Discovering the mysterious underwater world...

Discovering the mysterious underwater world

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From the sky to underwater world adventure, Bell & Ross present the distinctive and memorable design identity of enthusiast’s timepieces around the world and welcome them to the mysterious of underwater world, and now the BR 03-92 Diver collection is a combination of innovations to meet the functional and conquer challenging adventures. From generation to generation, Commitment in development never stops

For Bell & Ross, making dive watch is not something new, the French-founded watchmaker has been developing high-quality diving watches for the professional divers since 1997, a new challenge that has never seen before. That year, Bell & Ross released Hydromax to the world along with special edition that able to take depths of 11,100 meters.

In 2007, the brand introduced the BR 02 with a barrel-shaped case, and equipped with a Helium Escape Valve to vent helium gas during saturation diving. Since then, Maison on Rue Copernic has accumulated the knowledge in the making and develop diving watches that has been passed down from generation to generation. To date, the BR 03-92 Diver, introduced in 2017, has become one of the most unique dive watches made for the passionate divers around the world.

BR 03-92 Diver has a graceful design, outstanding looks, durable and a variety of materials are select to making of the case, including stainless steel, bronze and ceramic. By 2022, Bell & Ross has released two new models from the collection, the BR 03-92 Diver White and the BR03-92 Diver Brown Bronze that represents 25 years of journey in the making dive watches that are not only functionally but also different and unique in design.

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BR 03-92 Diver White: Reflecting the beauty of the icy world through the dial

There are many different types of challenges in diving, one of the tough tests for diver and the watch they wear into the underwater world is diving under very low temperatures beneath the ice sheet, whether it be sea, lake or river. From there, the whiteness of bleached snow and ice floes was used as a concept to create beauty on the dial to present a new challenge for Bell & Ross.

The BR 03-92 Diver White is inspired by the beauty of glitter white water surface that sunlight shining through the ice floes, this colour represents the purity, its dial is adorned with white, a rare shade from Bell & Ross to choose for making watch dial. 

The 42 mm squared case of the BR 03-92 crafted from polished stainless steel with a beautiful matt finish. Inspired by the classic BR 01, the unique design of the brand the circle within a square, unidirectional bezel with insert made from black anodized aluminium with a 60-minute scale placed on top.

The surface of the dial is a bright silver tone seem like sparkle white and the matte surface of the dial has been coated with metal, creating iridescent reflections all over. It’s meticulous managed to present its beauty when it hits the light that inspire from sunlight shining on snow and fluorescent coating green Super-Luminova with black bezel that contrasts perfectly with the dial. The details of the dial can see through sapphire glass with anti-reflective coating.

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Durability is the heart of Bell & Ross watch because diving in icy underwater world that are dangerous as it is fascinating. Therefore, a dive watch used for this type of diving must be able to withstand extreme weather and still functioning properly. The BR 03-92 Diver White has been developed for the most extreme and complying with the ISO 6425 divers watch standard ensures that it can be safely used by professional divers.

The BR 03-92 Diver White delivered on a woven black rubber strap with a steel pin buckle, and an additional ultra-resilient black synthetic fabric strap is also included.

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BR 03-92 Diver Brown Bronze: New colour on the bronze case

Bronze is a living material that can be change over time acquires different patina depending on its owner usage that make bronze watches have their own unique aesthetics and have always been well received by dive watch enthusiasts. Bell & Ross has used bronze as a material for the body case of the BR 03-92 Diver for many generations include the latest released BR 03-92 Diver Brown Bronze.

The design of this watch is based on the BR 03-92 Diver the diver watch series of the brand complies with the international standard ISO 6425 to guarantee maximum waterproofing. The BR 03-92 Diver Brown Bronze was developed to achieve the three excellent qualities: water resistant, the dial shows the time clearly when you are underwater and reliability.

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The 42 mm squared case made from CuSn8 that composed of 92% copper and 8% tin, giving it a rose hue and also resistant to marine corrosion. The bronze material and dive watch have a long history and is often used as a material for marine equipment. It is also the material used by the Nautilus of Captain Nemo, the hero in Jules Vernes’ novels. When you wear this watch on a regular basis bronze will reacting and forms a stain known as patina, which gives a different beauty depends on its environment.

Although the body case is made from bronze but the back cover of this watch is made of stainless steel to prevent patina stains that may occur on the wrist. The back is stamped with a diver’s helmet, a historical symbol of scuba diving and engraved on the case to indicate that it was released in a limited edition of 999 pieces.

The difference from the previous models is that the BR 03-92 Diver Brown Bronze case will come with a dark brown dial that blends in with the case colours harmoniously, while rose gold-plated applied markers and hands with white Super-Luminova and the aluminium insert with 60min scale placed on top of bronze bezel.

The BR 03-92 Diver Brown Bronze delivered on brown calfskin leather with a bronze pin buckle, and an additional woven black rubber strap is also included in the waterproof Pelican Box with tool set inside.

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Precise and Reliable: BR-Cal.302 

Both the BR 03-92 Diver White and the BR 03-92 Diver Brown Bronze are movement by the calibre BR-CAL.302 automatic mechanical. Bell & Ross has customized the mechanical movement to provide maximum responsiveness, in terms of accuracy and preserve time that is very essential for diving watches.

The mechanical movement ticks at 28,800 vph or 4Hz and 38 hours of power reserve, adequate for diving underwater and daily use. Both model is waterproof to depths of 300 meters, and every component of the watch has been designed and engineered to comply with the ISO 6425 standard for diving watches. The crown is screwed down and rubber insert to guarantee maximum waterproofing and resist the pressure of the deep sea with crown guard that looks harmonious and matches the square design of the watch.

 Experience the excellence of the Bell & Ross dive watch BR 03-92 Diver, a timepiece developed for efficiency with a distinctive shape that makes a difference. The new 2022 collection present the new choice of beauty that you should not be miss, both the BR 03-92 Diver White and BR 03-92 Diver Brown Bronze.