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Luxury Watch Trends to Look Out For in the New Year


     It’s almost time to celebrate the New Year festival, many people looking for special gifts for someone special and luxury watches are considered the first choice that most people choose to buy as valuable gifts to themselves, their loved ones or the person you respect.

      For everyone who is looking to buy a luxury watch in festival period, take a look at next year’s luxury watch trends to see how likely they will be and how much they will change from this year, so that you can choose the right timepiece for the person you love or even yourself.

Snapinsta.app 404009487 859687415800553 8719512321945143076 N 10241. Sports Watch: Of course, sporty watches are still popular, although many have noticed the changes that have occurred in recent years. There are many styles of sport watches to choose from stopwatches with chronograph systems, outfield watches such as military watches to diving watches.

– Bell & Ross BR-X5 Green Lum: Newest collection of the Lum Collection, created in 2017. Exclusiveness with references the design of the BR-X5, the brand’s popular semi-sporty watch for urban people, and adds more interest with the 41 mm case made from LM3D, a photoluminescent composite material made from quartz fibres. It can glow in the dark with a chronometer-level precision mechanism and has a power reserve of 72 hours. Most importantly, only 999 watches were made.

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2.Fashion Watch: In the past, watch collectors tended to consider only brands that specialised in watchmaking and overlook watches from fashion or jewellery brands. Until recent years, luxury fashion houses like Bvlgari or Cartier have developed know-how in luxury watchmaking. Therefore, these brands can meet the needs of both attractiveness and high-end timepieces as well.

-Bulgari Serpenti: A unique and timeless design for women’s watches that are seen as both accessories and timepieces. The Bvlgari Serpenti has been designed as a snake-shaped piece of jewellery since the 1900s, before inventing to be a timepiece that was first worn by Elizabeth Taylor in 1962. Thereafter, Serpenti watches have continued to be developed in both the tradition of a snake-inspired design bracelet and modern luxury watch.

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3. The Legendary Watch: Nowadays, those who are interested in luxury watches are likely to pay attention to the stories behind the brand or collection as much as the popularity of the brand and design, including the mechanism inside. Therefore, the watch brands that have origins in terms of story are receive special attention from the watch collectors because watches are more than just a timepiece and sometimes it helps you to build new friends by starting conversation with people who share the same tastes.

-Santos de Cartier: In 2024 will mark 120 years since Louis Cartier designed the Santos de Cartier, the watch he created in 1904 for the Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont to know the time during the flight. It certainly revolutionized modern watch design and was considered the first contemporary wristwatch. It has a unique design with exposed screws and a sleek square shape. It has been adapted to the new era since its first creation while retaining the watch’s transcendent aspirations until today.


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4. The Eye-catching color Watch: Watches can be an expression of your personality in various aspects, including your preferences, lifestyle, and personality. Accordingly, choosing a watch is not only determined by the brand, but also considers the design and concept that brand presents, whether it meets your needs or not. The important thing is that it reflects the identity of the owner and makes the watch stand out when worn on the wrist.

– Franck Muller Vanguard Beach: Colorfulness is no longer a matter of rejection for many people wearing watches anymore, and inspired Franck Muller to create watches in the Vanguard Beach collection in Fiery Red, Ocean Blue and Summer Green. In addition to the bright colors, it is also distinguished with a pattern on the case that is like the ripples left on the beach. The case is made from glass fibre composite, an ideal material for making a lightweight watch and highly durable as well. All of this makes Vanguard Beach suitable for any occasion, reflecting the vibrancy of a beach with endless possibilities.

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5. Limited Edition Watch: Being different and unique is something many people strive for and this is no different in the watchmaking industry. The limited edition watches continue to receive more interest, because watch collectors these days don’t like anything that is repeated or similar to normal people. ​​In addition, the limited production numbers also have a lasting effect on their popularity in the future.

– Bell & Ross BR 01 Cyber Skull Sapphire Ice Blue: The special 45 mm diameter case made from sapphire that has been polished to have multiple angles. The case is produced with advanced techniques and powered by high-end watch movement; the hand-wound mechanical calibre BR-CAL.209 is a mechanism developed specifically for this watch that is limited to only 25 pieces worldwide.