green and Sandstone but the latter two are different, Shell Pink and Lavender Dial.

           Each dial is crafted from a brass plate with lacquer and PVD color coating to get the exactly color, except for Terracotta models that require a special process called CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition). The 34 mm editions of the OMEGA Seamaster Aqua Terra New Dial Shade also unique in the hour markers and hands are crafted from 18K white gold, while the 38 mm hand and hour markers are made from rhodium for more attractiveness and luxury.

           All models come with a stainless steel strap with fully polished that matches the case. It has a beautiful sparkle when it shines on the light. The movement is automatic 8800 Co-Axial Master Chronometer METAS certification, the balance spring made from silicon Si14 resistant to magnetic fields reaching 15,000 gauss. It can store over 55 hours of power reserve and water resistant to 150 meters.

Technical Data: OMEGA Seamaster Aqua Terra

Case Diameter: 34/38mm

Case Material: Stainless Steel

Crystal: Domed Sapphire

Movement: Automatic 8800 Co-Axial Master Chronometer METAS certification

Power Reserve: 55 hours