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Explore the exquisite world of Breguet Hora Mundi

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The greatest story from the past became a legacy that pass on through generations was brought back to the topic of discussion once again with a new interpretation and re-created to suitable the modern era. Most importantly, it combines the cutting-edge innovations of the modern watch world with the finest craftsmanship in the making of timepieces that retain the aura of the greatness of the past in its entirety. And here’s the story of Breguet’s new 5557-Marine Hora Mundi, the latest model from the Marine collection.

The French Navy, beginning of the Breguet

In addition to being an outstanding scientist and watch technician, Abraham-Louis Breguet is also remembered as the founder of the iconic watch brand and his involvement in the French Navy in 1814, when he became a member of the Bureau des Longitudes to solve astronomical problems related to the determination of longitude at sea. Among other things, the most prestigious position was his appointment by King Louis XVIII as Watchmaker to the Royal Navy.

Since then, Breguet’s watches have been associated with the maritime and the Marine collection represents the past 200 years of success and greatness into a watch that is prominent, gorgeous, and fully equipped with functionality.

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Extraordinary for traveler

Breguet Marine Hora Mundi–the name that has been adopted through reconstruction and reinterpretation many times in design to reflect the era. But none has been as remarkable as this one, Breguet choosing to showcase the new look of Hora Mundi through its flagship Marine collection, represent its connection to the brand’s origins.

The 43.9 mm-diameter case, available in a choice of white or rose gold with leather strap, rubber strap or gold bracelet. The details on the dial are interpreted by bringing a world map on the wrist by a play on materials and superimposed plates.

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Powering the watch is the Calibre 77F1, whose balance oscillates at a frequency of 4 Hz. This automatic movement is fitted with an escapement made of silicon – a material with multiple properties that is resistant to both corrosion and wear. It is also insensitive to the effects of magnetic fields. Calibre 77F1 features a unique asset in the form of its patented additional modules for the dual time-zone mechanism, the second time-zone display, the programmable and reprogrammable mechanical memory wheel and the pointer-type day/night display.

Part of this exceptional mechanism with its 55-hour power reserve can be admired through the sapphire caseback, elegantly adorned with Côtes de Genève, guilloché and snailed finishing.

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A commitment to development, for perfection

There is a long history during the creation of this watch, the Breguet team has spent a lot of time researching and developing to perfect it. The 5557-Marine Hora Mundi offers the promise of travel at the click of a button, you will be able to adjust the time on the dial to suitable your journey. Behind this excellence work is the result of three years in system development. As for the mechanism, parts and systems has been awarded four patents that are exclusive to Breguet.

Inside the mechanism is a function that can select the time and date of the first city as well as the same data selection for the second city. The watch mechanism then calculates the time and date according to the time zone by means of a clever system of cams, hammers and an integrated differential that controlled via crown on the watch. When the wearer would like to adjust the time after arrival, press the button to select the city. The mechanism will calculate and adjusts the time according to the time zone difference.

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Elegance and clarity information display through the dial

The dial design  is important as the movement, is not only present beauty through different polishing techniques and the use of valuable materials in making, another important function of the dial is the clear display of information.

The dial is designed to resemble a world map with superimposed plates. On the first gold base, the hand-guilloché waves lap gently against the shores of the continents. The sunburst dial base attired in abyssal blue creates the impression of a permanent waltz of the wave motifs, an additional plate made of sapphire is composed of the metallised meridians and the continents are treated to horizontal satin brushing, while their coastlines are subtly outlined with a metallic turquoise border. Eventually, an outer flange serves as a support for the various elements present on the dial. The result features brilliantly crafted dimensions and surfaces thanks to various treatments requiring several weeks of work.

The easiness of viewing time and detail on the dial is important. Therefore, the design, polishing and selection for laying details on the dial is significant. The subtle finish referred to as brouillage is an ancient watchmaking decoration that has been updated and creates a matt yet shiny effect. It also facilitates reading while remaining discreet. The cities corresponding to the different time zones are indicated at 6 o’clock. A metallised anchor appearing above the window serves to determine the place whose current time you wish to consult.

The hours and minutes hands are adorned with luminescent material ensuring of reading the time at night. The Sun and Moon positioned at 4 o’clock are hand-hammered to create a strongly realistic result. While the sun is a luminous rose gold, the moon is rhodium-plated and exudes a mysterious grey appearance. Displayed through a 12 o’clock aperture, the date features an additional retrograde hand ingeniously placed beneath the aperture dial and featuring a delicately rounded “U-shaped” tip serving to encircle the date of each passing day.

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All of this are the exceptional and dynamic creativity of watchmaking techniques from Breguet that made the 5557-Marine Hora Mundi a perfect companion watch for travelers with easy and convenient to wear and retain the lavishness and gorgeous of the brand in every detail.