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From the Design Identity to the Utility of Use

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It’s undeniable that over the past 4-5 years, Bell & Ross has transformed the original design that inspiration from instrumentation of aircraft cockpits to making the watch that comfortable to wear and more suitable for daily use that include the introduction of the BR-05 collection. 

Although in terms of design it has changed to suit new tastes and needs of watch lovers around the world that are constantly changing. Whether the watch is designed for urban people to wear during office time or go out on weekend, one thing that remains in every collection of their watches is the design identity of a round dial in a square-shaped case and durability of a watch that was created on the basis of a tool watch.

And this is three new Bell & Ross watches that recreate aircraft cockpit instruments into one of the most recognizable signature wristwatches ever.

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Bell & Ross BR 05 GMT Sky Blue

Adding bold colors to the dial is another way that can increase interest and continues to be seen from watchmakers. Bell & Ross also one of them to add more colors on their watch collection, especially with the urban collection that focuses on urban people and likes to dress up. Most recently, the BR 05 GMT model has been selected to brighten up with a new dial color Sky Blue as your new choice. 

For the GMT model in the BR 05 collection, first launched in 2021 as a new choice in terms of function and case size because there will be a 41 mm size intermediate between a 3-hand version with a case size of 40 mm and chronograph model with a case size of 43 mm. Including, a unique design of a square case, round dial and comes with an integrated strap that is available in stainless steel same as the case and rubber strap.

The exclusiveness of this model is the new dial color called Sky Blue, which emphasizes the brilliance and plays with light beautifully. And like all models in the GMT collection, the inner ring inside the dial features a 24-hour scale to work with the GMT hand that is divided into day and night time zones with the middle or lower half of the day being silver, the night part or the upper half will be the same sky blue color as the dial that being perfectly placed on the case.


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The BR 05 GMT model is driven by calibre BR-CAL.325, the internal name for a specifically decorated Sellita SW330-1 unlike Cal.303 which is based on ETA-2893-2. The Cal.325 is a premium upgraded version of the SW330-1, featuring an improved balance wheel with a more polished finish and 42 hours of power reserve, which can see the beauty of the mechanism set through the transparent back cover and 100 meters water-resistant.

It is a wrist watch for the traveler who wants a timepiece with a truly distinctive aesthetic and colorfulness. 

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Bell & Ross BR 03-93 GMT Blue

If you talk about a distinguished watch that has been passed on the identity of the original design concept, the BR 03 model is probably one of the watches that many people think of, such as the 3-hand model code 92, the Chronograph code 94 and the GMT model to tell 2 time zone has a code suffixed the number 93. Now, Bell & Ross has released a new model with a dark and polished dial.

The brand has recently refined the look of the GMT model in the BR 03 collection, starting in 2021 with a black dial and red trim. And here is the latest model launched in 2023 that comes with a blue and black decoration to enhance the beauty of the sunray dial.

For the new model, there is only one option that comes with a black leather strap paired with a 42 mm stainless steel case and blue sunray dial that beautifully glows with the reflection of the light. The GMT hand has a large red tip that stands out and makes it easier to see the time. While inserted on the bezel is a 24-hour scale with a two-tone split A.M./P.M. between blue and gray to be used with the GMT hand for telling the second time zone.

The movement inside is the automatic BR-CAL.303, which is based on the Sellita SW-330. This movement runs at 28,800vph and 42 hours power reserve. The GMT function is a quick setting type that allows you to freely adjust the GMT hand to choose the second time zone as you want and 100 meters water-resistant.

It combines Bell & Ross signature design with functionality to create a timepiece that is distinctive and suitable for use in any situation.

N12 034 Br05 Chrono Green Acier 2521.jpeg 1600px

Bell & Ross BR 05 Chrono Green Steel

 Since its debut in 2020, Bell & Ross has continued to add new dial colors to the BR 05 Chrono model. For this year, to keep up with ‘Green’ the color trend of 2023, we have a good opportunity to see the beauty of the balance and functionality of the watch from this collection, the Bell & Ross BR 05 Chrono Green Steel.

The BR-05 Chrono is the new iconic work from Bell & Ross with a chronograph movement. A complex mechanical movement perfectly tuned to the urban people rhythm. It was invented to measure and control short-term time. The lines of the 42 mm case combine round and square shapes, the basic geometry to the iconic shape of the Bell & Ross brand.

The watch comes with an integrated bracelet, available in both stainless steel  and rubber, giving the watch a distinctive and contemporary look. Every connection to the bracelet is carefully designed to contour for the wrist, ensure a secure and comfortable fit on the wrist all day long and in any situations. To reflect the integrated bracelet concept – pusher, crown guard and crown has a unified shape which will be perfectly integrated into the case.

The new model is inspired by the sea and sky to create a distinctive dial color. The sunray green dial beautifully plays with light from the angle of incidence, while giving it a touch of feel when exposed to the fresh air blowing through the skyscrapers. Green is also considered a lucky color, symbolizing nature and hope, allowing the wearer to feel the power of change that awaits in the future.

The dial is recreated from a 1970s stopwatch, the beginning of stopwatch with a dual bezel at 3 and 9 o’clock with beveled sub-dials powered by the modular BR-CAL.301, 42 hour power reserve and a 30-minute counter. Like the other BR 05 models, you can see the fascinating mechanism inside through the transparent sapphire glass back.

Outstanding design, beautiful colorful dial and durable in tool watch style, along with a powerful time counter. All are included in the Bell & Ross BR 05 Chrono Green Steel.