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Every Moment of the Journey with Elegance on the Wrist

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Bvlgari’s name is not prominent in the jewelry world only, but they also have success in the watch industry too. Especially among the elite timekeeping makers, Bvlgari are well-known and recognized for decades with a reputation for bringing the experience in the jewelry into watch design. In order to be perfect in terms of function and fashion while making it stand out for the wearer.

Aluminium, is one of the collection from Bvlgari watch that has been recognized by wearers around the world as a timepiece that stands out in terms of beautiful and modern design with the courage to break the traditional concept of high-end timepiece production to introduced rubber material on the case, present the outstanding without limitation. The creativity originated in the 1990s when Bvlgari launched the collection in 1998, breaking the tradition of luxury sports watches with a new concept that is different but can make it stand out for the wearer.

And 22 years later, after the original Aluminium collection has released, Bvlgari introduces a new model with every detail embedded in the brand’s iconic watch and it has been reinterpreted to fit the modern world especially in terms of design that can meet sporty luxury feel which were blended together perfectly.

The watch still retains the original design concept by select rubber as the material for strap to show a luxury sport that not limit by some certain materials. The case is larger to accommodate the tastes of the younger generation and 40 mm in diameter is a compatible number for both men’s and women’s wrist sizes typical of unisex watches. Importantly, the case is made from aluminium and titanium, which are less common materials for watchmaking.

Two years later, as our world begins to recover and the COVID-19 epidemic situation begins to unravel that make everyone start their journey again. Bvlgari Aluminium takes this opportunity to released 3 new models under the concept of presenting a distinctive difference to travelers and adventurers with a special edition based on another watch in the collection such as, Bulgari Aluminium Chronograph Ducati, Bulgari Aluminium GMT Amerigo Vespucci and Bulgari Aluminium Sorayama.

Importantly, the new Bvlgari Aluminium collections is a limited edition, producing only 1,000 pieces per model.

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Feel the Speed with your Trustiness Motorcycle

Take a ride on winding roads with your beloved motorcycle and feel the cool breeze that hits you at high speed, there’s nothing more cheerful for those who love speed. All of this has led Ducati, the legendary Italian motorcycle brand to be part in design collaboration with the Bulgari Aluminium Chronograph to reflect through the luxury of the speed from the most exciting two-wheels machine in the world.

The watch is based on the Chronograph model comes with a red dial, the Ducati signature brand color, which blending with the shape and color of the Aluminium Chronograph perfectly. The layout and style of the dial has been change to make it unique for this special edition watch. With the concept to make it feel like looking at dashboards of Ducati motorbikes, the sub-dial will come with a black background, the markers are 10, 11 and 12 o’clock are replaced by large, italic Arabic numerals, just like a Ducati bike rev-counter.

Bulgari Aluminium Ducati Special Edition is powered by mechanical manufacture movement, automatic winding, chronograph, B130 calibre, beats at a frequency of 28,800 vph, 12-hour counters function and 42-hour power reserve.

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Travel the World Like a Legendary Explorer

The named of Amerigo Vespucci is widely known in the old world where explorers traveled across latitude and longitude in search of new worlds. The great Italian explorer who differentiate the North America and South America and also the word America in the naming of the continent comes from his name Amerigo.

To suit travelers traveling around the world, the Amerigo Vespucci version is the matching of the Bulgari Aluminium GMT, a GMT version capable of telling time in two time zones on both local time at origin (Home Time) and local time at destination (Local Time), which considered a very necessary times for travelers.

The GMT watch is unique with additional second time hand that works in conjunction with the 24H scale, an inner bezel on the side of the dial for paying homage to the greatness of Amerigo Vespucci’s exploration. The timepiece evokes the iconic colors of the Amerigo Vespucci ship through its black, white and yellow. Bvlgari has taken these into more detail on the different parts of the watch with the addition of red and green, the colours of the Italian flag above 6 o’clock.

Bulgari Aluminium Amerigo Vespucci is powered by mechanical manufacture movement, automatic winding, B192 calibre, beats at a frequency of 28,800 vph, 50-hour power reserve and water-resistant up to 100 metres.

Reflecting the Passion of the Travel Era

The 1930s and 1940s marked the beginning of innovation that led to modern world, including both air and land travel. Aircraft and automobile have been developed to more potential and efficiency. Of course, the fascination of these two decades is presented through the works of Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama, who brings these passionate stories to reflect through this special edition watch, the Bvlgari Aluminium.

All reflected through a beautiful and shiny dial that Sorayama took the concept from his imagination during watching the movement of high-performance cars and planes soaring through the air. All are constructed of silver metal that shines and sparkles when the surface exposed to sunlight with a pattern often seen in modern automobiles and aircraft. It is molded and presented through the beautifully silver dial of this watch.

In addition, other special thing and probably many people are wondering about a single Arabic 2, the only number that appears on the dial. The answer is the artist’s personal lucky number and when flipped over you’ll find the black caseback, Sorayama’s signature color with his name engraved on the caseback, signifying the distinctiveness this watch has to offer.

Bulgari Aluminium Sorayama is powered by automatic movement B130 and 42-hour power reserve, meet both the precision and the confident work efficiency.

The exclusiveness arises from the unique concept that leads to the presentation of the watch to reflect the true identity of the wearer. The world never stops and people are ready to travel in any choice. The concept that Bvlgari presents through the three Aluminium collection is truly a unique and valuable exclusivity for travelers.

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