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Franck Muller Designs A Provocative Version Of The Vanguard Rose Skeleton Adorned With Jet Black Diamonds

Franck Muller Vanguard Rose Skeleton Black Diamonds At Cortina Watch Featured Image

Exclusive to South East Asia, this unique Vanguard Rose Skeleton Black Diamonds is sure to keep you mesmerised.

Looking at the mostly large case dimensions of most Franck Muller watches, you could be easily forgiven for thinking that the brand only caters to those with larger wrists. However, considering that this year they just launched a 36mm version of their Curvex CX, and even put in a central tourbillon complication in a watch of this size, it is clear that the brand is conscious about making watches for all watch lovers regardless of gender. In fact, last year they announced the new Vanguard Rose Skeleton (read more here), created as an ultra-feminine timepiece.

Franck Muller Vanguard Rose Skeleton Black Diamonds Green Version At Cortina Watch

The colours of the strap will correspond to the shade of hand-painted roses.

There can be no doubt that this collection was aimed at the female fans of Franck Muller offering them the iconic tonneau shape of the vanguard but in a more playful and chic design. The case shape remains as recognisable as ever and yet, the dimensions were shrunk down to a more manageable 35mm width. As the name of the collection suggests, the watch was also adorned with beautiful roses on the skeletonised dial and given a generous sprinkling of diamonds allowing the timepiece to blur the lines between mechanical watch and jewellery.

For 2022, Franck Muller revisits the Vanguard Rose Skeleton collection, creating a unique collection exclusive to South East Asia. For this latest creation, they have decided to give the Vanguard Rose Skeleton a more dynamic and provocative aesthetic through a very liberal application of black diamonds. According to Franck Muller, this design was inspired by the verdant flora of the picturesque landscape surrounding the Swiss manufacture in Genthod during springtime.

A total of 422 black, brilliant-cut diamonds adorn the watch and this in combination with the PVD-coated white gold case creates a stunning Vanguard case. These dark diamonds appear seductively black when viewed from certain angles and yet catch and reflect the light brilliantly as the watch moves. Then, as the eye is drawn to the dial, the lively colours of spring burst forth through a choice of crisp white, deep ruby red, lush green or blushing pink roses on the skeletonised dial.

To complete the artisan’s masterpiece, these beautiful  are accompanied by green leaves, cherry red rubies of the movement and even more diamonds or sapphires that correspond to the colours of the flowers. To top it all off, the watch also comes with a hand-sewn alligator strap of the same colour and this also has a PVD-coated 18K white gold folding buckle which is hand-set with a further 12 brilliant cut black diamonds.

Just from its aesthetics, it is easy to mistake this watch for just a jewellery piece. However, Franck Muller understands that there are a growing number of female watch enthusiasts that don’t just enjoy a diamond-encrusted watch but rather are interested in its horology credibility as well. The Vanguard Rose Skeleton Black Diamond is a great example of how both these elements can be perfectly balanced in a watch.

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The designers of the Vanguard Rose Skeleton ensured that the watch is gorgeous when viewed both from the front and through the caseback.

The watch is equipped with a large calibre MVT FM 1540-VS17 movement that fills up the entire dial portion of the case. Combining form and function, the beautiful roses around the dial are actually a part of the skeletonised bridges of the movement. Thus, except for the parts covered by the  varnish roses, most of the 153 components of the movement are revealed, adding a layer of intrigue to enthrall the viewer. With twin barrels, the movement is capable of offering a 4-day power reserve even with an in-house escapement that has a balance wheel frequency of 18,000 vibrations per hour.

Traditional watchmaking finishing techniques have been applied throughout the movement including chamfering on the bridges and mainplate, circular brushing on the barrels and wheels, and mirror polishing on several visible components of the movement. The blacked-out look of the watch added another layer of complexity to the making of this watch where because of the PVD coating, the precious stones have to be treated in a specific way before and after setting them in place, and even the  hand-painting of the enamel varnish had to be altered as the bridges are also PVD coated.

The result is a stunning ensemble of artisanal craft and watchmaking prowess offering the customer a unique take on the Vanguard Rose Skeleton. Available in five colour variations, these watches can also be used to match a fashion-inspired look or just as an extension of one’s personality. The watch was built specifically for a South East Asian audience and is only available within the region adding a layer of collectability to an already fantastic timepiece.

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