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Breguet Reine de Naples, the Magical of Timeless Beauty

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The Breguet Reine de Naples have been known as a glamorous timepiece for the aristocracy, but the story and starting point of this watch are also special and it is considered the spark that became the foundation and origin to the development of wristwatches.

With its history and chronicle going back 211 years, combined with the aim of developing it for an important person, the revival of Breguet Reine de Naples is as unique as ever.

A story from the aristocracy to the creation of the world’s first wrist watch

           Although clock have been around for hundreds of years, people in those days often looked at time through pocket watches that were considered men’s accessories or clock in various forms. Until 1810, when the famous watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet was ordered to produce a watch for Caroline Murat, the Queen of Naples and sister of Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of the French. In 1812, this watch was completed and presented to her.

           As Caroline Murat, the Queen of Naples has artistic taste and a passion for timepieces that include a collection of up to 30 Breguet watches. Therefore, the watches that are presented to her highness must be special and outstanding in terms of design, craftsmanship and absolute finesse decoration. Especially in terms of design, the case is egg-shaped profile, rounded and quite long, which is considered a design that was rarely seen in watches at that time.

In addition, there is to be said for this watch is a very small pocket watch that can be easily tied to the wrist and to view the time conveniently. And that was the beginning of the changes that would later encourage the watch industry into the production of wristwatches, even though it took hundreds of years.

The beauty from the past, passed on to the present

           In 2002, Breguet introduced Reine de Naples collection, in connection with the story that began with the Queen of Naples and the meticulous watchmaking of Abraham-Louis Breguet, who had to create every detail to meet the desire of the wearer and this collection of timepieces, has been continuously produced and launched until today.

           The watches from the Reine de Naples collection are inspired by timepieces that designed by Abraham-Louis Breguet in 1810. It is considered a classic masterpiece and has been reinterpreted with a contemporary perspective to make the timepieces in this collection beautiful and timeless. Especially, four interesting models from these collections that are considered to be contemporary creations as both timepieces and luxury accessories.

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Reine de Naples 8918 : The egg-shaped case with dimension 36.5 x 28.45 mm., crafted from precious materials 18k white gold enhanced the elegant and sparkle with 117 diamonds decorated around the case.

           The exclusiveness and uniqueness of this watch collection is embellished with cabochon-cut ruby on the equally fluted crown. The deep red tone is set as a guideline for decorating the details at various points on this model to ensure consistency such as dark red leather strap with a buckle set with 26 diamonds (approx. 0.12-carat) and the Arabic numerals on the dial are designed to showcase the unique style or form of the collection. The 6 o’clock markers are also replaced by pear-shaped diamond weighing approximately 0.08 carats, on the dial also featuring the beauty of the mother of pearl.

           The center of the watch dial features the clou de Paris guilloche pattern engraved in white gold and the blue steel Breguet pin. The movement is handled by the automatic Caliber 537/3, equipped with escapement gears and silicon hairpins providing precision and durability with a 45-hour power reserve.


Reine de Naples 8908: The reinterpretation of Reine de Naples original collection first introduced in 2002, combining contemporary design with elegance and modern function. The 8908 first released in 2018, it comes with a 18K rose gold case measuring 36.5X28.45 mm. decorated with 128 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 0.77 carats on the bezel.

           However, the interesting part is the detailing on the dial that combines a beautifully textured brown Tahitian mother-of-pearl top with silvered gold metal surfaces to tell the time. The mother-of-pearl on the top has a slot to indicate the full moon phase while the blue steel hand acts as a power reserve indicator for Cal.537 DRL2 movement with a 45-hour power reserve.

           The silvered gold dial features blue steel hands and Roman hour markers, including a separate dial for the small second hand at 8 o’clock. The perfect fit and outstanding with a black leather strap with diamond clasps completes the look of the watch when worn on the wrist.

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Reine de Naples Jour/Nuit 8998: When artistic meets advanced mechanics in the form of Complication, among the timepieces in the Reine de Naples collection there are models that emphasize aesthetics in a simple form and models that combines the superior skills of mechanism manufacturing with artistic. And when it comes to this, 8998 is the model of a perfect combination.

           The case is made of 18K white gold, Breguet elevates elegance and luxury by using diamonds in various points on the case, such as the bezel with a total of 143 diamonds (approx. 1.45-carat) and on the crown set with a 0.26 carat Briolette diamond.

           On the dial, it presents a beauty with a design two time circles overlapping like the number 8, the upper part to display the Day/Night (Jour/Nuit) function to showing the hours of day and night, on the titanium plate comes with a moon to indicate that it is night.

While during the day, a slot is drilled in the Open Heart style to show the work of the Balance Wheel, representing the day or the sun. This plate rotates independently in the form of one round dial working with Arabic numerals. The lower part comes with a dial that uses a high-end dial manufacturing technique – the Barleycorn Pattern – and uses the hands working with Roman numerals.

           Time display and Day/Night indication are functions of the Cal.78C caliber with a 57-hour power reserve. Ensures ease of use, without having to set a new time when you take off the watch on Friday night and wear it back on Monday morning before going to work.


Reine de Naples 8938: For hundreds of years, the use of gemstones to adorn or decorate a timepiece is a highly advanced technique and it is a technique to increase outstanding that watchmakers have used continuously. It’s the same for Reine de Naples 8938, this model released in 2021 with timeless elegance and distinctiveness by using more than 500 diamonds to decorate at various points on the case.

           With 161 diamonds (approx. 1.82-carat) are select to decorate the bezel that made from white gold and one of sensational process are sprinkled 384 diamonds (approx. 0.89-carat) on the top and bottom of the dial to create distinctiveness that reflects pure white and sparkles when covered in snow.

           The bezel of the hour markers is off-center from the dial is made from silver mother of pearl with the smooth surface of this area gives the dial a clear and beautiful cut. The two-hand display without a second hand is powered by the Cal537/3 automatic movement with platinum rotor that can experience the exquisiteness through the transparent back cover and has a 45-hour power reserve.

           To make it outstanding when the watch is worn on the wrist, Breguet offer a blue leather strap that contrasts the white tone to creates an eye-catching and also include gold triple blade folding clasp set with 28 brilliant-cut diamonds. In addition to looking sportier from the color shade, it is also full of luxury and sparkle throughout this timepiece.

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